How the RAVPower AC Power Bank with AC Outlet will Enhance Your Life

RAVPower AC Power Banks

Use a RAVPower AC Power Bank Outdoors

Great for in the yard, park, camping, etc., especially for small appliances like mini refrigerators, bulbs, and so on.

When the weather is nice, nothing feels as good as spending quality time outdoors with family and friends. An AC outlet power bank like the RAVPower Power House can be your friend in time of need. It can quickly charge your devices or appliances when you’re out all day. Unlike regular power banks, it is so powerful it can power appliances like mini refrigerators, mini fans, and 110V appliances. Get a RAVPower AC power bank and keep the party going.

Man typing on his laptop while charging it via the RAVPower AC power bank

When you’re out hiking or camping, you may need to switch on your PC to quickly send an email or two. Carry your RAVPower AC power bank with you and grab it quickly when you need to charge your laptop. It has the capacity to power up to three devices at once, ensuring you stay connected wherever you are. Its 27,000mAh battery can charge several smartphones to full power.

Person sitting on a blanket outdoors charging their laptop with their RAVPower AC power bank

Spending a day at the park is the best way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. When you’re surrounded by trees and greenery, you’re happier and feel more refreshed. You can quickly finish that pending project if you have a RAVPower AC portable charger. It can power your MacBook and iPhone so you can listen to some soothing music as you relax in the park.

A RAVPower AC Power Bank for Indoor Use

Man using his RAVPower AC power bank to power his tablet and watch a video

Perfect to take to a restaurant, library or café. As convenient as a power bank but with larger powering capabilities.

When you’re studying for an exam, the last thing you want is your PC running out of charge. Well, if you get the RAVPower Power House charger, you can study deep into the night. It can simultaneously charge your MacBook, iPad Mini, and iPhone 6s.

Woman using her RAVPower AC power bank to power her MacBook

If you’re a digital nomad and love the freedom the lifestyle gives you, we’re sure your bag is full of gadgets. But gadgets need power to run and some have batteries that get drained fast. The RAVPower AC portable charger is the answer to all your charging needs. It is compatible with Apple and Android devices and can fully charge a 12” MacBook.

Businessman using laptop with tablet and pen on wooden table in coffee shop with a cup of coffee

When you’re working from the neighborhood coffee shop, you don’t have to scramble for power outlets like everyone else. If your laptop is USB-C compatible, get the RAVPower AC power bank. Connect it to the AC outlet and charge your machine at its maximum charging speed.

Person using a  RAVPower AC power bank to charge two phones

Sometimes working outdoors helps clear your mind, allowing you to focus better on your tasks. Whether you’re working outside a charming restaurant or from your penthouse’s balcony, the 20100mAh Power House charger will give your machine the power it needs. The 2-prong AC outlet has a 100W power output and can quickly power gadgets that consume less than 100W.

But before you go

Good things come in threes, and that’s why we’ve decided to add a third—and more powerful—power bank to our collection. Our soon to be released
RAVPower AC power bank has two 110V 250W AC outlets, a 60W USB-C PD port, and a 120W DC Output port.

Due to come out at the end of April, it’s our most powerful AC power bank and is ideal for road trips, outdoor camping, and even CPAP emergency home use.

If you don’t get it, you’ll only have yourself to blame.

6 Replies to “How the RAVPower AC Power Bank with AC Outlet will Enhance Your Life

  1. Hi,

    I am interested in this model of your power bank:
    The RAVPower PB187 Power House Power Bank
    When it will be available for sale in Canada?

    Do Power Banks have a GaN technology build in, as it is in Power Delivery charges?



    1. Hi, it is only available in the USA at the moment, no plans for Canada currently but we will let you know when this changes.
      It does not have GaN technology. Thanks.

  2. Bought ; BP070 pix shows long cord. One i got is six inches….. NEED MORE INFO. Manual if possible. Thank you . Bob

  3. Hi I bought the Pioneer 20000mAh 80W 2-Port Power House for camping. It says the AC output is 110-120V.
    I wanted to use it to power an electric blanket now the weather is getting colder (Blanket spec is 110V-80W) but when I plug the blanket into the AC outlet and pressed the power button it only stays on for about 30 -40 seconds and then cuts out. Pressing the power button again only gives me another 30 seconds. The RAVpower unit is fully charged.
    What am I missing?

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