Pass Through Charging in 2019 Update – RAVPower Recommendations

At the RAVPower blog, we get a lot of questions about pass through charging. A lot! Our readers are really interested in pass through charging in 2019 and pass through charging power banks. So we thought we’d try and get all the info in one place!

This blog is going to look at what pass through charging is and who really benefits from it. Plus we look at whether pass through charging is dangerous to batteries and at pass through charging power banks that come with wireless charging, or fast charging.

Lets get stuck in!

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What is Pass Through Charging?

Who Does Pass Through Charging Work Best For?

Is Pass Through Charging Dangerous to Batteries?

Do Pass Through Power Banks Accept Fast Charge As Well?

Are there any Wireless Pass Through Charging Power Banks?

Which other RAVPower Models are Recommended for Pass Through Charging in 2019?

What is Pass Through Charging?

In essence, pass through charging in 2019 involves being able to connect your power bank to a wall charger and, whilst the power bank charges, your device charges at the same time.

This might sound simple enough, but it requires specialized technology to help it happen.

As we explained in a previous post…

“Pass through technology… is in essence a series of power regulating circuits inside a power back that helps match the draw of energy needed by an output device to the amps being pulled from a wall outlet. If done right, pass through will move power directly from the wall outlet to the connected device, via the power bank. This is called prioritization. Depending on load balancing performance in the power bank, the latter should charge at either a regular or slower speed than normal when working with an output device.”

So, pass through charging power banks in 2019 are, as in previous years, able to act as a conduit to prioritize power to charge your device. Whilst doing so, they charge themselves (albeit at a potentially slower speed) to ensure that both your device and the power bank are charged. This is done with no change to the charging speed of your phone.

Who Does Pass Through Charging Work Best For?

pass through charging in 2019

Pass through charging is a wonderful technology that enables you to make your power go further. This means pass through charging power banks are useful for a range of people to own.

Busy people on the move will enjoy this technology because the simultaneous charging prevents extra waiting time. No more having to charge your power bank and then your phone!

People with limited space or wall outlets will love pass through charging as it reduces the amount of devices you need to plug in. Particularly if your pass through charging power bank has multiple ports!

Forgetful people will really like pass through charging in 2019 because it reduces the amount of devices you need to think about charging; if you’re charging simultaneously via your power bank, there’s no way you can forget to charge it!

Cyclists and hikers love pass through charging power banks! We looked before at how you can power yourself off grid, and one RAVPower user has told us that he uses one of our 24W solar panel chargers to trickle charge his power bank during a long bike tour. So, pass through charging can be a great way to stay charged when out and about, particularly during rest stops!

Is Pass Through Charging Dangerous to Batteries?

As we have discussed before, in pass through charging power banks that haven’t got adequate safety precautions, the battery might get damaged. It’s why you need to get a power bank that is specifically built for pass through charging. Whilst it might seem like any old power bank will be able to charge itself whilst charging a device, this can have catastrophic effects on your power bank.

Your power bank needs to be able to match the input and output power levels. This is to ensure there is little damage to the power banks batteries; any charger that is not able to meet these requirements might suffer from overheating. It is overheating that does the most damage to batteries, and can potentially destroy your power banks capabilities. This is why it’s so important you buy with better materials in mind. By seeking out a quality power bank that is better at balancing the various current needs, you should get a charger that prevents overheating.

However, there is little to add from our previous analysis; there still isn’t totally efficient pass through technology, and you’re relying on build quality. This is why you should go with a reputed power bank creator – RAVPower, for instance, has their own iSmart technology to fully protect their power banks.

Do Pass Through Power Banks Accept Fast Charge As Well?

Quite simply, yes.

One of our most impressive fast charging pass through charging power banks is RP-PB043. Featuring QC 3.0 technology and 20100mAh battery capacity, this power bank can bring your power delivery equipped phones to 80% in around 35 minutes.

Alongside the QC 3.0 port, the power bank also features type-c input and output ports and an iSmart 2.4A output port. There are also extensive safety features including overcurrent and overcharge protection. For instance, the charger automatically shuts down if a short-circuit occurs to protect your devices! Y

Learn more about this charger!

Are there any Wireless Pass Through Charging Power Banks?

wireless pass through charging power banks
RP-PB080 is a fantastic wireless pass through charging power bank

Did you know that our premier wireless power bank – RP-PB080 – supports pass through charging? This makes it perfect for people on the move, as you can charge your power bank and your phone simultaneously and leave the wires at home when you head out for the day.

Measuring only 6.4 x 3.1 x 0.9 inches and weighing 10.6 ounces, this power bank is easy to slip into your bag. It also has the best of both worlds as it supports 7.5W fast charging for iPhone and 10W fast charging for Android.

You can read a detailed review from an everyday user or learn more at our website!

Which other RAVPower Models are Recommended for Pass Through Charging in 2019?

Whilst we have a number of models we can recommend, here are our top three picks for pass through charging power banks that haven’t been mentioned yet! They’re all incredibly powerful and should be capable of seeing you through you pass through charging needs.

RP-PB159 20100mAh PD 3.0 45W Power Bank

This incredible charger is packed with all the latest tech needed to get you through a weekend away. 45W of pure power – capable of powering a Macbook – couples with 20100mAh for a stupendous battery capacity and delivery. What’s more, Power Delivery enables fast charging. If you’re looking for something that can power your iPhone, iPad AND Nintendo Switch, look no further.

Learn more here!

RP-PB058 26800mAh PD Power Bank

Once again featuring Power Delivery technology, this charger packs a punch. At a whopping 26800mAh and up to 30W, it is able to power a Macbook Pro – or your iPhone 7 up to 7 times. A weeks worth of charges! Our advanced iSmart technology keeps you protected from overcharging, short-circuiting, and a host of other potential downfalls that regular power banks face.

Check it out today!

RP-PB059 20100mAh 30W Power Bank

A nice in-between for anyone struggling to choose between PB058 and PB159. This power bank offers you a mixture of the above, with up to 30W of power combined with a 20100mAh capacity. More than this, it has handy data transfer capabilities! While charging your smartphone or tablet via the iSmart 2.0 USB port, you can connect the pass through charging power bank to your PC with the Type-C port to seamlessly transfer files from your device to the PC and vice versa. Its amazing what devices with pass through charging in 2019 are capable of!

Explore this power bank!


Pass through charging in 2019 is still an important way of saving people time and helping increase charging efficiency. It’s important when looking for pass through charging power banks, however, that build quality and comprehensive safety precations are looked for. iSmart technology and others that offer overheating and overvoltage protection are necessary. It’s also imperative that the power banks can specifically support pass through charging. This will help sustain the battery life of your charger.

Interested in something else? We’ve written about pass through charging and its uses.

Check out RP-BP080, RP-PB043 and our other recommendations at the RAVPower website!

12 Replies to “Pass Through Charging in 2019 Update – RAVPower Recommendations

  1. So could you use one of these in a car, powering a dash and charging from a usb socket at the same time so it powered the dash cam when the car was turned off and recharged automatically when the car was started?

    1. Hi Simon, except for RP-PB33, all our power banks support pass through charging. And our power bank is only able to charge devices with an input current is higher than 80mAh. When the charge current is lower than this value, the portable charger will stop the output. So the dash cam may need an input lower than 80mAh.

  2. Which power banks will allow to fast charge a smartphone when plugged into a car usb in pass through mode. Other brands I’ve used will decrease the charge speed in pass through mode and would fast charge when unplugged from car usb.

  3. Can one leave the power bank in pass through mode near-indefinitely, without significantly affecting the battery life? In other words, can the power banks function as a UPS, that only operates off internal battery when input power is occasionally lost. I need a minimum of 2A per output port, 3A would be ideal.

  4. Question i have a laptop that have busted battery so I remove it, and it power up type c charger, question is can it function as UPS, when the power turn off.. are my laptop continue to have power without interuption

  5. Two people have asked already; I (and probably others) would like to know as
    well. Do you have a product that can act as a UPS?
    If the answer is yes, you should answer publicly, and it will be good for
    When you do not answer publicly, we assume the answer is no.

      1. We don’t mean “UPS chargers”.

        We mean using the power bank as the UPS itself. Power banks with pass-through charging theoretically double as defacto UPS power supplies. (E.g. powering a portable LTE router or other USB powered device).

        We want the device attached to the Ravpower power bank to keep receiving uninterrupted power even when the house has a blackout (electricity goes dead).

        Basically, a power bank with pass-through charging, kept plugged indefinitely, to make sure a USB device keeps getting power even in an outage.

        The question is: Is there seamless power switch from pass through charging to the power bank’s own battery.

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