Charge Your iPhone 12 Pro with RAVPower Chargers

At last, the iPhone 12 is finally here and Apple lovers around the world are excited. After all, it features 5G wireless technology, which means superfast speed. Apple has future-proofed the iPhone since 5G networks are still rolling out across the globe. Therefore the longer you own it, the more useful it will be. This is without a doubt a good thing, since most people hold on to their phones for 3 or 4 years.

To be exact, the new iPhone comes in 4 different versions: iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, and 12 Mini. You can preorder the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro but you’ll have to wait for the 12 Pro Max and 12 Mini.

There’s one important thing you should know: the new iPhone doesn’t come with a charger in the box—or earphones. While there are environmental benefits to this, you’ll still have to buy a new charger if you want to charge your new phone fast. Despite that, the good news is it has a lightning port and comes with a USB-C to lightning cable.

If you want to charge your new iPhone 12 Pro super fast, you have two options: you can buy an expensive Apple charger or get an equally powerful third-party charger from RAVPower.

Life hasn’t gotten back to normal and you may still be working from home. A charger that powers your devices super fast—like a RAVPower charger for iPhone 12—can be a lifesaver whether you’re working or gaming.

The Best RAVPower Wireless Chargers for iPhone 12

Turbo 10W Wireless Charger (RP-PC058)

This Qi-Certified charger is one of our most futuristic-looking chargers and works with different devices, including the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and the iPhone X. It can also charge AirPods. It features a double-sided silicone design that makes it very stable, equally important is the fail-safe circuitry which helps prevent overcharging. It also protects your iPhone against common problems like overcurrent and overvoltage.

The RAVPower wireless charger for iPhone 12 Pro charges compatible devices at 10 watts. Most chargers on the market charge apple devices at 5 watts or less. The charger’s design allows it to dispense heat 20% faster than other chargers. It also features HypeAir technology which shares the same fixed frequency program as your iPhone. In short, as soon as you place your iPhone within range, it will start charging.

We’ve got some great news! Till Oct 23rd, we’ve slashed $14 off this charger. Get it while stocks last!

Turbo 7.5W Wireless Charger (RP-PC034)

This RAVPower wireless charger is one of the best on the market and combines quality with affordability. It can quickly charge the iPhone 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, 11 XS Max, XS, XR, X, and iPhone 8 Plus. Its body is made of metal and it has a silicone ring that prevents your iPhone from slipping off. You will also love its compact design.

Like our 10W wireless charger, it features HyperAir technology and triple temperature controls which allow it to disperse heat 15% faster. As it charges your phone, it protects it from overcharging, overheating, short circuiting, over-current, and over-voltage.

The Best RAVPower Wall Chargers for iPhone 12

PD Pioneer 90W GaN Tech Charger (RP-PC128)

This RAVPower GaN charger provides up to 90 watts of power to devices. As a result, it charges some devices as fast as their OEM chargers. It features GaN tech and Pi Chip and charges devices quickly while lowering energy consumption.

Its two corresponding PD3.0 ports can charge two iPhones simultaneously and any devices with a power rating of 90W and below. It distributes power intelligently to connected devices. The charger is very slim and also has folding prongs for easy storage. If you get it before November 3rd, you’ll enjoy a discount of $15.


The newly released RAVPower wall charger for iPhone 12 Pro is perfect for your new phone. All you need to take advantage of its fast charging is a USB-C to lightning cable. Simply plug the cable into the USB-C output port and your iPhone will go from 0% to 50% in just 30 minutes. The charger comes with an MFI-certified cable you can use to charge your iPhone 12 at full speed or to sync data between devices.

RP-PC144 is compatible with many Type-C smartphones, tablets, and gaming controllers. It can quickly charge the iPhone 12 Pro and by extension older iPhone models. Its 2 ports have a combined power output of 30 watts
— specifically the USB-C port provides 20 watts while the USB-A port offers 10 watts.

The Best Desktop Charger

The 65W PD Pioneer 4-Port Charger (RP-PC136)

This charger is both powerful and convenient owing to its 2 USB-C PD ports and 2 USB-A ports that produce a total of 65 watts. If you connect your MacBook Air and iPad Pro, it will charge them at 45W and 18W respectively. For example, if you connect 4 devices, it will intelligently distribute the 65 watts to ensure they all charge at high-speed. The charger is made using GaN technology and is compact and energy-efficient. Get it if you want to immediately take advantage of fast USB-C charging.

Grab a RAVPower Wall Charger for Your iPhone 12 Today

When your iPhone’s battery is about to die, nothing is as precious as power. In fact, the faster you can get it, the better. If you normally use your iPhone for many tasks—calling, texting, browsing the web, working, gaming, and navigating using GPS—you need a very powerful charger. Get a RAVPower charger for your iPhone 12 Pro and in conclusion you’ll never have to worry about your phone running out of power.

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  1. Hi, I noticed from the new iPhone 20W adapter that the outputs are 5V/3A, 9V/2.22A. Must the new adapter have 9V/2.22A or 20W output in order to support 20W?

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