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When it comes to charging, we have heard it all before. From questions about speeds, battery sizes, and USB ports, our awesome service team know the answers and are always happy to help. Below they have answered 10 of the most common questions fans ask us at RAVPower.


Q1: Why Does It Take so Long Time to Charge My Mobile Device?

This is depends on what activity your phone is doing. As covered in our battery saving tips post, some activity like streaming music rapidly uses your battery, while other methods like closing apps make little difference. To increase the efficiency of the charge we suggest:

  • Use the correct charging cable
  • Stop playing music and watching films
  • Turn off push notifications, email retrieval methods, or any part of the phone that is communicating with the outside world
  • Stop using your device (this is a drastic and bold choice)

View part 1 and part 2 for tips on how you can save battery power.


Fast Charging Pad Wireless Charge iPhone X RAVPower

Q2: Can Devices like a Go Pro, MP3 Player, Kindle, Camera, Earphone, Laptop, Drone, or Other Devices Be Charged?

This depends on the voltage of the connected device. Our portable chargers have a 5V output voltage which can typically charge devices from 4.5V-5.5V. A laptop has an output voltage between 11V-21V; therefore, a portable charger cannot charge a laptop.

Always check the voltage and charging current of the connected device to see if it is within the listed range. That said GoPros and Kindles can be recharged with a portable charger as can most MP3 players, headphones, cameras, and drones. Even the Nintendo Switch can be charged.


Q3: Why Did the Power Bank Recharge My Device Only Twice?

It depends on the capacity of the power bank and the battery capacity of your mobile device. A smaller sized power bank will charge your phones less times than a large sized one.


Here is how to calculate it so you know if you next power bank will provide 2, 4 or more charges:

Labeled capacity of the power bank x 3.7 / output voltage of power bank x 0.85 / battery capacity of device = Total number of recharges


If you were using a 16000mAh power bank and wanted to find out how many times you can charge your iPhone 8, you would input the formula like so:

16000 x 3.7 / 5 x 0.85 / 1821 = 7.7 charges

We can expect 7.7 recharges of the iPhone 8 from a power bank with a 16000mAh capacity.

For full details, see our full post on how many times your power bank can recharge a smart phone.


School Classroom Power Bank Charging Formula Smart Phone Cellphone


Q4: What Can I Do If the USB Port Connected Get Loose or Falls into the Portable Charger?

Please contact our customer support team at support@ravpower.com to get a FREE replacement. We also suggest that you do not pull or plug in the USB cable with extra force in order to prevent damage to the USB port.


Q5: How Many Charging Cycles Does My Portable Charger Have? What Is the Approximate Lifetime?

Most RAVPower Portable Chargers use high-density li-polymer battery cells, which can typically retain 70-80% of its power after 500 charge cycles. Considering the average person does not use it every day, you can get 2-3 solid years from a typical portable charger.


Q6: I Am Finding That My Portable Charger Does Cannot Continuously Charge My Device. What Can I Do?

Please check the following:

1) Please first confirm that there is enough battery in the portable charger

2) Please ensure you are using the original OEM charging cable or a RAVPower cable to charge your devices. You may need to pull and plug the cable a few times to ensure the IC chip registers a connection.

3) Please recharge your device with an AC charger to check whether the same problem occurs. If there are still issues, please contact our friendly RAVPower customer support team here.

Wall Charger AC Phones Quick Charge


Q7: How Long Does It Typically Take to Recharge a Portable Charger?

This depends on a few factors. This includes the size of the power bank, the type of charging cable used, how much power is currently in the power bank, and the type of charger used.

For example, a high capacity RAVPower 22000mAh Portable Charger will ordinarily take 11 – 12 to fully recharge with a 2.4A charger. However, that time can be doubled if only using a 1A charger. That time is further compacted if using cheap knockoff cables instead of the OEM or reliable charging cables.


Q8: What Should I Do If My Portable Charger Fails to Recharge?  

If it fails to charge, the portable charger or the USB cable may be defective. You can do the following:

  1. Check that the AC adapter is securely connected. If the AC adapter is securely connected, you can replace it with a new one.
    Check that the USB cable is securely connected to your power bank and device. If it is and you still have trouble, please replace it with a new cable.
    c. If there is no problem with the AC adapter or the USB cable, the portable charger may be defective. In this case, please contact our support team in order to get a replacement.


Women Charging Power Bank Portable Charger iPhones Work Table RAVPower


Q9: Can I Charge A Device At The Same Time That A Portable Charger Recharges?

The simple yet complicated answer is… maybe. Our RAVPower power banks feature pass through technology so they can be recharged while they charge your phone. However, as we said in this post on pass through technology, you should limit the amount of time you do that.


Q10: Can I Use A RAVPower Charger All Around the World?

Both the voltage for input and output of the portable charger are DC 5V, which can charge mobile devices from anywhere in the world.

As for recharging the power bank, it depends whether the input voltage of the AC charger is compatible with the country you are travelling to.

For quick reference:
• Japan: AC 100V
• USA, Canada, Mexico: AC 120V
• Brazil, China, Hong Kong: AC 220V
• India, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and most countries in Europe: AC 230V

However, nearly all AC chargers these days are 100V-240V, so they can be used all around the world without issues.


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Do you have a question for RAVPower that was not asked? Let us know in the comments below.

69 Replies to “RAVPower Q&A: We Answered Your Most Common Questions

  1. Can i use the the USBC port AND the “in quickcharge ” simultaneously to recharge the avpower turbo+ 20100 model ?

    1. Hey Frank,
      Actually you can charge the power bank with the micro-USB input and USB-C input at the same time. However, but the micro-USB will not Quick Charge and can only charge at 5V. I hope this answers your question.

    1. Hi JT,
      We’ve found that it is typically a problem with the charging cable rather than a power bank. It’s also quite common for iPhones.
      Here is what you can do:
      • Please re-plug the charging cable into your phone and into the power bank
      • Try clearing your iPhone’s charging port as since dust and oxidation can impact charging. Hopefully this helps you have a smooth charge.

  2. When you update your app for the RAVPower FileHub Plus with Wireless Travel Router? Is not compatible with ios11.

  3. Can i use my iphone x wall charger to charge the ravpower power bank or can it only be charged with a portable ravpower wall charger ?

      1. I just got this great looking charger as a gift.
        A few questions.
        One, what cable do I use to plug it into the wall when it charges. The only one that seems to fit is my Amazon kindle cable. Is that ok?
        Two, the cables that came with it don’t fit into my iphone, ipad. Can I just use the cables I use to charge them?
        Three, so basic. I”ve got a long long flight coming. Is the way to use it that I bring this with me and when the phone dies out I just plug it in and keep listening to my music while it charges? I assume that’s the point. But, hey, it was a gift so I’m not sure about how and when to use. Very confused about cables not fitting. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

        1. Hi Marco,
          1. Use a micro-USB cable. Plug the micro-USB into the power bank and the USB side into a USB charger. A USB charger is the type that comes with your iPhone and iPad.
          2. You will need a cable that is compatible with your phone. Just use the cables you already use.
          3. Yes you can bring it with you to charge your phone once it runs out of power. Please note when flying it needs to be taken on your carry-on as airplanes have strict rules about flying with lithium batteries. Here is a short post on the subject.

          Hope that helps.

  4. How can I know if my rav power is actually on or off? Yesterday I connected my device and it started charging and I looked at it 5 minutes after and it was not charging so it seemed the the ravpower turned off, there is only one button to check battery life so do I need to hold the button to turn it on/off? Thanks

      1. I have the same Issue, leave charging for 5 minutes and I come back to it, and I have to press the only bottom on the unit to start to charge again. Please help.

  5. Hello,
    I recently bought a Ravpower 22000mah power pack. It worked fin until last week, when it shows four dots when connected to wall power source, then when connecting to phone, the dots rapidly diminish to one, then goes out, and does not charge the phone. Is this a fault, or is there something I’m not doing right?
    Do I need to return for replacement, or can you send a replacement?
    Thanks, Ken

  6. For some reason, my rav power bank dies not charge when I plug it into a wall outlet and will only charge when I plug it into my laptop via sub. This is normal?

  7. Why does it stop charging once the phone reaches 100%. Will it start charging automatically once it drops a certain percentage?

  8. My ravpower bank does not charge anything.. The 4 lights is on the whole time.. The power button does not work either

  9. Hi,

    I was using the Ravpower to charge my IPad up last night and then looked at charging the Ravpower device today. I have plugged in the ravpower charger into the mains in order to charge the portable device and no lights is showing.

    Is this because the portable device has got no power and needs to be left to charge for a good few hours or is there a problem with the Ravpower device? I have charged the device before and the lights used to flash to show that is it charging.

    Can you please advise?

    Thank you for your help in advance.

  10. I have a 32000mah ravpower battery. Ive been using it for a few months now, but today its been acting weird. I think I held the power button on the side for too long, but I dont know how to fix it now. Two of the blue lights keep flashing and it won’t charge anything. What should I do?

      1. Well that doesnt help me much. The two blue lights in the center are the ones flashing. Its never done this before and still hasnt stopped

  11. Hi,

    I have a ravpower 26000 which has been brilliant, I use it on my bike attached to a dynamo and e-werk converter to charge my devices which I use on long distance trips. I previously asked a technical question to confirm if it allows simultaneous charge/discharge (I think you call it passthrough charging) so that I can charge from the dynamo whilst cycling and at the same time power my devices – bike sat nav and phone. The response confirmed that it supported this and it has worked brilliantly the longest trip so far was 3 months daily use on a 3000 mile tour without a single issue.

    I am reducing the weight on my bike for a lighter setup whilst touring and I am now looking at the 1650 rav power bank and I would like to confirm this also supports the simultaneous charge/discharge.

    The unit I am looking at is:




    I can’t work out which is the newer model and if they support passthrough charging, I would be grateful for your confirmation.

    Many thanks,

  12. I bought the PB-5055 27000 mah. However, when charging it with a 19V charger it comes with 8 lights. Then I pulled out and waited for a moment and pressed the power button to check the battery only four lights. Repeat the 19V rechargeable battery, and after a few minutes the lights come on again, while the batteries are not fully charged. Should I recharge 19V even if the lights are on?

  13. Traveling to Europe from the US this summer. What kind of adapter or converter will I need to charge my device in Europe? I have the RAVPower® 3rd Gen Deluxe 13000mAh External Battery.

  14. I have owned my RAVPower 26800mAh Portable charger for almost 7 months now and it has started to randomly stop charging my phone and start flashing all of the 4 dots at the same time. Do you know what I should do to fix it

      1. Would I still have that warranty even if I bought it off of amazon, because that is where I bought the charger at

  15. So my ravpower has been working great until yesterday, and I own the RP-PB052 model that has 22k mAh. Whenever I press or hold the power button the four lights come on for a brief second and then the two center lights flash for several seconds and that’s it. It won’t charge any of my devices and when I plug it into the charger it shows four lights so I no the battery isn’t dead. How can I fix this?

    1. Try with a different cable. If that doesn’t work then hold down the power button for 8 seconds to reverse the flow of power. If either solution doesn’t work, please let us know so we can help further.

      1. So I tried using three different cables and nothing changed and I also held down the power button for 8 seconds and it keeps doing the same thing. Any other suggestion or is it defective?

  16. I have the 4 port Ravpower RP-UC016 [4 port USB charger], and the quick charge outlet does not work. The others still do. Any suggestions?

    The QC outlet does not charge at all. Not even at slow rate.

  17. We bought two of the Ravpower Model RP-PB058.
    They are being used for commercial application to power low noise amplifier, which requires +5V, 100 ma.
    The Ravpower shuts down after 30 seconds.
    I suspect this is due to automatic shutdown when item being charged is fully charged, and the Ravpower is incorrectly deciding our load is a fully charged device.
    If this is the case, is there way to override the automatic power down feature?
    We are using special cable with the Data + and Data – lines connected to each other, which is advised to indicate to charger that at least 0.5A amps required.

    1. Unfortunately there is no way to overcome that. Considering people are trying more and more novel ways to use a power bank, perhaps in the future we will allow for more customization.

  18. Hi i have the ravpower element series 8000mah jump starter i have only used it once i got it from amazon this year.I fully charged it used it once put it away come to use it it was totally dead so put it on charge and nothing tried 3 different chargers cables left it for 24hrs still nothing any ideas ?

    1. It’s possible that either the battery has completely discharged or that it’s a defective unit. Since it’s a little hard to tell from the info you gave me, I will suggest you email support@ravpower.com so they can work with you to troubleshoot the potential cause and offer a solution.

      1. could be the case it has over discharged i used it once to charge my phone put it away after use and came to use it it does not charge left it a few day’s still nothing not had it a year yet.

  19. I recently purchased a RAVPower 26800 with the wall charger. I love it so far. I only have one issue. I read in the manual that when the device is fully charged, and still connected to the wall, the four blue lights will turn off after 10 secs. After the four lights came on, it’s been more than 4 hours and the lights are still on. Did I misunderstood how the lights work?


    1. Hey Edgar,
      Thanks for bringing that to our attention. Our product has been updated but not the manual. It is normal that the light will not turn off even after it is full recharged. Feel free to ask us anything else.

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