An Introduction to Everyday Carry and EDC Essentials

EDC Essentials Everyday Carry every day carry EDC pack Everyday Carry (EDC)

If you are like most people, there are a few things that you simply do not leave the house without. For many of us, these are things like our phone, wallet and keys. However, the list of things that people take with them at all times is a mile long as everyone has different needs, preferences and life styles. For example, some people might have their headphones with them if they love to listen to music throughout their day. Have you ever been interested in what other people take with them in their day to day lives or want to share what you carry? If so, a recent trend that has grown in popularity should excite you, and it’s called Everyday Carry (EDC).

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What is Everyday Carry?

Everyday Carry is a popular subculture wherein people share the essentials that they carry with them every single day with others across the globe. In addition to writing about what and why they choose certain items, many include photos of everything laid out on a table. The trend has recently taken off and thousands upon thousands of people are participating. There are several group and forums online, with the EDC subreddit on Reddit being among the most popular places to visit, with nearly 200,000 readers.

While people have been, of course, carrying their essentials with them for decades, only recently has it become a trend to share your essentials with others online. Many people do this to simply see what other people have, and perhaps seek inspiration to improve their own list of everyday carry essentials. But for others, it’s more than just a subculture, it’s a kind of philosophy, a philosophy of promoting preparedness, self-reliance, and efficiency. It’s about carrying the right stuff for the right time and nothing more than what is needed. Yes, some think nothing more about what they stick into their pockets or backpacks, but for others, having the right things needed for everyday use can be the difference between preparation and panic.

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What Are Some of the EDC Essentials?

Everyday carry items greatly vary from one person to another. While some people might be content with just their keys, phone, and wallet, that won’t be enough for everybody. Generally, your EDC pack should comprise of items that you can use every day, and others that might be needed depending on your lifestyle and even personality. For example, a flashlight will come in handy if you tend to travel at night.

Other things that everyone should logically have with them include things like a watch, pens, a multi-tool, lip balm, hand sanitizer, and more. These are things that are not specific to one type of person or age group, and most people would benefit by having these items with them.

However, once those general (yet still very helpful) essentials are accounted for, things can go in a number of different directions. Different people with different life styles will carry a variety of different things that they consider to be essential. For example, a hiker or camper might bring a flashlight or a knife, while a student will have textbooks and their computer or tablet.

Also, there is no rule that claims that everything you carry needs to fit in your pocket. As a result, if you do a lot of driving throughout your day, it could be a good idea to keep a car jump starter in your vehicle at all times. While you may never need it, it could save you a lot of stress and hardship if your car dies on the side of the road.

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Carrying A Charger

One item that is gaining popularity among EDC enthusiasts are power banks. As a regular reader of the blog, we take it you’re familiar with our favorite little devices. If not, a power bank is an essential everyday carry device because of how convenient they are in giving you power to charge a downed phone wherever you go. When it comes to embodying the self-reliance and preparedness part of the EDC philosophy, almost nothing beats having portable power.

What are some things that you don’t leave the house without having with you? Let us know in the comments!

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