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We sent David Thomas, a self-professed cinephile, gamer and geek who provides insights into how tech fits into his busy life at his blog, one of our wireless 10400mAh power banks. He provided this RP-PB080 review for us, as well as a Facebook live stream explaining the pros and cons of carrying a wireless power bank!

Portable chargers are in great abundance now, as it is becoming more difficult to find one that is truly unique and worthy enough to be placed in one’s travel bag or EDC backpack. With the RAVPower RP-PB080, this particular power bank packs a punch for the price. But is the RP-PB080 worth your money? In this review, I break down the pros and cons of owning this power bank.

First Impressions

The RP-PB080, from the perspective of a regular guy who seldom travels but enjoys tech, will seem to be a bit of overkill. Traveling is something that I may get a chance to do during a family reunion or a mini road trip where chargers are limited and occupied. In the two weeks I had with the portable charger, I was able to test the product at work and during a quick trip to Jacksonville, Florida to visit a family member currently in the hospital. Here are my experiences with the RP-PB080.

Charging Capabilities For An Occasional Traveler

During my time with the PB080, I was able to charge my iPhone XR, My 2016 13′ MacBook Pro with Retina Display and my mother’s Amazon Fire tablet up to 6 times* each before the power bank’s battery need to be recharged. For the moderate iPhone user, the RP-PB080 is a godsend, packing an impressive punch in a 10,400mAh portable charger. Granted, I’m not a typical smartphone user, as I do not have my eyes glued to the screen checking social media or playing games so this may not be indicative of the portable charger’s true capabilities.

Future Proof

The PB080 is a universal power bank, and only requires a micro USB cable to charge it. For the newer iPad Pros, MacBook Pros or for Android users, this will be a welcome addition to your travel bag or tech backpack. For those of us who don’t own a USB-C compatible device and have numerous micro-USB cables around, charging your devices are possible with a micro-USB port included as well. In my travels, carrying a single USB-C, micro-USB and Lightning cable really helped to reduce clutter in my travel bag. I didn’t have to worry about packing the A/C power brick for my MacBook Pro or a small power adapter for my iPhone.

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The Design Quality Is Impressive

The PB080 is no lightweight, as it weighs significantly more than your standard power bank. Coming in at just under a pound, the PB080 is a hefty piece of tech that will endure some impact drops. The tech inside boasts faster charging speeds (ideal for newer smartphones) and adapts depending on the device you are charging. For my iPhone XR, it took less than 20 minutes to charge from 73% battery strength to 100%. If I was out and about during a long trek or seeing the sights, the time in which the portable charger would need to fully charge devices would differ, but only slightly. For a 10,400 mAh power bank, this is an absolute steal.


Enough about me singing the praises of the RP-PB080. With the sweet comes the bitter so there are a couple of complaints I have about this product. This style of use is not ideal for extended periods of time. In the event that you may misplace a charger, this will be a viable option, but keep in mind that the power bank is not a permanent solution to your charging needs. Portability is a bit limited in comparison to other power banks. The PB080 is lightweight, but its size will make it difficult to carry around in your pockets (front or back). The form factor is slim, but resembles the size of a thicker Nintendo Switch game case. This is best suited for staying in your travel bag or tech backpack that has the functionality of connecting a power bank inside, with a USB-A port on the outside to charge your phone, tablet or laptop.

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Treat Yourself

In conclusion, the RAVPower PB080 is a viable option for consumers who need a reliable and sturdy power bank for traveling and charging their most used technology. While you won’t be able to carry it in your pockets (at least comfortably), this is a solid choice for those of you who want to set it and forget it when it comes to portable charging solutions. Many thanks to RAVPower for sending the product out for review.

If you’ve found David’s RP-PB080 review helpful and want your own 10400mAh Wireless Power Bank, they’re available at our website or on Amazon.

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