Don’t Miss Out on the RAVPower Easter Sale! Get the Best Deals

Easter weekend is usually filled with church activities, bunnies, candy, and egg painting. But it can also be a great time to get a few tech and gaming items because there are lots of sales. Many sales are happening this weekend, so don’t miss out. If you’ve been waiting for a few devices to become affordable so you can buy them, now is the right time.

With Easter just a few days away, Easter sales have started to hit their peak. You’ve probably started looking for deals on e-commerce sites. RAVPower is also running a sale and offering unbeatable prices. Buy 1 device and get 25% off with the code ET25, and buy 2 items and get 30% off with the code ET30.

This Easter, don’t just buy home goods such as small kitchen appliances, home decor, and furniture. Sure, you can get your loved ones chocolates, flowers, and gift baskets. But also get them devices. Do some people in your life travel often for business? Get them the RAVPower FileHub Wireless Router. Do some use their portable devices for work and entertainment? Get them the PD Pioneer 90W Power Bank. This Easter, be the person that gives unique gifts.

We’ve decided to help you get the best Easter deals by rounding up the best products you can get right now. Not sure what you want? Our expert recommendations will help. And the best part is the RAVPower Happy Easter Sale runs till April 17, 2022.

The Best RAVPower Easter Deals


RAVPower Filehub Wireless Router RP-WD009

The RAVPower FileHub is a multifunctional device. It’s a portable battery, a card reader, a travel router, and a media server. It can copy files from an SD card to USB storage and stream music and videos to a phone, laptop, or TV. The device can also browse documents and transfer files between an SSD/HDD, SD card, and your device.

Upload photos, videos, or music stored on your SD card to your flash drive or hard disk easily with 12-18 MB/s data transfer speeds without using a computer. You can share them with your family or friends or stream them on your connected devices—Chromecast, Roku, media players, and other DLNA devices.

This new model features up to 433 Mbps on 5GHz. It can quickly convert a wired network into a private network and share Internet access with several Wi-Fi devices. It can also back up your latest videos and photos to the attached SD card or HDD.


PD Pioneer 30000mAh 2-Port 90W Power Bank RP-PB232

The RAVPower PD Pioneer Power Bank is more powerful than your average pocket-sized power bank. Its USB-C port pushes out 90W and can charge a MacBook Pro halfway in about 40 minutes. Use the cable RAVPower provides to get the most out of it. It can fully charge the iPhone 12 up to 6 times and the 15.4-inch MacBook Pro one time. And the best part is it doesn’t take long to recharge once it runs out of power—only 2.5hrs

The power bank’s P.D and Q.C ports work together to charge USB-A devices at 18W and USB-C devices at 65W. It offers the best charging speeds for USB mobile devices. Powerful battery cells and multiple safety features—like temperature control and overcharge protection—keep your devices safe. A row of LEDs indicates the current power level and lights up when the power button is pressed.


PD Pioneer 20000mAh 80W AC Power Bank RP-PB054

This 80W AC portable charger isn’t your standard USB power pack. It features two regular USB charging ports, but it also has a standard plug socket. The power bank is designed to charge laptops, but you can use it in other ways as long as you stay within its limits.

Its USB-C and USB-A ports support different charging standards. The USB-C port supports the USB Power Delivery standard and QC 3.0. These charging standards intelligently negotiate the power allocation.

If you want a power bank that will charge your laptop and phone fast, this is it. It can fully charge the 12-inch MacBook in about 2hrs and also fast-charge compatible devices like a drone, camera battery, Nintendo Switch, and GoPro.

The power bank has enough power to keep you going for days. And thanks to its compact size, you can carry it everywhere you go. It fits perfectly into any bag. It also doesn’t take long to recharge—only 3 hours if you use the 30W PD input. It also comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable.


PD Pioneer 65W GaN Tech USB C Wall Charger RP-PC133

This PD Pioneer 65W wall charger is developed using GaN technology which makes it more compact than non-GaN chargers.  GaN Tech also allows it to deliver a lot more power. It looks like a regular wall charger, but it’s strong enough to power most ultrabooks as well as MacBooks. Use the USB-C PD charging port to fully charge your MacBook Pro 15.4” in just 2 hours.

You’ll love the fact that it’s compact—it’s 30% smaller than other 60W chargers. It can fit in your bag, pocket, or the palm of your hand. It also offers intelligent power allocation and efficiently distributes 65W of power between 2 devices. It sends up to 65W when a single device is connected. You can use it to juice up both USB-C and USB-A devices.

Make the Most of the RAVPower Easter Sale!

Easter 2022 is just a few days away. If you want to pick up some last-minute gifts before the day arrives, you’re in the right place. We’ve rounded up awesome RAVPower deals and have many deals running till April 17, 2022. Check out the RAVPower Happy Easter Sale and buy important devices for less.

Whether you’re shopping for loved ones or yourself, there are plenty of RAVPower deals to choose from. From handy home items to top-notch tech, our Happy Easter Sale offers much more than seasonal savings. Buy 1 item and get 25% off with the code ET25, and buy 2 items and get 30% off with the code ET30.

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  1. My powerbank has stopped charging, and it will not charge anything else, or respond to the power button. is there a method to diagnose this ?

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