Here’s Why You Need A Mobile Device Flash Drive

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Humanity’s computer evolution is incredible – we once had room-sized machines and now we have cellphones with more computational power than the Apollo Moon missions. Quintessential to this are USB flash drives. These keychain-sized data storage devices house enough memory to rival older computers. It’s been only recently, though, that we’ve seen the rise of cellphone) and tablet flash drives. These modern flash drives have brought portable digital storage solutions to mobile devices. Let’s dive in and see whether a mobile device flash drive is right for you.


What’s a Mobile Device Flash Drive?

Very simply, a mobile device flash drive, is a hardware solution to the limited storage available on cellphones and tablets. Equipped with a micro-USB, USB-C or Lightning port, the flash drive plugs into your mobile device and gives you additional room to move or back up space-heavy files like photos, videos, music, and documents. Most mobile device flash drives contain a hardwired plug, like a standard USB-A, -B or –C, so that you can use them as a file bridge between your phone and computer or as a means of offline sharing. The industry calls this a dual-headed flash drive. Coming in sizes between 8GB and 256GB, they are the physical solution to cloud storage, which is especially important if ever you’re out of cellphone service or Wi-Fi range.

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What Makes a Mobile Device Flash Drive Different From A Hard Disk Drive?

External storage for mobile devices isn’t new. For years, you’ve been able to purchase an external hard disk drive and connector cable for your phone. More recently, the market has seen a proliferation of wireless hard disk drives. So why is a mobile flash drive the better choice? First is the difference between the hardware itself. Flash drives are what are known as a solid state drive. This means they have no moving parts inside the plastic or metal outer shell. Instead they rely on digital information storage and reading, while hard disk drives most regularly use a mechanical arm to retrieve stored data. The consequence is less speed and less reliability. With no moving parts, a mobile device flash drive is quiet, produces little to no heat, is not inherently affected by magnetism, and has a faster boot load.

The second reason you should invest in a mobile flash drive over a hard disk drive is for offline capability. We at RAVPower love to travel. No matter if that’s riding the subway across the city, flying in the sky, or going camping with limited cell service.  With files saved on your flash drive, you can cut down on data costs for accessing online audio and video when no public Wi-Fi is available. They’re also incredibly portable – no more hauling around an enormous, heavy external hard drive with you. This is ideal for those with limited space or those looking to make their travel packs lighter.

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What gets us really excited about mobile device flash drives is that they’re quickly closing the gap in price point and storage space compared to hard disk drives. Most flash drives range between $50.00 to $200.00, depending on how big you want to go! Now you’ll never have to worry again about subscribing to expensive Internet storage services. Nor will you worry about running out of room for new videos to watch on your morning commute. Actually, most mobile device flash drives offer outstanding transfer speeds, meaning you can stream media directly from them to your phone or tablet. With a flash drive, you can close that gigabit gap without breaking the bank or weighing down your pockets.


Looking For A Flash Drive?

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  1. USB On-The-Go flash drives are really helpful in storing important files and memories. It is one of the must have for people who loves to travel! Nice article!

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