Will Charging With Battery Chargers Damage a Phone’s Battery?

Will Charging With Battery Chargers Damage a Phones Battery Li-Ion Li-Poly

With how much people use their phones on a day-to-day basis in today’s modern society, it is increasingly more important to keep your cell phone battery charged. While most companies are coming up with better and more efficient batteries, many of us need to charge our phones once a day.

In a perfect world, we’d always be near a wall outlet to charge our phones, but that isn’t the case. As a result, many of us use a portable battery charger to keep our phones and devices topped up throughout the day. However, a quick browse through some forums show a handful of commentators expressing doubt about portable chargers. Some even question if portable chargers can damage your battery life. Are they right?

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Do Battery Chargers Ruin the Battery Life of Your Phone?

Most cell phones require a wall charger or portable charger to offer a voltage of around 5V. However, if you’ve ever trawled through questionable eBay listing or spend time in a market with goods of dubious quality, you may have encountered knockoff portable chargers. These could potentially deliver a voltage higher or lower than what your phone requires. Charging with the wrong voltage can cause real damage to your phone’s battery. Perhaps that’s why some commentators have their battery was damaged.

On the other hand a good quality charger from a reputable company, combined with a suitable charging cable, should bring no issues whatsoever, especially if the voltage output matches your phone’s. In addition to that, quality portable battery chargers will be efficient, will protect from overcharging/overheating, and will also protect against over current and over voltage. While this doesn’t mean you need to or should leave them plugged in all the time, it means that even if your phone is plugged in while it is fully charged, these portable chargers aren’t overcharging your device or draining the long-term battery life.


Why Do Charge Cycles Can Affect Battery Performance?

One other reason for some people to feel like there cell phone’s battery is weakening is not because of the charger used but because of the amount of charges. In general, a typical lithium battery will have at least 500 full cycle charges. Here’s how it works: Your cell phone battery loses its charge because of a chemical reaction that occurs slowly as you charge your device more and more. Repeated chargers will eventually render your device to never be able to get that full charge it was once able to. So if you fully charge every day for a year and a half, your battery will exceed 500 charge cycles and will be start to noticeably perform worse. Luckily most phones have replaceable batteries.


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What Can I Do?

In order to combat this common problem of batteries losing life, you can ensure to keep your phone away from physical damage and extreme temperatures on both ends of the spectrum. Both of these are known to contribute to rapid battery life loss in cell phones. All in all, you should do your best to learn and understand why your cell phone battery loses its charge over time and do your best to steer clear of things that can damage it.

In conclusion, no, charging your cell phone with a portable battery charger won’t damage or affect the battery life of your phone and can be done safely with most good, quality power banks or battery chargers. Of course, beware of the extremely cheap or knockoff models, and always be sure to look at the voltage of a portable battery charger before you buy it.


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