RAVPower’s First Magnet Wireless Charger for the iPhone 12 Series: RP-WC012

Christmas is just around the corner and we’re sure you can’t wait to celebrate with your loved ones. If you own an iPhone 12, you’ll probably use it to capture the best moments. Plenty of photos and videos will surely be taken, and as a result, your battery may drain faster than you’d like. Therefore, you’ll need a charger to juice it fast, because Apple doesn’t provide a charger for the iPhone 12.

It’s not all bad – the phone has a great design, good memory, a powerful camera, and great display. It follows that you’ll need a powerful charger to power it fast—because the last thing you want is waiting for hours for your phone to charge.

RAVPower has created its first magnet wireless charger for iPhone 12 Series: RP-WC012. It is a great RAVPower charger for the iPhone 12 series, you’ll enjoy owning.

Think about it.

Your phone goes everywhere you go. For example, you use it for work, to capture special moments, to listen to music, and to find your way around in unfamiliar places. Why not get the best charger for it? The RAVPower charger for the iPhone 12 series is powerful and packed with great features.

5 Reasons to Get the RAVPower Wireless Charger and Wall Charger Set: RP-WC012

RAVPower charger for the iPhone 12 series RP-WC012

Great Design

Firstly, the 20W USB-C PD adapter is lightweight and made from durable materials. It comes in a sleek black color and features a glossy finish that looks new for a long time. Its foldable pins make it highly portable and enhance its durability. Plus, it provides fast charging with USB-C to Lightning cables or MagSafe chargers.

You’ll also love the wireless charger’s design. It has a sleek round shape and is easy to use. The puck-sized charging pad has a lightweight aluminum base and is incredibly slim. You don’t have to disconnect from wireless charging to answer a call, reason being the magnet is seriously strong and will remain attached even if you lift your phone while its charging. You can also go hands-free.

Compatible with Different Devices

RAVPower Wireless Charger and Wall Charger Set: RP-WC012

Apple products are loved by techies and phone lovers, and the new iPhone 12 is no exception. It garnered positive reviews across the board. However, it was different from its predecessors—the phone didn’t include a charger. The RP-WC012 charger set is the perfect solution for your troubles. It comprises a wall adapter and a wireless RAVPower charger for the iPhone 12 series.

It goes without saying that our phones have become such a vital part of our lives that we cannot afford to go offline unexpectedly. Similarly, we own multiple devices and most of them are USB-powered. They need to stay powered because we use them for work, leisure, and to connect with our loved ones. The PD adapter can charge a variety of USB-C devices—from the iPhone 12, to iPads, to Nintendo Switch.

The Wireless Charger Features MagSafe Technology

RAVPower Wireless Charger and Wall Charger Set: RP-WC012

Apple first used MagSafe technology on iMac chargers before switching to USB-C. However, it wasn’t a wireless technology back then. It simply allowed MacBook owners to easily connect chargers even in the dark. The chargers were secured by a magnet and were designed to easily snap on and off, reducing the chances of laptops falling.

MagSafe for iPhones still relates to magnet-based accessories, but it’s designed for iPhones and not Macs. The RAVPower wireless charger, RP-WC012, features the same technology. The technology aligns the magnetic part of the charging pad to the charging coil on the back of your iPhone. The two sections instantly align to ensure there are no mishaps due to phone misplacement. The magnet is powerful enough to keep your phone in place until you remove it.

Super Fast Charging

RAVPower Wireless Charger and Wall Charger Set: RP-WC012

Sometimes you just need enough charge in your phone to get to your destination. The RAVPower charger for the iPhone 12 series will fast charge your iPhone and other USB devices, allowing you to stay connected. To illustrate its strength, it can power your phone to 50% in less than 1 hour, thanks to Power Delivery 3.0 fast charging technology. The magnetic charging pad also has fast charging capability and can power iPhones and gaming controllers. On top of this, if you have a MagSafe phone case, you won’t have to remove it when using the wireless charger.

You—and Your Devices—Are Protected

Nothing can spoil your devices as fast as electrical surges and overheating. That’s why we took special care to ensure the wireless charger and PD adapter protect your iPhone 12 and other devices from overheating, excess voltage, and excess current.

The charging pad stays in place thanks to its sturdy rubberized surface. It is also coated with rubber oil on the charging surface for safe contact. In case the pad is faulty, you’ll be protected from accidental shock.

Grab Our 2 New Chargers for Your Loved Ones This Festive Season!  

The festive season is a great time to give gifts to your loved ones. With this in mind, look no further than RAVPower. Our 2 newest chargers—RP-PC144 and RP-PC136—make great gifts. We’ve gone over some of our RAVPower charger for iPhone 12 series here, however let’s again look at them in detail.

PD Pioneer 30W 2-Port USB C Wall Charger for iPhone 12 (RP-PC144)

PD Pioneer 30W 2-Port USB C Wall Charger for iPhone 12 (RP-PC144)

This USB-C fast charger will power your iPhone from 0% to 50% in 30 minutes. In spite of its small size, it’s designed for fast charging, and it provides blazing fast speeds for the iPhone 12.

The RAVPower charger for the iPhone 12 series can power 2 USB-enabled devices at the same time as it has USB-A and USB-C ports. The USB-C port produces 20W while the USB-A port puts out 10W, so the total output is 30W.

There’s more good news.

Also, this is not just a RAVPower charger for the iPhone 12 series; you can use it to juice other USB devices. It is compatible with other Apple products, Samsung devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 20/S20, and even the Nintendo Switch.

PD Pioneer 65W 4-Port GaN Tech USB C Desktop Charger (RP-PC136)

PD Pioneer 65W 4-Port GaN Tech USB C Desktop Charger (RP-PC136)

Let your loved ones know you enjoy staying connected to them by getting them this desktop charger. It delivers a super-fast charge to almost all USB-C and USB-A devices. It is indeed a very practical gift and is ideal for anyone with many gadgets due to the fact that the charger has 2 USB-C PD ports and 2 USB-A ports that deliver a total of 65W.

With it, you can charge 4 devices at once. When you connect your MacBook Pro to a USB-C port, it will go from 0 to 100% in just 2 hours. Alternatively, when 4 devices are connected, it intelligently allocates power to ensure all devices enjoy high-speed charging.

In a world where connectivity is vital for business, home security, and social interaction, you need a charger you can rely on at any time. To put it simply, the RAVPower wireless charger RP-WC012 is a great investment.

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