RAVPower Christmas Guide: Best Chargers For the Holiday Season

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Christmas is here and what a wait it has been. The thing we love about Christmas is that it is always a memorable time. One on hand you get to spend time with family. But on the other hand you get to spend time with family. Jokes aside, no one wants to be that person that gives their disappointed families socks, fruitcake, or even worse, a fidget spinner! Why not give something different this Christmas? Here are five our favorites you should consider putting under your Christmas tree this holiday season.


RAVPower 6 Port Desktop Charger

Nowadays, everyone from your mother to your grandmother is carrying gadgets with them. Sadly, that gives you no excuse to avoid their invites to play Words with Friends. More so with everyone connected, Christmas and other holiday get-togethers a fierce battle royale over the one or two chargers in the house. Instead of engaging in your own version of family warfare, pick up the RAVPower 6 Port Desktop Charger for your get-togethers. Not only can everyone’s device be kept alive, but it prevents bickering about who’s turn is next to charge. Who knew RAVPower was like the U.N. – peacekeepers of all family events.

Keep the family happy with our RAVPower 6 Port Desktop Charger. Now 23% off until February 28 with code SSRIXQN9.

RAVPower 6 Port Desktop Charger MacBook Compatible Christmas


RAVPower 16W Solar Panel

For some people out there, the idea of spending time with their in-laws isn’t quite as relaxing as it sounds. For others, it’s even worse. If you need a convenient escape but your partner has the car keys, take off into the wild with the RAVPower 16W Solar Panel. Using the power of the sun, you can keep a phone fully charged when no other power source is available. Sure, you will starve or freeze if you suddenly run into the wilderness during Christmas, but at least you’ll have enough power to see all the angry messages your spouse will send after ditching the festivities. .

RAVPower Solar Panel Solar Charger Sun Power Christmas


RAVPower 27000mAh Power Bank

Nearly everyone has fond memories waking up on Christmas Day to find Gameboys, PlayStations, and other game consoles. And unless you got stuck with a Neo-Geo, that Christmas was always the best. We’re adults now so some of us might not expect to wake up with a Nintendo Switch under the tree (but if you are, points to you, we’re jelly). However, what you can wake up to is our RAVPower 27000mAh Power Bank. Not only does it charge the Switch when on the go, it’s powerful enough so even if you don’t survive this Christmas, at least your devices will.

Power your Nintendo Switch or connect to an AC-powered device (up to 100W) with our RAVPower 27000mAh Power Bank. Now 17% off until December 31 with code LAIMWFX3.

RAVPower AC Charger Power Bank Nintendo Switch Christmas


RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger

If you sold your kidney or your kid to afford the new iPhone X or iPhone 8, then you might not have a spare one available for extra purchases. That’s a shame because we’ve made the perfect product for those strapped for cash this Christmas but want to take advantage of the much-talked about wireless charging. The RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger does exactly what the name says – quickly charges compatible phones without wires. For less than $50 it can be yours, and you don’t even have to part with your other kidney!

RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger iPhone X iPhone 8 Samsung Galaxy Christmas 7.5W Charging


RAVPower 10000mAh Car Jump Starter

While we all wish we didn’t have to travel far and wide during the holiday season, many of us don’t get that luxury. Instead, we get traffic jams, screaming kids, snoring grandpa, and Christmas carols on repeat. For the families who don’t want to end up with a broken down car on the side of the road this holiday season, our RAVPower 10000mAh Car Jump Starter has your back. Even better, it doubles as car battery charger to ensure your Christmas travels don’t end up taking you until New Year’s.

Never breakdown again with our RAVPower 10000mAh Car Jump Starter. Now 20% off until January 18 with code EBMUB7KB.

RAVPower Car Jump Charger Christmas RAVPower


Any (or all) of these products would make useful gifts this holiday season. Not only are they affordable, but they will also offer a ton of value in return.

What sorts of technology are you excited to get your hands on this holiday season? Let us know!

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