FileHub Review Round-Up!

Are you looking for a FileHub review to explain more about our industry disrupting device? We’ve got you covered with a round-up of press and media coverage so far.

The updated FileHub is incredible because it accomplishes so much in such a small device. But we’ll be the first to admit, this can make it difficult to fully understand. You know you can use it to transfer files to pretty much any other device or memory card, freeing up your phone storage. You might know you can file-share using it with up to five devices, perfect for working as well as family events. You may even be aware that it has a DLNA connection that generates its own Wi-Fi connection, and can connect to your home Wi-Fi from anywhere you take it. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

If you’re anything like us, you’ll want to see a FileHub review or five before committing. We’ve got a round-up of the latest reviews for you here so that you don’t have to trawl the internet! We’ll keep updating the list (in no particular order!) as well, so check back if you need to see more.

Please note: this is for model RP-WD009, which can be found on Amazon or at our website.


The Technology Man, RAVPower FileHub setup and review (2019 model). Wireless storage for your tablet or smartphone

This FileHub review from The Technology Man also provides a useful, in-depth look at how to set your device up. If you’re looking for a review that gives you an idea of how you might use your FileHub day-to-day, The Technology Man provides some helpful points. One YouTuber called this video ‘the cream of the crop’!

You can also read about his FileHub review in full here.

Mike Faucher – RAVPower FileHub (2019 Version)

Mike, a technology enthusiast who has developed a passion for internet security in the home, provides a full review on the update and puts our claims of improvement and overheating prevention to the test. He does a thorough test and compares directly to our previous version (RP-WD007).

FLoaB, Ravpower FileHub Plus WD 009 – Video and photo file transfers out on the road

Thinking about buying a FileHub to carry more data around whilst you’re on the move? Tech reviewing biker ‘FLoaB’ goes into what exactly FileHub is capable of and how it’s useful for people like bikers, who film via their dash cam and need a portable way to transfer large amounts of data.

Dave McKeegan, Backup on the go, leave your laptop at home – RavPower Filehub review

Dave thinks the FileHub is perfect for travel photographers, and looks at how ‘meh’ or ‘oooh!’ the features are. If you’re a photographer – for business or leisure – Dave covers the key points and offers a well-rounded view as to why you should consider buying a FileHub.

Gauging Gadgets, RAVPower FileHub Review – Wireless Travel Router AC750 – RP-WD009 V2 2019

Gauging Gadgets goes into the quality of the FileHub build as well as some serious detail on what the FileHub is capable of. Each feature is listed, he looks at the accompanying free app AND he mentions how you can use it in different situations (including a tip about how you can use FileHub to beat the system when you’re only allowed to buy mobile data for one device…)

Zollotech, Extend iPhone Storage and Transfer files with RavPower FileHub

A detailed review filmed in incredibly quality, so you can look at the FileHub clearly. Aaron from Zollotech uses the FileHub with his iPhone to demonstrate how to use the device – and how simple it can be!

Cruisn Canada, RAVPower FileHub (2019 Version)

Greg at Cruisn Canada picked up a 3rd Gen 64GB iPad Air and wanted to effectively expand the memory. He decided to get a FileHub, and he’s filmed his unboxing and using the FileHub with his iPad for the first time. This detailed review includes an interesting look into Wi-Fi streaming and what you need to know to connect to the correct network and get optimal Wi-Fi speeds!

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Website Reviews

…it’s not exactly like the rest. The RAVPower FileHub… [is] a great choice for someone who’s looking for portability and power independence

Guide to the Best Portable WiFi Router for Travel in 2019,

…for 95% or more of the people who can use a travel router, I expect the FileHub will meet their needs.

On The Road With A Travel Router: The RAVPower FileHub WD009, Robert Nova

Robert has also written a review for our site – check that out here!

Bottom Line: Too many cool features to leave this little guy at home. Get in my bag!

Why everyone needs a Ravpower Filehub in their computer bag, Jim Rossman/Seattle Times

I love that I can share my storage with multiple devices and although it requires a wireless connection, it offers a bridge connection so I do not have to choose between connecting to it or the internet. I have both!!, RAVPower FileHub review

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  1. Your review helps me a lot. Thanks for sharing such rare ideas. It helps all the users and definitely helpful for all the users. Keep sharing.

  2. Nobody on YouTube shows a (working) way to update the older firmware ( 2.000.018 ) on a Ravpower FileHub.
    Not even the folks from Ravpower have managed to provide a way to do this, not on their Website, nor by mailing me personally.
    It is very frustrating.

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