RAVPower’s Gift Guide for Valentine’s Day

BLOG COVER RAVPower Gift Guide for Valentine’s Day

Thinking of getting flowers and chocolates for your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Don’t. They are probably expecting that.

Why not surprise them with a unique gift they don’t expect—like a RAVPower charger.

We’re not saying flowers and chocolates don’t make good presents, they do. But nothing says “I love you” to a techie like a new piece of tech. Once they rip open the wrapping and discover what’s in the box, they will love you more because they will realize you’ve been listening—that you’ve gotten them a practical gift for Valentine’s Day.

However, with so many gadgets on the market, how do you make sure you choose the best gift for your loved one? We’ve done the hard work for you. Here’s RAVPower’s gift guide for Valentine’s Day.

1. RAVPower’s Desktop Charger: For Those Looking to Declutter Their Desks (and Those Who Work from Home)

Couple lying in bed next to RP-PC136

The odds are good that your beloved has more USB-powered devices than chargers. And even if they have enough chargers, sometimes they may need to keep their devices within reach as they charge them—and that’s where a desktop charger comes in.

A 4-port charger, like the 65W PD Pioneer Desktop Charger (RP-PC136), is a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day for those who work from home. It is the ultimate in portable USB charging stations and will earn a permanent place on your loved one’s desk. It delivers the fastest possible charge to USB-C and USB-A devices, from iPhones to USB-C laptops.

2. A Compact Wall Charger: For Travelers 

These days, more and more travel gadgets require charging, so it’s little wonder that people are getting portable travel chargers to help fill the power gap when traveling. Having a travel charger is a great move because even the latest iPhone (the iPhone 12) doesn’t come with one.

Our Ultra Mini PD Pioneer 20W Wall Charger (RP-PC150) is powerful, affordable, and faster at recharging devices. It’s even more powerful than some OEM charging bricks. It is the same size as a 5W Apple charger and supports USB PD 3.0, QC 3.0, and PPS for optimized charging speeds. And the best news is your devices will be protected against excessive current, overheating, overvoltage and short-circuiting.

3. Our Newest MagSafe Wireless Charger: For Users of the iPhone 12 Series

RAVPower MagSafe Wireless Charger as gift for Valentine’s Day

If your beloved recently bought the iPhone 12—which doesn’t come with a charger—get them the Magnetic Alignment PD Wireless Charging Combo RP-WC012.  The MagSafe charger is designed to wirelessly charge your iPhone 12 quickly and safely. The magnets inside the charging pad align with your phone’s charging coil, keeping it in place and delivering fast charging speeds. It intelligently adapts to conditions in order to optimize charging for the iPhone 12.

RAVPower also throws in the 20W USB-C adapter we reviewed up there, the RP-PC150. You can use it to charge the MagSafe charger or your electronic devices with a USB C-to-lightning cable. If you have a limited budget for your gift for Valentine’s Day, get this duo.

4. A Portable Charger: For Camping Hobbyists

Couple outside next to a basket of apples and the RP-PB187

Does your dearest love camping or taking long road trips? This is the charging gift for Valentine’s Day you should get them: the 252.7Wh Power House with AC Outlets (RP-PB187). It’s compatible with most 5V USB devices like tablets, smartphones, and cameras. The RAVPower Power House isn’t just a charger, it’s a power station that can charge small household appliances in case of a sudden power outage (or a natural disaster that may disconnect power).

With its two 110V AC outlets, this PD fast charging power house delivers a stable 250 watts when only one port is in use, and a total of 300 watts when both are in use. A variety of safety features work together to protect devices from overheating, overcharging, and short-circuiting.

The power station also has different lighting modes that enhance a person’s safety when they are outdoors—like SOS mode and flashing mode. And the good news is you can recharge it anywhere: via a wall outlet, a 12-24V car charger, or a solar panel charger.

5. Mini, Sleek-Design SSD: For Geeks and Content Creators

Laptop on a desk with the RP-UM003 plugged in

If you frequently transfer large files between computers and you’re looking for a fast, small SSD, get our Super mini external SSD (1TB/512GB). It’s fast, compact, affordable, and reliable. What’s more, it will serve you for years before you think of getting another one. You can use it to store lots of files (music files, movies, and all those pics and videos you collect on your phone).

The RAVPower mini SSD has impressive reading and writing speeds: up to 540MB/s. It is 5 times faster than a conventional HDD and plays 4K and high-end gaming videos in seconds. And thanks to AES 256-bit hardware encryption and ATA lock technology, nobody can read or write data to the SSD except you. You can set a password to protect your personal and private data from unauthorized users

6. Magnetic Car Mount: For Car Owners

No question about it, it’s dangerous to hold your phone while driving. So, the best thing you can do is get a car mount like the 3M Adhesive Magnetic Car Phone Holder. It provides a safe and simple way to use your phone’s voice assistant, make calls, and get turn-by-turn directions.

Thanks to 3M adhesive tape, it holds your phone securely in place. It’s a magnetic mount that can be fixed to a dashboard or a car window, and its innovative adjustable ball joint rotates 360° and moves up and down as well.

Get a RAVPower Charger for Your Loved One This Valentine’s Day

Knowing what your loved one wants for a gift for Valentine’s Day can be an uphill task—especially if they are techies. But if they love gadgets, they probably own several—or many. So, why not get them a powerful RAVPower charger that can juice several devices at a go? To save you the trouble of doing a lot of research, we have created this timely gift guide for Valentine’s Day. The gifts are ideal for any budget, and they all scream “you are special.”

Visit RAVPower.com to learn more!

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