Introducing the Ultimate Charging Hub: the RAVPower 4 x 10000mAh Magpower Power Bank with Station

RAVPower, the world’s leading mobile charging brand, today announced the launch of the RAVPower 4 x 10000mAh Magpower Power Bank with Station: RP-PB251. It’s the industry’s first MagSafe portable power station to offer 4 x 10000mAh of power for a longer-lasting battery life. It’s a powerful companion for on-the-go charging.

The portable power bank is comprised of 4 x 10000mAh wireless chargers, so there’s plenty of power for your multiple devices—or the whole family. Each portable charger delivers 15W of wireless power, just like the official Apple MagSafe charger. The unit comes with a charging station, so you can charge some units as you use others. Running out of power will never be an issue again.

  • Charger’s original price: $129.99,
  • Discounted price: $109.99 (Dates: April 24th – May 5th)
  • Discount Code to Use: NEWPB251

Product Overview

The RAVPower Magpower Power Bank with Station is designed for busy lifestyles. It comprises 4 x 10000mAh wireless chargers. It’s perfect for a large family or people who own multiple devices. Worrying about dying devices will be a thing of the past.

The unit is designed to charge power-hungry devices like the iPhone 15, the Samsung Galaxy S24, the iPad Pro, and the Nintendo Switch. It offers 15W of magnetic wireless charging, 20W USB-C PD fast charging, and 18W USB-A QC charging. Each individual unit has 4 outputs to charge 4 devices at once: one wireless charging feature, one USB-C port, and two USB-A ports (USB-A1 and USB-A2).

RP-PB251 also features a micro USB input and a pogo pin input to charge all your devices. The extra inputs make charging easy, no extra plugging is required. The power bank is designed to be compact and lightweight and is easy to carry around in a pocket, purse, or backpack. Its small size ensures you have reliable backup power without adding unnecessary bulk to your belongings.

Key Features of the RAVPower 4 x 10000mAh Magpower Power Bank with Station: RP-PB251

Built for Fast Charging

The RAVPower Magpower Power Bank with Station offers fast charging, making it easy for you to quickly recharge your devices during short breaks or on the go. The magnetic wireless charging feature takes the iPhone 15 from 0% to 60% in just 30 minutes, while the 20W USB-C PD fast charging option delivers the same amount of power in 45 minutes. The portable power bank has 4 units that each output 10,000mAh. Each offers magnetic wireless charging, USB-C charging, and USB-A charging.

USB-C and USB-A Ports

The portable power bank is compatible with both USB-C and USB-A devices. The USB-C port supports USB Power Delivery for fast charging of devices and optimizes recharging for the power bank. The inclusion of both USB-C and USB-A outputs makes it ideal for home, the office, travel, outdoor adventures, and many other activities. The USB-C output is also an input and allows the charger to recharge fast with a Type C wall charger. RAVPower provides a USB-C to USB-C cable to support faster recharging.

40,000mAh Capacity

The power bank’s 4 x 10000mAh capacity is enough to charge multiple devices simultaneously. It can fully charge the iPhone 15 Pro max multiple times before needing a recharge. Your phone will charge fast whether you use magnetic wireless charging or USB-C fast charging.

Comes with European and British Standard Conversion Plugs

The United Kingdom uses a three-pin plug, while the European Union uses a two-pin plug. RAVPower provides both plugs for your convenience. Whether you’re traveling to Europe or the U.K., your portable charger will work as usual.

A Great Power Companion

RP-PB251 can juice up power-hungry devices like the iPhone 15 Series and the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series. It also recharges powerful devices like the iPad Pro and Nintendo Switch. The unit is more powerful than the official Apple MagSafe Charger (which only delivers 15W) and is compatible with other Apple devices that support MagSafe charging.

A Portable Power Solution

RAVPower’s RP-PB251 power bank is compact and lightweight, allowing you to charge devices on the go. It’s a reliable power companion for travel and long commutes. It boasts a durable design and is well-suited to the rigors of outdoor life. One unit can easily fit inside your pocket or in a bag, so you always have backup power.

Power on the Go

With 40000mAh of power, RP-PB251 provides ample charge for busy professionals. You’ll have backup power during outages or when camping. The portable charger has a high capacity to ensure you always have power when you need it. You’ll never have to worry when you’re exploring the great outdoors or away from a power outlet.

LED Indicators Ensure You Never Run Out of Power

Each of the individual wireless chargers has 4 LED battery level indicators that show the remaining battery. This means you’ll never run out of power as you’ll always know how much battery is left. You’ll also know when it’s time to recharge the units.

A Smart Investment

Nothing is as frustrating as having your devices die when you need them most. RP-PB251 is a smart choice for today’s tech-savvy professionals. It will keep your most important devices going and help you stay connected no matter where you are. Since each unit packs 10000mAh, you always have spare power even when you’re far from a power outlet, especially when you find yourself with just 10% battery left.

RAVPower’s RP-PB251 Power Bank Is Built for Busy Lifestyles

We live busy lives from Monday to Sunday. Family, work, school, shopping, entertainment, and other activities keep us constantly on the move, making it almost impossible to find a wall outlet to charge our devices.

The RP-PB251 portable power bank is a lifesaver for people with busy schedules. You won’t be caught off guard if your phone stops working when you need it most. The power bank is built for people who need power on the go. It can quickly charge your phone, tablet, and e-reader. It can also charge your game controller so you can keep playing without sitting too close to a screen.

The portable power bank offers wireless charging, a USB-C output, and two USB-A outputs (USB-A1 and USB-A2). It also features a micro USB input and a pogo pin input to charge multiple devices at a go. It can fast charge the iPhone 15 Series and the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series and is a lifesaver for dying devices. The battery pack can also provide backup power during emergencies. Make RP-PB251 your go-to power companion and add convenience to your life.

The charger’s original price is $129.99, but between April 24th – May 5th, you can get it for only $109.99. Simply use this discount code NEWPB251.

Meta Description: Do you own multiple devices that always need charging or have a large family? The RAVPower 4 x 10000mAh Magpower Power Bank with Station is perfect for your needs.

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