What’s an SSD? And the Best Tips for Choosing One

For the longest time, hard disk drives (HDDs) were the main storage devices for computers (both laptops and desktops). Then solid-state drives (SSDs) were introduced in 1991 and took over the market. Unlike HDDs, SSDs can store and access data safely and faster.

As you’ll learn in this post, SSDs use superior technology. For most computer users, the RAVPower 1TB SSD should work. You can use it to store your important programs, files, videos, and games.

What’s an SSD?

A solid-state drive (SSD) is a storage device used in computers. It replaces the traditional hard disk drive because it uses flash-based memory which is a lot faster. A hard-disk drive runs slower and makes your computer very slow. On the other hand, an SSD speeds up your computer significantly because of its low read-access times and fast throughput.

SSD or HDD? Which One is Better?

SSD, without a doubt.

SSDs use flash memory and are faster than HDDs at storing and accessing data. When you use a hard disk as the primary drive for your operating system, booting can take a few minutes. But if you use an SSD, booting can happen in a minute. With an SSD, files load faster, programs load faster, and data is transferred faster.

SSDs are more reliable than HDDs because they have no moving parts. They use less power and have a longer lifespan because data access is quick and they are idle more often. HDDs have spinning disks and consume more power when starting up than SSDs.

Tips for Choosing the Best SSD

Getting the best SSD for your system is important because a HDD can significantly slow down your PC. A computer’s processor can handle billions of cycles a second, but it has to wait for your drive to feed it data.

HDDs are sluggish because of the internal resistance of their spinning platters and the resistance on the read/write head. For optimal performance, get the RAVPower solid-state drive (SSD). The best way to improve your computer’s performance is by exchanging its hard drive for an SSD. Here’s how to choose the best one. 

1.      Capacity

Capacity refers to the maximum amount of data that can be stored on a solid state drive. SSDs usually have a capacity of 120GB to 30TB. Low-capacity drives have slower performance because of their low number of memory modules. They also run out of space pretty fast. A 500GB SSD has a good amount of space but a 1TB drive, like the
RAVPower Mini External SSD Pro 1TB, is better. It can hold plenty of media or game libraries.

2.      Size

While SSD size does not affect performance, it does affect compatibility. Laptop manufacturers sometimes label their SSDs M.2 or 2.5-inch. A 2.5-inch SSD is the most common because it’s the same size as a conventional HDD. It pops into the same drive bays, making work easier for manufacturers and laptop users.

SSDs with a USB interface are also great because they are connected via USB cable. They solve the slow transmission rate and low capacity of the traditional USB flash disk. And they are not only compatible with laptops, they can be used with smartphones, tablets, and even gaming consoles.

3.      Interface

There are 6 different types of SSD interfaces: SATA, mSATA, PCIe, M.2, USB, and NVMe. To find the type of SSD interface your computer supports, read your laptop’s manual or a database like the Crucial Memory Finder. The fastest SSD interfaces are NVMe, USB, and SATA. They can provide sequential read speeds of 540 MB/s to 3500 MB/s.

4.      Transmission Speed

Solid-state drives use NAND flash memory, a memory chip which has near-instant access times and no moving parts. The best SSDs have the fastest read/write speeds on the market. A regular SSD has read/write speeds between 200MB/s and 550MB/s. SSD read/write speeds affect anything you do on your PC. An SSD with higher transmission speeds can increase load times when you’re playing intensive games. The RAVPower Mini External SSD Pro 1TB has read/write speeds of up to 540MB/s.

5.      Data Security

If you store a lot of sensitive data, or simply want to keep your information private, an encrypted SSD is the best solution. Encryption makes your information inaccessible to anyone without the proper security clearance to view it. The RAVPower Mini External SSD Pro features AES 256-bit encryption and ATA lock technology to ensure only people with the correct password can read or write data.

Introducing the RAVPower SSD RP-UM003

A good SSD, like the RAVPower Mini External SSD Pro RP-UM003, can make your PC start up faster and the programs more responsive. It can also make games and files load faster. Thanks to its ruggedness and low energy consumption, it saves you money in the long run. The SSD loads games and transfers data quicker than a HDD. It comes in 2 versions: 1TB and 512GB.

The SSD has impressive reading/writing speeds, up to 540MB/s. It is five times faster than a HDD and plays high-end gaming videos in seconds. It features 256-bit hardware encryption to protect your data and comes with USB-C to C and USB-C to A cables to work seamlessly with your Mac, Windows PC, Android device, and a variety of gaming consoles.

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