Inside Look: RAVPower Gets Charged for the Great Escape

Overlay Movies Creative Agency RAVPower Video Exclusive


We are super excited to share with you something that we have been working on for months.

Our first digital feature is a meta-narrative of an intrepid thief on the run. We do not want to spoil the end but let us just say RAVPower saves the day. Created by video agency Overlay Movies, we are positively excited by the blend of action, excitement and tongue-in-cheek humor. Not only is the video fun, but we think it stresses the importance of keeping a charged device – no matter if you are playing a game or simply want to reach out to a friend, there’s no excuse not to keep your phone charged and ready for action.

Spoiler alert: We highly recommend you watch the video if you haven’t yet before reading onwards.

Overlay Movies RAVPower Creative Ad Anker


One thing that many people have been asking is if the thief really jumped off the bridge and landed on a truck. We can reveal that he…

Green Screen SFX Special Effects Robber
…didn’t actually jump off the bridge. What the creative geniuses at Overlay Movies did was construct a very believable stunt using a green screen and a lot of credible SFX. We think the end result is pretty spectacular, especially with the cheeky wave of acknowledgement given to the police by the robber.

Despite shooting taking a full day and in the hot summer’s heat, the finished film let’s everyone know what RAVPower is about – wherever you are, sometimes you need a bit of extra power!

Behind The Scenes with Overlay Movies

Here’s a few more behind the scene photos to give you an idea what production was like.

Antom Usikov



Agency: Overlay Movies
Director: Anton Usikov
Photo Credits: Aeon Horus (Contact:

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