RAVPower 100K Fans Giveaway

RAVPower Studio F. A. Porsche Charger Giveaway

Communities can be huge, but they can also be small. Some communities shrink, while others expand. We’re proud that RAVPower’s own community has continued to grow and grow. Here is how we stack up compared to a few countries and territories around the world:

Pitcairn Island. Population: 50

Monaco. Population: 33,500

Greenland. Population: 57,000

Andorra. Population: 84,000

The Seychelles. Population: 87,000

RAVPower’s Facebook. Population: 100,000+


We’re absolutely thrilled to reach this milestone. To thank all of you for supporting our journey and helping us reach 100,000 fans on Facebook, we are offering this very special giveaway.

The giveaway is easy; simply follow the instructions to earn points. The more points you earn, the bigger the prize that you can win.

100K Celebration

Giveaway Prizes:

Note: Contest open to US, UK, German, French, and Italian residents only.

Best of luck everyone and thank you once again!


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  1. Hi… Just a quick comment! As a Canadian who owns your products, I’m hurt I’m not included, but I congratulate you on reaching 100,000 – you deserve it!

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