Keep Your Devices Juiced with RAVPower Power House Chargers and Solar Power Panels

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Today more than ever, there’s a growing need for high-capacity, long-lasting chargers that are able to power devices and small home appliances. It’s easy to take power supply for granted, but disasters happen, so you should always be prepared for the unexpected.

High-capacity chargers—like the RAVPower power house power banks with AC output —are able to charge all your devices several times. What’s more, the power banks don’t take long to recharge.

But we know it can be hard to pick a high-capacity power bank when there are so many to choose from. That’s why we always recommend considering a charger’s portability, power capacity, and compatibility. You also need to find out whether your devices need to charge over USB-C, micro-USB, or Lightning. This helps you to know the specific type of charger you need.

Family next to the RAVPower Solar Panel and Power House
Model: RP-PB055

Our power house power banks are so powerful they can charge devices while they are in use. When you need to recharge your power bank outdoors, a RAVPower solar power panel can come in handy.

Today, we’re explaining in detail why you need a RAVPower power house charger and a RAVPower solar power panel.

Let’s get right to it.

Why Get a RAVPower Power House Charger?

1.      It Can Power Your Devices and Small Appliances for a Day

One crucial feature people look for in a power bank is high capacity. It’s important to check the milliamp hours (mAh) of the power bank. The mAh should be much higher than that of the devices you want to charge.

Today’s phones and PCs are very powerful, but despite having power-efficient processors, they may need charging several times a day. RAVPower power house power banks have a high capacity and are ideal for people who need to power multiple devices every day. And if a power outage occurs in your area, the charger can power all your devices and small home appliances.

2.      It’s the Perfect Gadget to Carry When You’re Spending the Day Outdoors

MacBook being charged by the RAVPower Solar Panel and Power House
Model: RP-PB055

As the weather gets better, more and more people are spending time outdoors. If you’re headed to the beach this weekend or you’re planning to go hiking or camping, grab a RAVPower power house and stay connected during your time away.

The RAVPower AC outlet power banks have a higher capacity than regular power banks and can be very useful in case of emergencies. And unlike regular power banks, they are able to power appliances.

Why Get a RAVPower Solar Power Panel?

The best thing about getting a RAVPower power house is that it’s compatible with a RAVPower solar power panel. This means you can easily recharge your power bank when it runs out of charge. Our solar panels are portable and can power a variety of gadgets. They ensure your time away is memorable. Unlike the solar panels of yesteryear, they are portable and waterproof. They also feature USB ports.

Introducing the RAVPower Power House Power Banks

1. The 252.7Wh RAVPower Power House (RP-PB187)

Couple Relaxing next to the RAVPower Solar Panel and Power House
Model: RP-PB187

The RAVPower PB187 power house guarantees unlimited power supply when you don’t have access to power. It features two 110V AC outlets which deliver a lot of power (250 watts). The charger can provide backup power for your home thanks to its massive battery capacity (70200mAh). Its 60W PD input and output port quickly charges devices using a standard USB-C cable. This power bank can power a camping lamp for 10.5 hours, a car refrigerator for 5.5 hours, and the 2018 MacBook Pro almost 2 times. What more could you ask for?

2. The 27000mAh 85W RAVPower Power House (RP-PB055)

This RAVPower AC outlet power bank takes battery charging to another level. It can power devices rated up to 70W, like a 46-inch LED TV. It can also charge smartphones, most laptops, and some desktop PCs. The power bank can charge a Samsung Galaxy S8 five times, an iPhone 7 almost eight times, and a MacBook 1.4 times. With it, you can power up to three devices at once. It has 2 USB iSmart pots and 1 Type-C port.

3. The 20100mAh 65W Power House (RP-PB054)

Featuring a neat design, this multipurpose power bank is ideal for travel, hiking, camping, and emergencies. It has a 2-prong AC output and can juice devices with a 50W rating or lower. The Type-C USB port powers USB-C devices while the Type-A port powers USB-A gadgets using iSmart technology. iSmart technology optimizes the charging potential of your devices. As the power bank charges them, the technology protects them from power surges, overcharging, and short circuiting.

Introducing 2 RAVPower Solar Power Panels

If you love spending your time in the great outdoors—and creating memorable experiences—it’s important to get a portable solar charger. RAVPower has a line of powerful solar power panels, but today we’ll be focusing on two: the 16W & 120W solar panels.

1. The 16W RAVPower Solar Charger Solar Panel with Dual USB Port

MacBook being charged by the RAVPower Solar Panel and Power House
Model: RP-PC008

Featuring industry-leading technology, this solar panel is a smart solution designed to provide portable solar power rapidly. It has four high-efficiency panels that convert up to 23.5% solar power into free energy. It is compatible with a variety of iPhones and can charge 2 USB devices simultaneously. The solar panel is lightweight and you can carry it to the beach or the mountains. It also features RAVPower’s iSmart technology which provides the optimal charging current to devices.

2. The 120W 18V Flexible RAVPower Solar Panel 

This flexible solar panel can be used on the go, in boats, RVs, tents, and even trailers. It can bend up to 30 degrees, allowing for mounting on different surfaces. Its efficiency is 20% higher than that of other solar panels, so it will supply more sunlight to your devices. It can power devices rated up to 120W 18V and its advanced “Hot-Pressing Method” makes it waterproof. The panel only weighs 6.6lbs and is one of the most portable solar panels on the market.

Get a RAVPower Power House Charger and a RAVPower Solar Panel to Go with It

In this day and age, you can’t afford to be disconnected wherever you go. Devices can quickly run out of charge and natural disasters can happen when you least expect it. Get a RAVPower power house charger and solar panel and always be ready for the unexpected.

10 Replies to “Keep Your Devices Juiced with RAVPower Power House Chargers and Solar Power Panels

  1. Reading through this it’s really necessary to have advice of such The charger. What is the best price. And how can I get it in Nigeria.

  2. Hi. On July 16, 2020 I bought the 21w solar panel from RAVPOWER. Today the solar panel has stopped working. I am currently traveling by bicycle and the solar panel is very important to me.

    At the time of the failure I was charging my power bank and it stopped working. The red light on the panel was blinking and now when I expose the solar panel to the sun the red light is not illuminated.

    What I can do?

    1. Hi Alberto, first please try to use a different cable with the solar panel under strong sunlight. If the red light is still not illuminated, the solar panel may be defective. Contact our support team with your order number and we will offer a solution. Email:

  3. I bought this model
    Portable Power Station RAVPower 252.7Wh/70200mAh Solar Generator,Dual 110V/300W

    I’d like to get solar panels to recharge the batteries. Which one should I get?


    1. Hi Susan, our solar power panels are currently unavailable with not plans as of writing to restock them.

      1. Hi. Thanks for your reply. I ordered this solar panel. Do you think it will work ok?

        RAVPower Flexible Solar Panel 120W 18V Solar Panel Module Polycrystalline High Efficiency Bendable Design for Boat, Trailer, Tent Other Off Grid Applications, Black

  4. I bought a 16w 3 panel solar charger Ravpower, a couple of years ago. I looked at the reviews and found it the best.
    However I have never been able to use it as a charger. Its simply too slow. even in direct sunlight. When I measure my phone’s battery via the the Ampere app. I get me maybe 150 milli amps. in direct sunlight with the phone as the only one connected with a short cable.
    I even taken it to Kilimanjaro near the Equator, same result. Its really really disappointing.
    Do I need to clean the panels with a special cloth or let it hang free?

    1. Hi, it needs to be used perpendicular to the sun’s rays, and it can reach the maximum value only at 11:00-15:00 every day.

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