Top 5 Reasons You Need A PD Charger

PD Charging

We’re in the era of USB-C, an exciting time for the electronics industry. There is (almost) one cable to charge them all – but what happens if you own an Apple and an Android device? Or if you only have one charging plug but need to power two devices?

We have your answer: Power Delivery (PD) charging, a revolutionary tech that use fast charging protocol to provide great functionality and universality. Read on for the top five reasons you should own a PD charger!

1) It’s The Most Advanced Charging Tech Available

Things move slow in the battery world. The most recent revolution, PD tech is at the forefront of the charging world and is unlikely to be surpassed any time soon. Power Delivery, or USB PD, creates a universal standard capable of supplying five to ten times the wattage of conventional USB, enabling unprecedentedly fast charging across all devices.

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2) Incredibly Fast; Incredibly Safe

iSmart Protection Features

An incredibly fast charge is also incredibly safe – you’re not sacrificing anything to get a faster charge. For RAVPower, this is thanks to our integrated iSmart technology, which tailors the current and voltage to your device alongside the protective measures seen above. This safety extends even when you’re charging two devices at once; your whole family is safer when everyone’s trying to charge their equipment.

3) Two Way Charging

One of the most exciting developments in recent USB-PD technology is two-way charging. With this tech, any tablet might be used to power a portable hard drive via the charge port. This functionality, due to the higher wattage available through the chargers, unlocks bold new possibilities for consumers and manufacturers alike.

4) It’s The Perfect Travel Accessory

GaNFast tech has changed the size and shape of charging tech, creating a line of chargers so slim and light it’s almost unbelievable. GaN tech stands for gallium nitride, and fast denotes (unsurprisingly) that it’s faster than regular charging thanks to sillicone. So, because you can fit more power into less space, your charger gets smaller; you can carry them around with no hassle. This makes them great to travel with because they don’t take up much space. Plus, you only need one!

Read more about GaN chargers here!

5) Sustainable, Smart Living

‘One charger for all’ isn’t just great for your savings. Less electronics being bought, and so thrown out each year means less in landfill. E-waste is one of the worlds most pressing environmental problems, with an ‘The World Counts’ estimating there’s 40million tonnes of waste a year. That’s 800 laptops a second! A PD charger is great for the environmentally conscious and those who want to reduce their waste. And remember, if you are throwing out an old charger or similar, head to your nearest e-waste disposal center.

If you’re looking for the perfect, travel friendly PD charger, you’re in luck! We’ve just launched our new PD iSmart Charger PC105. Check it out here!

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