Why Was Apple So Reluctant To Embrace Wireless Charging

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Wireless charging is inescapable. From furniture with built-in chargers to cars with the same, wireless charging is here to stay. However, the one thing that cements wireless charging being a standard for all phones is that Apple has finally embraced the technology.

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Why Did It Take So Long To Add Wireless Charging On The iPhone?

Wireless charging has been present in mobile devices for years, so it was noteworthy for Apple to avoid the technology. More so, it was particularly perplexing since Apple are normally on the cutting edge of innovation in the space.

Many people think it was because they were simply reluctant to add wireless charging on the iPhone. However, that is not the case. They were very interested in the technology, but instead of adopting the industry standard, they wanted to have long-range charging.

Sadly the adoption of this technology was taking longer than they were expecting and they could no longer ignore the success of wireless charging. Consumers wanted wireless technology; Apple could not afford to wait any longer.


Apple Joins the WPC and the Future of Wireless Charging

Recently, Apple joined the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) – an industry group devoted to wireless charging and who are behind the Qi wireless charging standard. Joining is a good sign they were on the way to adding wireless charging to their devices, and will likely continue to do so.

Wireless charging for mobile devices is still pretty new, all things considered, and the future is bright. With wireless charging on the iPhone likely becoming the standard for Apple devices going forward, we may soon see an explosion in the market. Also, don’t be surprised to see Apple continue to develop and work on long-range charging for future smartphones and devices. For the time being, the Qi Standard is fine, but Apple probably won’t give up their lofty hopes and goals for changing the industry. Let’s hope they succeed.


How has your experience been so far with the wireless charging feature on the new iPhones?


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