Here’s How You Know If You Should Replace Your iPhone Battery

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There is a good chance you have heard that Apple is intentionally throttling older devices that have older batteries suffering decreases in performance. While their reasoning behind this decision makes sense since older phones cannot handle some contents in new updates, Apple was accused of intentionally forcing users to upgrade their phones. As a result, this juicy story of a mammoth corporation messing over the little guys spread across the news and sparked an uproar in digital circles.

After losing a lot of faith in casual and even die-hard fans, Apple has set to remedy this disaster by offering discounted battery replacements at just $29 USD. Anyone with an iPhone 6 or later can purchase a replacement battery anytime in 2018, which will make your phone feel brand spanking new. Moreover, without shelling out $1000 on a new model, who are we to complain?

So now that you know the problem and the solution given by Apple, how can you tell whether you should replace your iPhone battery or not?

Watch For These Common Signs

The first and easiest thing to do is simply watch out for some of the most common signs of a weak or depleting battery. This includes:

  • Your phone dying frequently and at times when it shouldn’t.
  • Losing its charge quicker than usual.
  • Your device charging slowly.
  •  The phone glitching/skipping when going from screen to screen and more.

These don’t always mean that the battery is bad, they may instead simply prompt you to change your battery. If you really want to know for sure whether your battery needs replacing, you need to go into the Settings menu and then into Battery.

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Digging Deep

If your phone is approaching or has passed 500 completed charges (or is less than 80% of its original capacity), a warning message will be at the top of the page alerting that your battery may need to be serviced. This doesn’t mean it needs replacing, but will often mean you may begin to start experiencing problems, so replacing it wouldn’t hurt.

Using Apps

If you are after a detailed look as to whether you need to replace your iPhone battery, then head to the App Store and download CPU Dasher X. This handy app will give you access to your CPU frequency. It is not as scary as it sounds. What this will show is the speed that your phones processor reaches. Compare the number you see in the app to the regular number for a functioning iPhone (which can be found here). If yours is much lower, it means you need to get yourself down to your nearest Apple store to take advantage of this deal.  When you replace the battery, the CPU frequency should be back to normal and your phone and battery should be good for another few years. Another good app to check out is Battery Doctor, which is a popular app to monitor battery health and performance.

How to replace an old iPhone battery, and how much will it cost

Are You Ready To Replace Your iPhone Battery?

So how do you take advantage of this “replace your iPhone battery” deal currently being put on my Apple? Well, you need to have an iPhone 6 or newer (RAVPower users have reported that the iPhone SE is also accepted). Then tests performed by Apple must show that your current battery has degraded by 20% or more – so don’t think you can just get a new battery if yours is fine. This deal will only be offered until the end of 2018 and then the price for a battery replacement will increase from the current $29 price, back to $79. Good news though, no matter where you are in the world, this deal is available to iPhone customers worldwide.

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Have you taken advantage of Apple’s battery replacement? If not, do you plan on replacing your iPhone battery?

90 Replies to “Here’s How You Know If You Should Replace Your iPhone Battery

  1. My battery needs replacing. My phone is almost two years old. I really don’t want to purchase a new one if I don’t have to. I’ll check with my Apple Store. Thanks!

  2. I did get a new battery for my iPhone 6 for $29 from theApple store.
    Heads up- you need an appointment to have your phone looked at then they will “order” the battery. Patience will be rewarded – my phone is working much better and is keeping its charge all day. Thanks to the new battery.

      1. I have a I-phone 7 that i bought 3 months ago. I have to constantly charge it. Went to AT&T they said they didn’t have batteries. I need one ASAP. I have to use this for work also.

  3. Yes I definitely need a new battery , many times I would be reading a e- mail it would disappear. I go back to my e- mail and it’s saying no e- mail after about 5 min I get my e- mail back and it goes crazy again more often now. Many Glitches yes got that also as stated above. How do I get a new battery and who can put it into my I phone 6 s plus?

    1. Hi Sandra,
      I am assuming you have an iPhone 6 and above? If so, make an appointment at your Apple store to get it replaced. If you have a different phone, you may have to contact the manufacturer to see if that model phone has a replaceable battery or not. Many models don’t. Best of luck.

    1. It is for the 6S I went in to have mine checked. I don’t quite need one yet but definitely will need one before the end of the year

  4. I have an iPhone 5se. I thought that it was included in the $29 battery program, but I see no mention of it here. (Note: The 5se is essentially an iPhone 6e squeezed into an iPhone 5 chassis.)

    1. Since it was released after the iPhone 6, you may qualify. However, we didn’t see any info online regarding this. Best call into your nearest Apple store and ask. Please let us know what they say.

      1. I have an SE and have had ongoing issues since the 11.1 update. Apple finally agreed to honor the $29 charge (in my opinion they shouldn’t be charging anyone for their own errors). Battery is on order and patiently waiting.

    1. This deal is only for iPhone 6 users and above. Older models like the legendary 4S does not qualify. As far as we are aware, Apple isn’t throttling performance in the 4S (unless you have the latest iOS). Given the age of your phone, perhaps you and your wife are experiencing the eventual degradation of the lithium-ion battery. Li-Ion batteries typically last 500-1000 charge cycles. Here is a helpful article we wrote with the reasons why and some tips to help maximize battery life.

    1. We’re not sure. Perhaps Apple wants users of older models to upgrade. If they can make an iPhone 5 as good as new, then there is less incentive for those users to spend money on Apple’s latest models.

  5. I called Apple to make an appointment. He checked my phone while I talked to him & said I did not need a battery. Is this right? Seems like it wears down faster than before & the touch is glitchy. Should I go into an Apple store?

    1. Perhaps the battery hasn’t reached less than 80% of its original capacity. We suggest you download Battery Doctor or CPU Dasher X to check if your battery has worn down enough to qualify for a replacement. Alternatively you could just go into an Apple store and have them check. Hope it works out for you.

      1. Well, good luck finding an Apple store! I have heard there are none in south Alabama, necessitating a five hour trip to Birmingham!!! Very disappointed with this “deal”.

        1. I had pretty much the same thing here in Central Florida. Was going to have to drive over an hour to Best Buy in Gainesville. Hubby ordered new battery from Amazon with tools, watched a YouTube video and did it himself. All is good now. And for less than $29

      2. My battery checked just above 80%, but it was replaced anyway. I told the tech that it would not hold a charge and was considerably slower than when new. They replaced the battery and the phone is now a speed demon! Apple has said that it will replace the battery if the customer wants it done, regardless of condition. I had no difficulty making the appointment; my battery became available in two weeks. Installation took two hours. Well worth my $30.00.

  6. I have Ian iPhone 6 Plus which really slowed down with the iOS 11.c updates. When I heard about the $29.95 replace made a Genius Bar appt for a BATTERY REPLACEMENT. I went in and they ran all sorts of diagnostics etc., finally telling me that. they would send me an email telling me when to COME BACK IN for the new battery! That was Jan 5, three weeks ago, and they are now telling me that the batteries will be in around late MARCH- early APRIL. Then I make another afternoon-long feedback to the Genius Bar.

    I am DONE with Apple. Don’t treat me like an embicile( by deliberately handicapping my phone and THEN giving me this run around. Clearly, since the death of Steve Jobs, Apple has become simply another big corporation with ZERO values beyond the almighty dollar.

  7. Attempted to make an appointment to have my battery changed….good luck …not able to make the appointment on hold or a recording comes on! This is my LAST apple product!

  8. My husbands 5c apple, he did an update 2016 as his phone locked up on him. He did the update thinking this would take care of it. After the update his phone would not hold a charge only half a day with no use. Was told we had to go to apple store which was 65 miles away and they checked it out said it was okay. Gave us a corporate number to call, which they
    walked us threw a reboot. No better! Went to apple store 160 miles away and they said it needed a new battery which they charged $50, still no better. We have always thought they mess with the older phones. We would prefer a different brand of phone that doesn’t screw with your very expensive purchase. My phone just didn’t turn on one morning and took it to apple store, they said the motherboard was no good. They would replace my phone with a refurbished one for $250 and my phone. We decided to go with a new one and he was upset that we didn’t leave my 5c there. We went elsewhere to buy a new one. I had my 5C sitting beside my chair and about three days later it just popped on all by itself it was not hooked up to dial out or anything but I used it for probably 4 to 5 months and played a couple games on it and then one day it just shut off totally. We are tired of being ripped off by big corporations.
    Let people use their phones until their phone no longer works. We are too much of a throw away society as it is. A satisfied customer is a customer for life. Some people can’t afford new phones every 6 months to a year, let alone the wireless bill every month.

    1. Buying a product for life is becoming more and more of a trend in Western countries. For products that last a long time, you could always go with products that come from Japanese companies. From what we understand, Japanese companies put a lot of care into ensuring that their products work.

  9. My I phone 6 won’t even come on after being charged for at least an hour. All I get is a picture of a battery with a cord. Not sure if it is a glitch in the phone or the battery.

    1. If you could turn your iPhone 4S into a practically new device, there would be less incentive for you to buy new Apple products. Apple, like most companies, wants you to spend money on their new products. It sucks but that’s how it is for the time being.

  10. I have an Iphone 6, and unfortunately, replaced my battery a couple of months ago. It would not hold a charge long at all. I spent $79 to replace it. I did not go to Apple, as there is not a store near me. I went to a store Verizon recommended and they used a certified Apple battery. It would have been nice if they had decided to do this sooner!

  11. I have an Iphone 6, and unfortunately, replaced my battery a couple of months ago. It would not hold a charge long at all. I spent $79 to replace it. I did not go to Apple, as there is not a store near me. I went to a store Verizon recommended and they used a certified Apple battery. It would have been nice if they had decided to do this sooner!

  12. I took my iPhone 6+ to the Santa Rosa Apple store on 1/19. They tested it and said they’d call me when the battery available, estimated to be late March or early April! Why so long? Earlier this month, they only took a week to replace my son’s iPhone’s battery.

  13. I am so confused. I purchased a iPhone 6s plus in October. Is that a phone that came out before or after iPhone 6? Mine is refurbished. Apple told me that the battery is only replaced on it if it tested low. It was originally manufactured in 2015. Should I be worried? It works and holds a charge good.

    I will still stand by Apple products. We’ve never had an issue with any of ours and they last a long time. I won’t use android and deal with Google.

  14. I like that you talked about how you must consider replacing the battery of your iPhone if it is charging slowly. I never knew that this sign is an indication that there’s a need for a battery replacement. It has been a week since I noticed that my phone took long hours than the usual to be fully charged. This is totally inconvenient for me because I need to use my phone for work. I will make sure to shop for a new battery for my iPhone. Thanks for the tips!

  15. I got my iPhone 6’s battery replaced, in Jan 2018, but it has NOT improved performance!
    Early in the new year I downloaded the latest IOS (11.1 I think) overnight. Immediately, the next morning, two things happened
    1) The ID function stopped working, and
    2) The battery went from full day performance to 3-4 hours i.e significant ‘degrade’ of battery performance.
    The battery has been changed for a new one and there is no improvement to longevity of battery life. I used to charge once a day, now I need to charge 3 times a day, even with a brand new battery!
    Something is not right here. Following recent disclaimers by Apple I’m starting to believe that the software is deliberately inhibiting battery life in order to get you to buy a new iPhone!

    1. I downloaded the app and my phone locked up lost all my phone numbers what a mess on the phone for hrs. with Apple James who helped me was extremely nice. I think my next upgrade will be android has unlimited data, every time I see a download from Apple I cringe, and now they slow our batteries. That’s not what you do to keep loyal customers.

  16. I am done with iPhones. After calling several times finally go thru to them after over 40 minutes on hold. Made an appointment. Asked if batteries were in stock and was told yes. Went to the Apple store 50 minutes away. After diagnostic run, I was told yes I needed a new battery but the bad news was….out of batteries! I really was angry! As soon as I can I will be switching to a droid! Enough with the high and mighty Apple!

  17. I had to replace my iPhone 6 battery as it wasn’t holding a charge. Went to a local fix-it store. It was fine for 6 months. It now won’t hold a charge too long again. Slow and charging mid-day each day. Can I still use the Apple exchange to get what should be a more reliable battery or will they not since it doesn’t have the original battery any more?

      1. Same thing happened to me. 5s. Did the 11 update. Overnight my phone wouldn’t hold a charge 5 hours. Used 3rd party battery. Didn’t improve battery issue. Made appt. Blah Blah. After they kept my phone for 2 hrs told me they couldn’t replace the battery w an Iphone battery…that I had voided the warranty. Excuse me. There is no warranty on a 5s. It’s been in the system long enough there is no warranty. Stupid Iphone policy. If I had a Chevrolet that I bought used, that had an OReilly battery in it and I needed a battery. You can bet I could roll into the Chevrolet dealership and they would be more than happy to sell me a battery from the dealership. Apple has their phones gripped tightly in their greedy fists. Consumers will be busting their knuckles.

  18. If I already replaced my iPhone 6 battery at a local repair shop and it now needs another new one, will Apple replace it under this deal? Or am I out of luck since it’s not the original Apple battery

  19. I had a Genius Bar appointment on January 5 for a battery replacement. After testing the phone they told me I would be getting an email telling me when I could return for the actual replacement. They are now saying late March – early April! I have ordered a battery from Amazon and will replace it myself. Apple has COMPLETELY lost my confidence and whatever loyalty I had. Next stop: ANDROID.

    1. Go to and do an online chat with or call Apple. They’ll run diagnostics on your phone remotely and will let you know how your battery is running. If at that point they decide it can/should be replaced, they can put an order in for a battery – to be delivered to an Apple store. Once they have it, you’ll get an email to go within the week to get it replaced (typically no appointment needed, but that means wait times will vary).
      If you can’t go into a store, you can look for an authorized Apple service provider to do the battery replacement (most will honor the $29, but definitely check first).
      If none of those options work, there is an option to mail your device in. This means you’ll be without your phone for at least a week though. If you have a spare phone handy, you can pop your SIM card out of your current phone and put it in the other one to use temporarily.
      Good luck!

  20. even with an appointment I had to wait about 20 minutes. When someone did come and test the phone they said since I had a small screen crack in the upper corner that MIGHT crack further if they tried to replace the battery I would first need to pay 150 for a new screen. Don’t the batteries go in the back? Why would battery replacement risk screen damage? This sounded fishy to me. Is it?

  21. I was without a phone because my battery went down completely. I expect a full refund for having to replace my battery. $45.00 to be exact. Check will be fine!

  22. I had to replace my battery in January. I expect a full refund because it was Apple’s fault. $45.00 to be exact! I will also be comtemplating chucking all of my ATT products. I am very angry! My husband also had to replace his battery. $45 so the total is $90.

  23. What about iPads? I have an iPad 2 that has become to slow to be of any use. It’s been striped of everything (factory reset) and is still too slow to be if any use whatsoever. Is this a battery issue or something else?

    1. It could be the battery given that the iPad 2 is quite old. It could also be that you are using an iOS that pushes the iPad’s hardware beyond what it is capable of. Remember that the latest iOS is made for new devices, not older ones. Perhaps you can contact Apple about this. Keep in mind, iPads are not included with this offer.

  24. I have had my iPhone for a while and I have been thinking about getting a battery replacement so I am glad that I found this article. It is interesting that you say to look for common signs of a weak battery like your device charging slowly and losing its charge quicker than usual. I have definitely noticed that my phone loses its charge in about half a day which is a lot quicker than it used to be.

    1. Hi Elsa,
      We’re glad you found this article helpful. Stick around because we’ve compiled a great resource for all things related to smartphones and charging (not as boring as you might think hahahaha)

  25. Nice information you have given to the iPhone battery was thinking that we can’t change the battery of iPhone because we are unable to open it and now after getting the information I will change my battery from Apple Technical Support because the battery backup has reduced very much.

  26. It sure was nice when you said that one of the signs that the iPhone needs a new battery is if it shutting down during times when it shouldn’t. That is the case with my phone, however, I just got the battery replaced a few months ago. I have a feeling that there is a much bigger issue behind it. It might be best to take the phone to the professional for a checkup. Thank you for sharing.

  27. If you haven’t updated to 10.3.2 yet, consider holding off until this issue has been worked out. If you are using 10.3.2 and are experiencing excessive battery drain, restoring your phone using a 10.3.1 or 10.2 backup may be your best bet at removing the problem.

  28. I love what you said about buying a new battery to make your phone work like new. Finding an iPhone repair service is important because you need a working phone in case of emergencies. If I noticed any problems with my own phone, I would consider finding the best repair service in my community in order to get efficient service.

  29. It was a really good post and very useful for the users to clarify about the mobile phones clearly and this post makes them more clear and technically.

  30. My iPhone 7 Plus was showing 92% in battery health but coconut was showing 88%. So Personally, I think the battery health indicator is a bit wrong (I have an iPhone 7 from work that is 2 years old battery health is showing 100%). Secondly, regardless of health %, my battery was acting up. It would drop 10% when I open safari or something. So, I mailed it in and they replaced it and its been great so far.

  31. I appreciate this list of signs to tell if your iPhone needs a battery replacement. I didn’t know that the phone glitching or skipping when going from screen to screen could be one of those signs. I recently noticed that mine has been running slower and the back has been feeling hotter than usual. It is a pre-owned phone so there’s no doubt that I’ll be taking it to a repair shop as soon as possible. Thanks for the information!

  32. What about iPads? I have an iPad 2 that has become to slow to be of any use. It’s been stripped of everything (factory reset) and is still too slow to be of any use whatsoever. Is this a battery issue or something else?

  33. I just purchase protection plan before buy iPhone 11 in my hand. And I’m feel satisfy purchasing the extended warranty given by reseller. Good to buy before any casualty.

  34. I didn’t know that having your phone loses it to charge more quickly than usual would be a sign that your phone needs repair. My husband has been complaining about his phone for a while. I think we should look into finding a professional with experience in iPhone repair to help fix it.

  35. Thank you for confirming my suspicion that something is wrong with my phone by experiencing frequent low battery stages when I just finished charging and screen glitches. My iPhone 6s has been me since the time it was released, and I don’t really replace my phones unless they can’t be used anymore. I’m planning to take it to a nearby store for repair and I hope that I don’t need to buy a new one.

  36. Thanks for helping me understand the signs that an iPhone’s battery needs replacement. My friend got his iPhone 6 as a gift from his late dad, and he’s wondering why the battery is losing its charge quickly for no reason. I had no idea that this is a sign that it needs a battery replacement! I’ll share this with him and suggest that he look for iPhone repair experts around his area.

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