FileHub FAQ: Common RAVPower FileHub Questions Answered!

All the hype around the incredible WD009 RAVPower FileHub has proved the product is here to say. But with a multifunctional product – it’s a travel router and power bank that provides safe file transfer, even to transfer files between iPhone and Mac – some questions have arisen. These are usually about usage, and there seems to be some common themes. So if you need help with FileHub, look no further than this FileHub FAQ!

So, to make everything easier we decided to look at the most common questions and answer them!

You can check these out below. If you have any other questions in the meantime, feel free to drop us a comment in the comments section at the bottom of the page!

Q1. How Can I Use This Device?

Q2. Why Can’t My FileHub Recognize My Portable SSD/HDD?

Q3. Can I transfer word files with the WD009 RAVPower FileHub? I need to pull files from my external hard drive to my iPad Pro.

Q4. Can I hard wire connect this hub to my home router and access my connected (USB or flash drive) off site?

Q5. Is this the newest model FileHub?

Q6. Is a Cord Included?

Q7. I want to Transfer Files Between iPhone and Mac. Does it support Mac Format Drives?

Q8. Do I need Internet Access (WiFi) to Connect the Filehub to My iPad Pro? Can I use RAVPower FileHub Without Wifi Instead?

Q9. Can this Device be Carried Through Airport Security? Is the Battery Removable? Is the Battery a Problem with Airlines in Checked Luggage?

Q10. Can I Smoothly Stream >4gb Movies (mp4) on an exfat SD?

Q11. How Does Team Collaboration Work?

Q12. Will this Work With a ChromeBook?

Lets get the FileHub FAQ started!

FileHub FAQ – Get Help with FileHub!

safe file transfer with ravpower filehub

Q1. How Can I Use This Device?

The RAVPower FileHub is an incredible multi-functional device. It allows you to do a multitude of activities with ease, including:

USE THE POWER BANK FEATURE: Press the power button to turn on the battery LED light and charge other devices.

ONE-KEY BACKUP: Long press the power button for 5-8 seconds until the WiFi icon light, SD Card LED light (when plugged in) turn on to use one key backup, wireless safe file transfer and travel router features.

CONNECT TO WIFI: Use you phone, tablet or laptop to connect to the Filehub’s WiFi.

SAFE FILE TRANSFER: Transfer files via app or web. Shoot pictures or videos with the app and save it directly to your HDD.

ADMIN AND GUEST WIFI ACCOUNTS: Log in with the Default Password and then reset the admin and guest passwords.

If you want to read more, check out ten unusual ways that having a FileHub will improve your life!

Q2. Why Can’t My FileHub Recognize My Portable SSD/HDD?

There are two key reasons this might be. Firstly, your portable SSD/HDD may be password protected, so the RAVPower FileHub can’t recognize it.

Alternatively, you can check if the WiFi chip (WiFi LED light) turned on. If it didn’t turn on, this means your phone hasn’t found the FileHub’s WiFi and so it couldn’t detect your SSD/HDD.

Q3. Can I transfer word files with the WD009 RAVPower FileHub? I need to pull files from my external hard drive to my iPad Pro.

A: Definitely! This is an easy FileHub FAQ! RAVPower FileHub offers safe file transfer for the following file formats:

  • Audio: MP3,AAC, M4A
  • Video: MP4, MOV, m4v, 3GP, MPG, MKV, RM, RMVB, AVI, TS, FLV, VOB, M2TS, DIVX, WMV
  • Photo: jpg, tiff, bmp, png
  • Document: txt, Word, Excel, PPT, PDF (invoke 3rd Party App to open)

Q4. Can I hard wire connect this hub to my home router and access my connected (USB or flash drive) off site?

This is a unique 3 in 1 unit. As a FileHub, it supports: 

  1. One key backup: Upload your SD card stored photos to your hard disk or flash drive easily.
  2. You can access your USB, flash drive and an SD card while connected to the WiFi of RP-WD009, with no need to use an Ethernet connection.
  3. Transfer or share files from an SD Card>>HDD/Flash Drive SD Card>> to a phone/iPad/laptop.
  4. In-app camera to save photos and videos directly to an SD card or HDD.

As a Travel Router, it supports:

  1. Router Mode when connected to a DSL or a cable modem works as a regular router.
  2. Bridge Mode connects to an existing WiFi network and broadcast it as a new wireless signal.
  3. AP Mode (Wired -> Wireless) plug in an Ethernet cable and it will take a wired signal and turn it wireless.

As a power bank, it can charge your portable devices when traveling.

Q5. Is this the newest model FileHub?

The WD009 is an all-new model for 2019. We have a range of FileHubs and incredible file transfer devices; you can check them out here.

Q6. Is a cord included?

A: Yes, a USB 3.0 charging cable is included. You may transfer files by WiFi, although it may be possible to use the USB3 cord to the iPad Pro to do so.

Q7. I want to Transfer Files Between iPhone and Mac. Does it support Mac Format Drives?

A: No it does not support Mac formatted drives, like NTFS drive.

Q8. Do I need Internet Access (WiFi) to Connect the Filehub to My iPad Pro? Can I use RAVPower FileHub Without Wifi Instead?

The FileHub can generate its own WiFi (FileHubPlus-XXXX). For your convenience, we recommend connecting your iPad Pro to the FileHub’s WiFi for safe file transfer to and from an external hard drive. If you need further help with FileHub in this area, please refer to the user manual.

Q9. Can this Device be Carried Through Airport Security? Is the Battery Removable? Is the Battery a Problem with Airlines in Checked Luggage?

Yes, you can carry the FileHub onto planes as the battery size is within general aviation limits. You should be able to place it in checked luggage if it is turned off. If you’re concerned at all, we suggest contacting your airline.

The battery isn’t removable.

Q10. Can I Smoothly Stream >4gb Movies (mp4) on an exfat SD?

Yes you can smoothly stream movies but not support 4k and above video.

Q11. How Does Team Collaboration Work?

help with filehub - filehub faq

Essentially, the team collaboration idea is a personal cloud. You can access your movies, music, and photos at home or on the road when you connect up to five different devices to the unit via local Wi-Fi network. You can also stream and safe file transfer/share to these devices simultaneously.

However, please be aware that the FileHub can’t work like TeamViewer or modify the file.

Q12. Will this Work With a ChromeBook?

Sorry, it doesn’t work with Chromebooks.

There we have it – a FileHub FAQ offering some help with FileHub. We hope to have answered your question. If not, drop a comment on this blog page and we’ll answer you there or add the question to our page!

132 Replies to “FileHub FAQ: Common RAVPower FileHub Questions Answered!

  1. Comment telecharger l’application file hun plus sur mon téléviseur Android Sony pour lire ma carte SD sur mon téléviseur.?
    Merci pour votre réponse.
    ( je possède le modèle RP-WD03)

  2. Hi, I have one question and one request,
    First, if I add a usb extender to the RAV power would I be able to access more than one hard Drive?
    And the request: could you implement an epub reader and CBR reader inside of the app? that would be perfect. I really like your product but copying and pasting from the RavFile app to the Ipad just to read an epub or CBR is counterproductive.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi there, no it could not support more than one hard drive. Also, we’re not currently planning on on adding these features into the Filehub.

      1. Yes, I have got four hide drives connected to my RavPower using a powered USB 3.0 hub. I can access all four drives.

  3. My iPad won’t connect to the RavPower Hub. {WD 009}
    The iPad recognises the wi fi and I can connect to it.
    The RavPower app sees the iPad but not the power pack.

        1. Hi there, if you’re having trouble connecting your iPad to the FileHub, first try downloading the FileHub app onto the iPad, and then connect to the FileHub WiFi to log in to the app. Or log in to the web client, connect the computer/device to the FileHub’s WiFi, and enter the web address to log in to the web client.

  4. Hi. I find turning off filehub device is very tricky at times. Short press on the power button doesnt turn the device off, and neither will a long press (up to 10 seconds). What is the right way to turn it off and is it the same regardless if the wifi is on or off? Does the filehub has auto off feature?

    1. Hi there,

      About the Filehub, it does not have an auto off feature. Could you try to long press the power button for 3-5 seconds until the solid white light disappear? Thanks.

      1. I have the same problem, a long press does not work! Do I just have to let it drain the battery each time it is used, or is there any other way of getting it to turn off?

  5. I’m using Wavlink docking station for my external HDD. It has slots for 2 HDD. Why is the FilehubPlus only see one HDD. It will show 2 HDD in the FileHub Plus folder but it is the same HDD. It won’t show 2 HDDs

  6. Hello,
    where can I find the current battery level in the web interface or in the phone app ?
    all I can find is a small icon in the phone app, in the upper left side.
    Could you please add a numerical procentual value for the next update ?
    thank you

  7. Just wondering if it is ok to leave the File hub (w009) plugged in and on all the time (like a normal router). Will this type of use damage the battery or cause any other problems?

      1. Thanks for the reply, another quick question, is there any way to change the name of the folders from the default: “USBDisk_Volume1” to something else?

  8. Hi i am struggling to get the file hub to connect to my IPhone 10. I have everything set up but it appears that something on my IPhone is blocking the connection. I tried to set it up on my wife’s iPhone 6 and successfully obtained a connection. I removed my Nord VPN and Norton VPN but it still would not connect to my IPhone 10. Anybody got any idea why it wont connect?

  9. Hello RAVPower users / Team RAVPower

    I am able to transfer video/photo files from my phone to HDD, BUT I am still not able to find a way to move general files (pdf/excel/word) from my phone / google drive (in my phone ) to HDD.
    please share how it can be done.

    looking forward for your reply

    Thank you

  10. hi, i connect a hard drive to the rav power, connect the ipad , found my movies that are on the hard drive from my ipad ,
    when i play a movie it just spins on the ipad and nothing happens ?

    any idea ?

  11. My FileHub is connected to a SSD that has 2 simple volumes. I created those volumes in Windows Disk Manager. But the Filehub assigns them other names: UsbDisk1_Volume1 and UsbDisk1_Volume2. Is there a way for me to reassign names that are more meaningful?

    I have a WD-008 FileHub. I don’t know if there’s much difference between models but I haven’t seen anything resembling my model in the tons of YouTube videos I’ve sorted through. And I don’t see that model listed on any RavPower webs. I bought it less than 2 years ago – is it out of date already? It works fine; I just never know what advice I can follow that was given to owners of other models and I have no way of knowing if the firmware should be updated or which model’s firmware would be safe for me to apply.

  12. Your comments state that a USB 3.0 cable is included, however the cable I received with the unit does not appear to be 3.0. This makes me concerned that the USB ports on this device are only USB 2.0. Can you verify what USBA&C design is included on the WD009 unit?

  13. Team RAV Power,
    May I transfer files from my iPad or iPhone to a USB flash drive using RAVPOWER? How can I do that?

  14. Nothing wrong with actual unit, but the App on iOS crashes everytime I try to play music from an SD card, tried different cards and different mp3 files with same results. Works great if I use a browser. So the issue is with the App. Contacted support already but they didn’t have a solution for me, they say working on a new version of the app, hopefully that fixes the issue.

  15. How do I modify the default player so it will play 360 degree videos and allow for panning by moving the ipad? Video is stuck in fixed aspect ratio and doesn’t respond to iPad movement.

    1. Hi there, the aspect ratio of the video cannot be changed when the iPad is in landscape mode and playing a video. However, the video orientation can be changed manually by choosing the option on the bottom right of the video.
      If you want to use a third-party player, you have to long press the video file and select the player.

  16. I want to transfer raw photo files from my cf card reader to an external USB HD without a computer. There is only one USB connector on the RavPower Hub. How can this work? My card reader has a USB 3.0 and Micro connectors. I’ve read that this can be done but I don’t understand how. Is it possible?

    1. Hi there, there is no way to proceed without a computer. There is only one USB port on the FileHub, so you cannot connect both the card reader and the external hard drive to the FileHub at the same time.

  17. Newly added files to the external hard disk do not seem to be recognised in file management. Is there a way to refresh this please?

  18. G’day guys,

    is there any way the filehub can be set up to turn on automatically when its plugged into a charger?

  19. Hi there,

    No need RAVPower hub was working perfectly and as it should be. I was unfortunately looking in the wrong folder!!

    Loving the hub and works flawlessly with the iPad.

  20. Seems that when I try to take files from an external HD and “save to files” on my iOS device, it works intermittently, I push the button but nothing happens… I can send the pics in email but won’t save to files or shared albums or messenger etc… any help?

    1. Hi there, try to reset the FileHub by pressing the reset button for 10 seconds while the FileHub is powered on. If that doesn’t work, please email us at and our team can get back to you.

  21. Is there a way to format an SD card, thubbdribve or Hard drive plugged into the unit. what do people do if the do not own a Mac or Windows Machine and only own an iPad Pro or iPhone and need to format their external storage devices? I cannot find an IOS Format utility anywhere!

  22. saludos. puedo ver el disco duro y sus archivos desde mi macbook pro 2011 .Pero no se como transferir archivos del macbook al disco duro que esta conectado al Rav power hub.

    1. Corrijo. comentario.
      No se como transferir archivos desde mi macbook pro al disco duro que tengo conectado al Rav power hub. versión con usb c. Y si puedo descargar archivos del disco duro.
      el usb C solo sirve para carga o tiene otros usos?

    1. Hi there,
      The button may get stuck (sometimes it can happen). Please try press and hold the Power button for longer. If it still doesn’t work, please contact our Support team at for further solutions.

    1. Hi there,
      WHen it’s charging, if the Power indicator turns from slow blinking to solid white, it means the battery is fully charged.

  23. I am having trouble turning the unit on. Just the power button the battery indicator lights up red flashes long flash several fine grammar changes to short flash and then powers off I cannot get it to do anything else Is there a fix for this situation. Thank you in advance Bear Gibbons.

    1. Hi Bear, the flashing red light indicates that the battery is dead and the product needs to be charged. If the battery still cannot be turned on after charging, then please send us an email and include your order number and model:

  24. I can not connect to the internet thru my ravpower RP-WD009. All of a sudden I am not able to connect to the WiFi. It is Connected through the LAN port. It’s only a month old. All lights are illuminated and it is recognized with all devices. I’m just not able to use the internet WiFi. What could be the problem?

    1. Hi there, please follow these steps:

      1. There is no internet in the WLAN port, please check whether the connected external network is normal.
      2. Check whether the network settings of RP-WD009 are correct.
      3. You can use the bridge mode to bridge a WiFi connection and try it.
      4. Restore the factory settings and reset the network.

      If you encounter further problems, please email us:

  25. Hi, I just got my RP-WD009. Really loving it.
    Except for one thing. RP-WD009 is not able to detect any 5ghz wifi signals !!!.
    Any fix?

      1. Hi, you need to copy the files from the SD card to your mobile phone, and then the mobile phone supports opening the files in this format.

    1. Hi, you need to copy the files in the SD card to the mobile phone, and then the mobile phone supports opening the files in this format.

  26. I have an SSD connected to my ipad pro using your Filehub.
    I want to sort the SSD video files by size so I can check for duplication, but I can only sort by upload date or file type using Filehub.
    Can I do this without having to transfer the files back to my ipad?
    Sorting by size is a common method and should be supported by RAV Filehub.

  27. Does the WD009 support the transfer of Sony Raw ARW files from my sd card to my portable hard drive to enable photo back whilst travelling ?

  28. My RAVPower travel router will freeze up every few days and has to be fully rebooted.
    I use it as a repeater for my home 5GB WiFi signal.
    I also use it as a DLNA server for movies at home.
    It stays plugged in 100% of the time.
    This is quite annoying as all my devices attached drop out (Alexa, Google Home, security cameras, etc.)
    This is the 2nd identical unit that does this (both purchased in the past year).

  29. Hi, I tried to copy PHP files, but it won’t let me from USB to ipad. but if from ipad to usb, is there anything that can be done? only works on windows.

    1. Hi Ricardo, could you try opening the APP, make sure that the USB connected has enough storage space, then select the file to be copied, select ‘Copy’, and then jump to the device you want to copy to, select iPad, and then select a destination file and click ‘Paste’. If that isn’t working, please contact our customer service team:

    1. Hi David, the current device itself can send out a 5G WiFi network to connect to the terminal device, but it cannot bridge 5G WiFi.

  30. Hi Team RAVpower
    when i use the bridge mode i need to retry it a lot of times before the internet light came.can you help me please

  31. I have a Sandisk extreme 1TB SSD connected to the RAV filehub. I have to go into File Management to ciew files on the SSD. All the categories (videos, photos etc.) are empty. Why is this?

    Also, have copied a number of files from the SSD to my iPad so I can view without the RAV being connected. Do I have to view these files through the RAV app? Can’t I access them directly? Plus the files are listed randomly and there seems to be no option to sort alphabetically, which is driving me slightly nuts. And advice on these issues? Thanks.

    1. Hi Mark,
      There are 3 methods to view files from an SSD via the FileHub
      1. Download a file manager to view
      2. View in the file application on the phone/iPad/desktop
      3. View in RAV FlieHub APP

      Open RAV FileHub APP, go to File Management>Sort (on the upper left corner) to sort files.

      For more details, please contact our customer support team

  32. I am using the Ravpower filehub in the Bridge mode. How do I change the Password from 11111111. That is just too easy for someone to guess when I am traveling.


  33. Hi… i have the Ravpower hub WD009 and i usually use it at home connected to a long ethernet LAN kinda like a second router. My question is if i leave it and stayed plug in to a charger would that be okay or do i need it to remove every time when it hits full. Thanks!

  34. I connected my external hard drive to my Rav Power file hub and it’s detecting 0 on the hard drive and 0 space available. I’m at a loss as to why. Please help!

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