Introducing the Potent 90W Power Bank for MacBook Pro, iPhone 12, and More: RP-PB232

Image of the PB232 power bank against a green, white and black back drop

Picture this scenario.

You’ve traveled to a new country and you’re waiting for an important call from a friend when suddenly your phone suddenly runs out of charge. You immediately start searching for power outlets in coffee shops so you can charge your smartphone before your friend calls. To make matters worse, you forgot to charge your MacBook, so you can’t call them over the internet

Suddenly you realize exactly why you need a high power power bank.

Don’t wait until you’re in a sticky situation to get a portable charger for your iPhone 12. As the saying goes, to be prepared is half the victory.

If one of your new year resolutions is to travel more, it goes without saying that you need a powerful charger. Yes, it’s important to have travel essentials like a good backpack, comfortable shoes, versatile clothes, and a first aid kit. But a good charger is just as important.

Because RAVPower knows the importance of a high power charger, we’ve designed one that can power your iPhone 12, MacBook, and other gadgets: the RAVPower 90W portable charger RP-PB232.

Here’s why you should get the RAVPower 90W portable charger for iPhone 12.

Powerful 90W Output

RAVPower 90W portable charger power bank RP-PB232

If you want to charge your laptop while working remotely, traveling, or during an emergency, this RAVPower 90W power bank is perfect. First, it’s not just for iPhones, it can power other small devices as well—like laptops and gamepads. Second, it has enough capacity to charge a dead MacBook Pro to 50% in 40 minutes. However, you have to use the USB-C to C cable. The RAVPower 90W power bank has a great look and feel and you will love its slim, portable design and sleek exterior that’s complemented by well-positioned ports.

Colossal Capacity

RAVPower 90W power bank RP-PB232

The RAVPower 90W portable charger for iPhone 12 can charge your iPhone over 6 times. But there’s so much more to it than that. It can also power larger devices like laptops, tablets, and digital cameras, provided their power rating isn’t over 90 watts.

Additionally it has 2 ports—a USB iSmart port and a PD port—and can quickly charge two devices at the same time. However, it’s worth mentioning that the RAVPower 90W power bank can’t be carried on a plane.

Wide Compatibility

RAVPower 90W power bank RP-PB232, iPad, tablet

The best power banks on the market are compatible with a wide range of devices—from phones to gaming devices. This is one such unit. Its wide compatibility means you won’t have to buy another charger to power some of your devices. Not to mention you can charge all USB-C and USB-A devices via the two ports. On top of this, the RAVPower 90W portable charger also gives you a free USB-C to C cable to fast charge your iPhone, tablet, laptop, and other gadgets.

Safe and Reliable

RAVPower 90W power bank RP-PB232

Nothing feels as good as knowing that your devices are protected as they get charged. Our RAVPower 90W portable charger for MacBook Pro protects your devices from overcharging, short circuiting, as well as current and voltage surge. Furthermore, it features a LG 21700 High-Density battery pack for safe charging every time.

Recharges Rapidly

While the best power banks on the market can charge phones quickly, they don’t recharge so fast themselves. For example, some high-capacity power banks take a whole day to recharge, which is highly inconvenient. The RAVPower 90W portable charger only takes 2.5 hours to fully recharge. Simply connect a 60W PD wall charger to its USB-C Port and it will start charging. In addition to all that, the best part is you can still charge your phone when recharging the power bank.

4 More High-Capacity RAVPower Portable Chargers Worth Checking Out

Phones and PCs have become extremely powerful, but they need to be charged every now and then to stay functional. Powerful battery packs, with 20,000 mAh and higher, are ideal for those who need a lot of juice on the go. They may not fit into your pocket, but will keep all your devices juiced. Besides the RAVPower 90W power bank, here are 4 we love.

1. PD Pioneer 252.7Wh/70200mAh Power House RP-PB187

RAVPower portable charger RP-PB187

If you need a power bank with a higher capacity to go camping with—or to charge small household appliances—get the 252.7Wh/70200mAh portable power station. It can power appliances with a power rating of 250W and below—like a camera, a lamp, a mini refrigerator, and a small TV.

The RAVPower Power House can charge the iPhone 12 Pro Max over ten times because the phone has a 3,687 mAh battery. And for such a high capacity power bank, it only weighs 5.36 lbs. It is compact and comes with a carry handle so you can take it with you on outings and road-trips. And when it runs out of power, simply recharge it with a solar panel.

2. PD Pioneer 20000 mAh Power Bank RP-PB201

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast and need a charger that can power all your devices when you’re out and about, this RAVPower portable charger for iPhone 12 was designed specifically for you. Its 2 ports can charge two devices simultaneously. It is designed for fast charging and has one QC port along with one PD port. All your gadgets will enjoy high-speed charging.

3. 32000 mAh 3-Port Power Bank RP-PB064

Some RAVPower high-capacity chargers, like the RP-PB064, can fit in your pocket. This pint-sized power bank can fully charge your iPhone 12 and MacBook Pro before it needs recharging. It has a high power capacity that can last for several days and each of its ports outputs 5V/2.4A for quick charging. The 3 USB iSmart ports put out 6A of power to fast charge your devices.

4. PD Pioneer 30000mAh Power House RP-PB055

Most power banks for phones can’t fully charge laptops and tablets. That’s not the case with this high power portable charger. It packs a whopping 30,000mAh and can charge a MacBook Pro from 0% to 100% in a short time period. What’s more, you can get it with a standard wall socket (sold separately) and use it to power lamps, fans, DVD players, and whatever else you need powered.


The RAVPower RP-PB232 is a viable option for consumers who need a huge capacity, reliable power bank for traveling and charging their most used technology. Its high power output makes it a perfect backup battery for all your devices low or high demanding; and a rapid recharge sets you free for any trip without plan.

It definitely deserves a top 5 on your wish list 2021 and grab now on Amazon before others!

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