Are You Ready? We Support 7.5W Wireless Charging for the New iPhones

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Update: Please note that with the recent iOS update, everyone can enjoy fast 7.5W wireless charging for the iPhone 8, 8S, and X. The reason the indicator remains orange when charging is because the iPhone does not send the signal to the wireless charger the way other Qi-enabled phones do. We apologize if this causes any issues.


When the specifications for the Apple iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X were released, you could almost hear the collective groan from customers and fans worldwide when it came to charging. As technology goes wireless, most expected Apple’s latest smartphone iterations to truly be a step above the rest. But, when customers first got their hands on the latest iPhones, the news was less than impressive. Although they supported Qi standard wireless charging, Apple had limited the feature to speeds of just 5W. In other words, the lowest possible setting.

In the last few days, however, some exciting news has leaked into the media – Apple has been testing 7.5W wireless charging speeds with a select group of beta users and has plans to release the change as part of their next iOS 11.2 update! Even better, our RAVPower Wireless Charger is fully capable of charging your new iPhones at the full 7.5W speed.

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Wireless Charging – A Quick Review

First, let’s get this out of the way – wireless charging doesn’t actually mean no wires. Generally speaking, the now matured technology uses a charging mat/pad/surface that is hardwired or plugged into an electrical outlet. Your smartphone and the charging pad each have electrical coils that create an electromagnetic field (EMF) through vibration whenever they’re in proximity to one another. It’s why you have to place your smartphone on top of, or near to, the charging pad.

That EMF, moving from the charger to your battery, carries with it a small amount of electrical power, which will slowly top up your smartphone. Because more heat generates in this process, charging takes longer than having your phone plugged into a wall socket.

Although the update means that iPhone still lags behind the wireless charging speeds of some of its peers (Nexus 2 owners know the pain of not having the feature at all), the update will be a big, exciting, and positive change overall. In testing, a switch from 5W to 7.5W increased wireless charging speeds on the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X by an average of 43%! It’s faster charging so you can spend more time doing. For those really excited about designing your first smart home, it means you can put your phone down on a Qi embedded lamp, desk, pad, or other surface and wait considerably less time for a full charge.


The Good News

We at RAVPower are serious about charging speeds. It’s why we future-proofed our Fast Wireless Charger to charge at 7.5W – the fastest charging speed now available on the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X. Even better, our charger ensures you can reach this faster speed without needing to upgrade your hardware. No need to spend more of your hard-earned dollars buying a new wireless charging pad. The RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger has you covered!


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Team RAVPower

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20 Replies to “Are You Ready? We Support 7.5W Wireless Charging for the New iPhones

  1. From reading up on this it would seem that Apple has only authorised Qi chargers from Belkin and Mophie to charge at 7.5W to date in iOS 11.2. I bought your wireless pad on the basis this would work in due course but on iOS 11.2 my iPhone X only charges at the lower speed currently. Do you know whether your pad will be Apple approved in due course?

    1. Hi Findlay,
      As we told Leon who asked a similar question, Apple intends to open up 7.5W wireless charging to other companies within two months. Nevertheless you will definitely be able to enjoy the full 7.5W charging from the moment iOS 11.2 is available. Rest assured your phone will charge quickly at 7.5W speeds.

  2. I’ve recently purchased the RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger for my iPhone X with expectation that I will be able to take the advantage of the faster charging speed at 7.5W once Apple enables it in future iOS update. Now there are claims that Apple may restrict that ability only to the companies who partner with them (currently only Belkin and Mophie). It is said that Apple might be using hardware identifiers to restrict that capability only to accessories that it certifies. Could you please definitely confirm that RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger won’t be excluded and that will be capable of charging iPhone at full 7.5W speed once Apple enables it in the iOS update (hopefully 11.2 in December)?

    1. Hi Leon,
      Thanks for asking us about this.
      Our fast wireless charger has been tested and checked multiple times and it can indeed charge the iPhone 8, 8S, and X at 7.5W speeds. RAVPower is currently not cooperating with Apple for 7.5W charging. For the time being, both Belkin and Mophie have exclusive partnership with Apple. However, NXP, the company whose wireless charging programming standard Apple uses, and someone who RAVPower does work with with, intends to open wireless charging capabilities to all other companies within two months. Rest assured though, you will definitely be able to enjoy the full 7.5W charging from the moment iOS 11.2 is available. Hope this helps.

  3. I recently purchased this device and used it with the 11.2 iOS update on iPhone X. How does you consumer know that it’s charging at the highest wattage (7.5W)? From what I see, the LED blinks orange (normal speed). I’m not sure how you’d address that.

    1. Hi Deles,

      The iOS 11.2 update has not been officially released at the moment (it is in beta testing), so the iPhone 8, 8S, and X do not currently charge at 7.5W. However, when it does update the LED indicator will remain orange. Sadly there won’t be another visual indicator. But don’t worry, you will notice the difference by the faster charging time!

      Just to let you know why the light is orange. When your phone reaches 100% battery, the wireless charger will detect this and will turn to trickle charge mode. That is indicated with the orange light. Even though your phone might not be in use, background activity (e.g. email updates or incoming message) can still slightly decrease the battery, therefore our wireless charging pad will provide a very low current to ensure your phone stays 100% charger. And with overcharge protections, your phone’s battery will not be harmed.

      We hope this helps you!

  4. Will I always wondered can the wireless charging affect the battery life because it can be a bit unstable
    I mean when we use wired chargers we are like ” never plug it out until its 100%” to save more battery life .. what about wireless charging that will be picked up every few minutes ..I think wireless charging is going to harm our phones guys 😀

    1. It seems to be a popular enough technology for the time being. I think with proper care, you will not impact your phone’s battery. That said, we will explore this topic in a future blog post.

  5. So, just I’m not sure if I got it right or not.

    I updated to the beta version and the charger is still showing the orsnge led is it charging at 7.5W or not? And if it is, when iOS gets out of beta, will the indicator turn green as well? If not, why?! How will we know then? I’m sure you guys don’t expect us to own a watt meter.

    1. Hi Oscar,
      We definitely don’t expect that! The indicator will remain orange when charging as the iPhone does not send the signal to the wireless charger in the same way that Qi-enabled phones does. However, that doesn’t mean you are missing out on fast charging. Once updated, the charger will automatically adjust and charge at 7.5W max. We hope that helps you.

      1. So that means other brands that are working with Apple do have a way to show when the phone is charging at fast speeds but yours don’t? Also, as I said, I have 11.2 on the beta version does that mean I’m already charging at 7.5W?

  6. I never get a solid green led when my iphoneX is fully charged.
    The orange led keeps blinking even when at 100% charge. Manual says this may happen due to phone settings. What settings are these?

      1. Is this a software or hardware issue? Do you expect all these issues to be addressed in a future iOS update? I’m close to returning mine and getting an Apple certified one over these things.

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