RAVPower Portable Solar Panel Charger at Desert X in Coachella Valley: Pictures and Review!

RAVPower caught up with Daniel Woods (@imdanielwoods), a photographer who visited Coachella and Desert X Contemporary Art Exhibition 2019. Daniel took one of our portable solar panel’s for a spin during his visit!

Desert trips are the new spa getaways; an escape to somewhere tranquil and beautiful. From the music lovers at Coachella to families spending time together, more and more American’s are turning to deserts for their weekend breaks.

For the more creatively minded among us, they’re also incredible to photograph. This is only reinforced when visiting an art exhibition based in the Coachella Valley, as photographer Daniel Woods experienced when he visited Desert X.

RAVPower Portable Solar Panel

Staying Charged

If there’s one thing you need to make sure of in the desert, it’s that you keep your cell fully charged. Of course, this is most important for safety; whether you’re in La Quinta or hiking the Grand Canyon, barren areas can be dangerous.

But there’s no point heading somewhere to take great photos if your cell runs out of juice, right? So how can you ensure your phone stays charged all weekend?

A portable solar panel charger of course!

RAVPower Portable Solar Charger

Experiencing the Portable Solar Panel Charger

Daniel took a desert trip and tested out our charger on the way. He had no issues carrying the charger – as you can see, it attached onto his backpack so you can charge on the go! He told us that

a few back packers walked by and asked us about it. One of them mentioned “I love how slick and convenient it is” and the other mentioned that they wish they had seen something like this before.

They also met a family of four out on the hike, with the Mom saying she would get one asap to make sure her phone was always charged when she took her kids on trips.

Charge Three Phones At Once

That’s not all! Thanks to the three output ports, Woods’ entire group enjoyed the solar panel. He told us it “made the trip easy. We used it while we ate our lunch in the shade [the weather was about 89 degrees] and it charged our phones in the sun.”

Ultimately, Daniel noted he “had a blast shooting this product”!

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on it as well!

Want your own charger for outdoor trips? You can buy a RAVPower portable solar panel charger here!

2 Replies to “RAVPower Portable Solar Panel Charger at Desert X in Coachella Valley: Pictures and Review!

  1. I recently went on a filming project to a remote part of Morocco for nearly a week and took one of these solar chargers. I had read this review https://geartekonline.com/product/ravpower-24w-solar-charger/ , it sounded really good so I thought I’d give it a go. I have to say, it saved my bacon so many times. I was able to keep my smartphone going without any battery dropouts for the whole week. I kept the charger as you did, open at all times so it kept recharging through the day and I had “juice” at all times.

    With global warming resulting in higher temperatures, these chargers will keep getting more and more popular. The truth is that I have bought another one so I know wherever I go due to work, I will never run out of battery on my phone.

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