Ultimate Tech Presents For Father’s Day: Find Yours With Our Father’s Day Gift Guide

Sunday, 16th June is Father’s Day across most of the world! We’re not sure what’s more shocking – that there’s only a week or so left to buy presents, or that this means it’s almost the middle of June!?

Father’s day means different things to different people. If for you it means getting your dad some kind of tech gadget to keep him happy, then panic no more! You’ve come to the right place for all the present inspo you need! RAVPower has some amazing presents that any tech savvy Dad will love – and some for those who don’t know their cable’s data wires from its charging wires.

Read on for RAVPower’s Ultimate Tech Present Father’s Day Gift Guide!

For the Dad Who… Has Too Many Photos

Father's day gift guide by RAVPower
The RAVPower FileHub isn’t just a fantastic business tool – it’s great for keen photographers!

Top of our Father’s day gift guide is our industry leading new device: the FileHub. From the avid photographer to someone who always gets the camera out at family occasions, the RAVPower WD009 FileHub is perfect for Dad’s who are partial to photography. No, really! It transfers files from a multitude of devices to storage spaces so that he can keep his phone memory free and keep snapping away. It also means you can easily transfer photos from his devices and get to look at those precious memories yourself.

The FileHub also doubles as a Wi-Fi hub, a phone charger, and so much more. If you’re looking for an excuse to spend more time with your Dad (or if his other half is looking to keep him occupied for a while…) the FileHub will definitely do the trick. Learning about all its capabilities will be days of fun, let alone trying everything out. As far as ultimate tech presents go, it’s up there.

Does your Dad want a FileHub? You can order one here! Want to know more? Check out our review round-up here.

For the Dad Who… Needs All Day Power

RAVPower Wireless Power Bank - one of our ultimate tech presents
RAVPower HyperAir – an incredibly portable wireless charger

We chose this for our Father’s day gift guide because EVERYONE is on their phones/laptops/tablets nowadays ALL THE TIME. EVERYONE. And as tech has got more advanced, tech batteries aren’t quite what they used to be – those trying out a folding phone (definitely not one of our ultimate tech presents, as regular readers already know) probably get this. So, for the Dad who has everything and just needs his devices keep up with him, RAVPower’s 10400mAh Wireless Portable Charger will do the trick.

This power bank is a great choice for Father’s day because it really covers everything. If your Dad’s phone is Qi compatible – and almost all modern phones are – then he can charge on the go without needing to think about cables. It should also keep his phone going the whole weekend without needing to recharge the power bank. Sorted!

Found your perfect present on our Father’s day gift guide? Order your 10400mAh wireless power bank here!

For the Dad Who… Doesn’t Quite Get Modern Tech

RAVPower’s all new 61W PD 3.0 GaN Fast Charger is a lot easier to use than it sounds!

Being at the top of your tech game all the time can be tough. Carrying all your cables about one of our ultimate tech presents can solve all your charging issues is tough. Whether your Dad has let a few years go by without updating his tech, or really just needs to start all over again, our new 61W PD 3.0 GaN charger is a perfect present. Don’t let its name fool you – simply plug and go for superfast charging.

More than being the world’s smallest PD 3.0 GaN charger, it’s compatible with pretty much any device. Your Dad won’t have to think too much about what he uses it with – and you wont get calls asking for help with it. You can also still get the black version for a special pre-order price, or maybe get him something small (see below!) with the promise of a sleek white fast charger to come at the end of the month…

Pre-order our incredible new PD 3.0 GaN charger at our special early bird price here!

When You Need an Extra Father’s Day Present (or a back up!)

Extra Father's Day Presents - Cables
RAVPower USB-C and Lightning Cables are a great backup gift – or something to consider for yourself!

Admittedly, this one isn’t the most exciting. But then, is any Father’s day gift guide really that exciting? This is why it’s recommended as an extra present, or something to have in your back pocket (you know, just in case the first present is exactly his idea of a great gift. We’re not saying this will be better, but at least you’ve got something extra!)

Cables are the hidden gems of the charging world. They’re one of the ultimate tech presents – we promise! Good cables make your life easier by being durable, longer cables make it easier for you to lounge about whilst you charge and our cables are an amazing addition to any fast charger to help your phone charge quicker. Pick some up today!

If you’re in need of some underreported ultimate tech presents cables, you can buy our packs here!

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  1. Well, this guide is really helpful as to present any gift to your father you have to make them feel special as how special they are for you and for making them feel you can gift them portable wireless charger for the extensive use of mobile, besides this you can gift handmade cards as this shows creativity and brings happiness on their faces.

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