The Best Valentine’s Day 2022 Gifts from RAVPower: 3 Great Options

On Valentine’s Day, most people give their loved ones flowers and chocolates. And while that’s a good way to show that special someone in your life they mean a lot to you, it’s important to get them something that will last. If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift this year, think outside the box. A charger might not seem like the most romantic gift, but it’s something they can use all-year round and beyond Valentine’s Day 2022.

Valentine’s Day is almost here, so it’s vital to get a head start on gift shopping. RAVPower has the best Valentine’s Day 2022 gifts. If you buy 1 charger, you get 25% off if you use the code LOU25. Want 2 chargers instead of 1? Buy them and get 30% off with the code LOU30. RAVPower chargers will make Valentine’s Day 2022 truly memorable for you.

Getting the right present for that special someone in your life can be tough. This year, we suggest you focus on things that will last—like a charger. Head over to the RAVPower Sales Page and explore our great deals!

Here’s a roundup of unique chargers we think your loved one will like this
Valentine’s Day 2022.

3 RAVPower Chargers That Will Make Great Valentine’s Day Gifts

RAVPower Portable Power Station: RP-PB187

It’s important to think of the future when buying a gift this Valentine’s Day 2022. A portable power station makes a perfect gift. It is a small generator with a port, jack, and outlets for charging power tools, a phone, and other electronics. Your loved one can carry the versatile power bank to construction sites, on camping trips, and other places that need electricity.

Disasters happen when we least expect it, so it’s important to be prepared. The RAVPower Power House can be a very useful backup power source during a power outage. It will keep a phone juiced up as well as essential appliances. The power station will ensure your loved one is prepared—whether a hurricane strikes their city or there’s a loss of electric power supply to their region.

It perfectly balances performance and price. It delivers 110V AC output to small appliances under 250W and is designed to power all USB-charged devices via its 120W DC output port and 60W PD port. It will ensure your loved one is ready for emergencies—thanks to its different modes of lighting, SOS, and flashing light. You can use it to charge items you would normally plug into a wall or car outlet. It has enough juice to power bigger appliances—like a mini fridge and a drone—for a while and sends out more electricity.

USB-C PD Wall Charging Adapter: RP-PC151

Everyone deserves a super-fast charger, so why not get your better half a charger that doesn’t make them sit around for hours? This charger is one of the most powerful GaN chargers you’ll ever come across. It can fully charge a 16″ MacBook Pro in 1.7 hours and an iPad Pro 11 in 2 hours. The iPhone 12 Pro goes from 0%-50% in just 25 minutes! The charger ships with a USB-C to USB-C cable with an E-Mark chipset. 

And unlike silicon chargers, it doesn’t overheat quickly—thanks to gallium nitride’s heat dissipation properties. GaN technology gives the charger enhanced charging efficiency and causes it to produce less heat for the ultimate charging experience. It also makes the charger smaller and lighter.

This RAVPower PD GaN charger features two USB-C to USB-C charging ports and can charge two devices simultaneously. It intelligently distributes the 100W based on each device’s charging needs. The charger is compatible with all USB-C enabled devices and is smaller and lighter than Apple’s 96W charger which only has one USB C port. It takes up very little space in a laptop bag or purse. Foldable pins boost its portability.

RAVPower Magnetic Wireless Charger: RP-WC012

If your loved one recently bought an iPhone, or you got them one, get them a wireless charger to enhance their charging experience. As their phone charges, they won’t have to disconnect it from the charger to answer a call. The charger’s magnet is powerful and their phone will keep charging even if they lift it. Foldable pins make it highly portable and boost its durability.

The RAVPower magnetic wireless charger magnetically aligns to an iPhone. It snaps and centers to the back of a phone for fast and secure wireless charging. When you buy the charger, you also get a 20W wall adapter for the iPhone 12 and 13 series. If you don’t want your loved one to go offline unexpectedly as you chat or talk, get this charger. They can use both chargers for work, leisure, and to stay connected to you.

The PD GaN charger uses MagSafe technology, a charging technology designed for iPhones by Apple. The technology aligns the charging pad’s magnetic part to an iPhone’s charging coil to prevent phone misalignment. The charger’s powerful magnet holds the phone in place until it’s removed. RAVPower’s wireless charger is compatible with Qi-enabled devices and remains cool as it charges a device. It features overvoltage, over-temperature, and overcurrent protection.

Get the Best Gift for Your Special One This Valentine’s

Staying on top of tech can be overwhelming. Fortunately, you don’t have to get your loved one the latest tech gift. Simply get them a RAVPower charger and brighten up their day. You don’t have to get your Valentine’s an expensive gift; it just has to be special.

A RAVPower charger will ensure their devices stay charged so you can stay in touch and feel closer to each other. Buy 1 charger and get 25% off with the code LOU25. If you buy 2 chargers, you get 30% off if you use the code LOU30. This year, buy your loved one a gift they will truly cherish. Visit the RAVPower Sales Page to see our great Valentine’s Day 2022 deals. We have awesome offers lasting till February 14th. Don’t miss out! Buy a unique Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one today.

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