Power Bank Maintenance: What To Do When A Power Bank Stops Working

Power Bank Maintenance: What To Do When A Power Bank Stops Working

Power banks lack the delicate screens of smartphones and flimsiness of folded laptops, so it’s easy to forget they’re vulnerable too; our guide to power bank maintenance and troubleshooting can help you put a finger on whether you’re in a repair or replacement-type situation.

Why Do Power Banks Stop Working?
Why Did My Portable Charger Stop Working Power Bank Maintenance

  • Battery Age: Battery technology is improving all the time, but even the latest and greatest are still mortal, especially batteries that are frequently and irregularly charged and discharged (like power banks and smartphone batteries). If you’ve had your power bank more than two or three years and use it often, you may’ve simply worn your battery out.
  • Cable/Socket Issues: Not all power bank maintenance issues are battery problems. If either the AC power cord (if applicable), USB cable or USB socket is damaged, you may have difficulty interfacing with your device. Fortunately, a USB cable at least is much cheaper to replace than an entire power bank.
  • Weather/Temperature Damage: Batteries are sensitive to differences in ambient temperature. In this interest of holding your hand through all kinds of weather, we’ve prepared guides for using our power banks in both extreme heat and extreme cold. (Look for our guide on power bank safety in extremely nondescript weather, publication TBD.)
  • Owner Abuse: This is a no-judgment zone. So you can be honest. Have you dropped your power bank a couple of times over the years? Spill anything on it? Piled a bunch of stuff on it? These look like toothmarks here on the cord, but we’ll assume they’re from the cat. If you’re using your bank on the go, it’s likely to have absorbed a beating—eventually this takes a toll on performance. Sometimes “power bank maintenance” is really just a commitment to do better next time.
  • Manufacturing Defects: If your power bank is basically new (and you haven’t buried it in a snowbank or chucked it against the wall) and it doesn’t work properly, you may have a manufacturing defect. If you bought the bank in-store, we’d recommend returning it along with your receipt; if online, contact the retailer. (If it’s one of ours, shoot us an email at support@ravpower.com with your order ID and we’ll take care of it!)


Troubleshooting Your Power Bank

Troubleshooting a Broken Power Bank Damaged Charger How To Fix A Charger

Now that you know a little bit about power bank maintenance and the most common ways they fail, we can explore how to narrow down the issue.

  • Does the device you’re trying to charge work? In a scientific experiment, researchers will establish a “control” group to serve as a baseline to compare their results to. If you’re mainly using your power bank to charge one device, try it with a different one. This will help you determine whether the problem is with the bank itself and not the other device. Make sure you’ve established that the phone or other device you’re using for this test works properly.
  • Double-check your cables: Likewise, try your USB cable with another pair of devices to make sure it’s working right. Cable quality matters!
  • How are your sockets? The USB socket on your power bank should be stable—if it wiggles, or you have difficulty pushing cables into it, it’s likely been damaged. Fortunately, USB sockets are a fairly cheap fix in most scenarios.
  • Contact customer service: If your device is relatively new, you may still be covered by a manufacturer’s power bank maintenance warranty. If the manufacturer determines you’ve been using your device in a reasonable fashion, and you are still within the warranty period, they will repair, refurbish or replace your unit. We offer a standard 18 months on all products. You can add an extra 12 months on-top in less than a minute over at our homepage.


Power Bank Maintenance: Looking After Your Power Bank

How To Avoid Damaging Electronics Minimize Over Discharge Damage PCBA Damage Battery Damage Broken USB Ports

 As every old-timer (plus ‘80s hair metal legends Cinderella) loves to say, you don’t know what you’ve got till its gone. Every power bank stops working eventually, but there’s a lot you can do to put off that fateful day. Try these simple power bank maintenance techniques:

  • If the power bank is used infrequently or hasn’t been used for a long time, we recommend fully charging it every three months. This will prevent battery damage resulting from over-discharge of the product.
  • The recommended temperature range for power banks in use is 0°–45°C (32°–113°F), while the safe ambient temperature for devices in storage is -10°–45°C (14°–113°F). Make sure you store your tech in a dry and ventilated space!
  • Avoid dropping, knocking or hitting the power bank! Physical shocks can cause PCBA components and batteries to be damaged.
  • When you’re not charging a device from your power bank, we suggest unplugging the cable from the USB socket. Leaving it plugged in risks damaging the inside of the port.


We hope this little power bank maintenance guide proved helpful, and we love chatting with readers in the comments! What’s the longest a power bank has ever lasted you, and did you do anything in particular to maintain the unit?

156 Replies to “Power Bank Maintenance: What To Do When A Power Bank Stops Working

  1. Hello

    My Ravpower Power bank has stopped working due to age

    When I purchase another one, can I send my present one to you for proper disposal

      1. I replaced the battery on a power pack inverter is not working but the light is working air compressor is working also banana connection is working only I can’t charge the cellphone and 110 outlet not working. It is motomaster nautilus 800 will appreciate the help

  2. I just bought the ravpower pb058 26800mAh. When i charge my galaxy note 9 with the samsung charger it took 41 minute from 60 to 100. I expect with the ravpower it charges faster or at least similar to samsung charger. But when i use the ravpower with the type c to type c cable it took almost an hour from 60 to 100. Can you explain to me about my problem. Thanks

      1. Okayy I got some problem, why my powerbank suddenly stopped charging? I have to press the button again to start charging again. Thanks

        1. We’re sorry to hear that Domenico. Here’s two possible solutions, please try them and let us know if the problem is resolved:
          1. The connecting cable may be loose which can cause the power bank to suddenly stop charging. We advise to unplug the cable then press the button to reactivate the power bank.
          2. If this still doesn’t work, we advise to try with a different cable. Sometimes its a cable problem due to wear and tear or old age. It’s always important to pay attention to USB cable quality as we previously covered on the blog.
          For reference, we did write a power bank maintenance and troubleshooting guide which might have some information to benefit you. Hope all this helps.

  3. My Rav Power Deluxe RP – PB19 shows fully charged and will start charging my phone then after a few minutes will stop. If I press the button to try to power it back into charge it will not charge and just on blue light starts to blink. If I unplug everything and put the power bank back on the charger and then reconnect it to my phone it starts the cycle all over again but it will not charge any longer. The unit is about 2 or 3 years old and not heavy used but I keep it charged up every few months.

  4. Uhmmm,my ravpower bank that is i think 10400 MAh is broken because even though i use it around 5 times a week,and charge it to full,right now i just tried my powerbank and it wont work,i tried different cords,different phones,and even charged it again even though it wad already fully charged before i unplugged it,when i charge it now it stays at the first dot but it does not blink like it used to i just got it in less than 3 months ago and i never dropped or broke part of it pls fix

  5. Hello, I have a Rav model RP-PB067 26800man portable charger that has only been used possibly twice. It shows a full charge but will not charge an Android phone or a kindle fire. The cables work fine with an AD charger . Nothing happens when I plug it in either device except if all plugged up in the kindle fire and push the side button on the charger, the blue lights on the rav flashes and the kindle will chime and most of the time that is it with no charging at all. On occasion, the charging symbol will pop up for a few seconds and then goes off and again, nothing happens. The RAV lights will flash but it will not charge anything. As I said, this has not been actually used more than two maybe three short times and was kept charged and in my bag ready to use. Very frustrating to finally need it and it doesn’t work. Please advise. Thank you

  6. my Ravpower 22000 power bank only shows one light flashing while charging and does not go past that. It doesn’t matter what source I use.

      1. I have the same problem. I haven’t used my Ravpower jump starter for some time and now it is completely out of charge and would not charge again. When I insert the cable in, after two seconds the led indicator starts blinking and won’t charge.

          1. I have the same issue after not using this product at all i attempted to charge it and the light blinks but does not charge.

    1. Yes me too! In fact I have had other brand ones too do this. When plugged in to charge one light flashes and it should be going up the 4 on it when charging but only one flashes. Then it doesn’t charge! A lot of times the plug ins for these are horrible. I tried a different black cord and it charged. But then after 4 charges, same one light flash thing again with new cord. Grrrrralso what do power buttons do on chargers? I’ve never had one actually shut it on or off

  7. Hi I have a ravpower bank that is about 6 months old. The charging light sequence has changed where all 4 lights flash sequentially but never show it has fully charged. When I plug my phone in, it charges my phone as normal. Should I continue using it?

    1. Hi Marc

      We recommend that you stop using your powerbank if it shows cracks, smoke or other abnormalities. If the powerbank is charging as normal then there should be no reason to worry.

      If you have any questions or want to discuss this matter further, please contact support@ravpower.com

    1. Hi Yrvin

      Thanks for getting in touch! The standard powerbank drop test is 1.2m. We suggest that if you have dropped it from a height above that, that you replace your powerbank. Moreover, if the power bank cracks, starts smoking or has any other abnormalities, please stop using it immediately.

  8. I have the WD03 Travel Router/Power bank. The router stopped broadcasting even when fully charged or plugged in. For the past 3 weeks, it would be on and connect, but would automatically disconnect from the Wi-Fi after a period of time between approximately 10-45 minutes. When I turn it on the four white light turn on in order, then the green Wi-Fi light. Immediately after the green light turns on all the lights turn off except for the bottom white LED that starts blinking.

    What’s going on and how do I fix this. Currently deployed, so I’d like to not have to go for 2 weeks without it while it ships home and a new one comes in.

    1. Hi Michael

      Thanks for getting in touch, and sorry to hear that you’re having issues. We will need more information to specifically diagnose the issue with your device – to do this, please contact support@ravpower.com

      In the meantime, please remember that the WD03 Travel Router is limited by size and power consumption. Travel routers have a weaker signal than a normal router.

  9. My Rav Power 22000mAH shows fully charged and will start charging my phone then after a few minutes will stop. If I press the button to try to power it back into charge it will not charge and just on blue light starts to blink. If I unplug everything and put the power bank back on the charger and then reconnect it to my phone it starts the cycle all over again but it will not charge any longer. The unit is about 2 or 3 years old and not heavy used but I keep it charged up every few months.

  10. I bought a rav power bank from Amazon 22000mAh on the 11 April 2018. Yesterday it stopped working. The item does not charge itself and does not change anything as a result. It is within the warranty period and hope to get a replacement.

  11. None applied to my situation. It was working fine. It ran low of power so I plugged it in to recharge it and it never charged. It just keeps blinking one light and it doesn’t go out like it used to when not plugged into anything. It was not your brand. I only used it maybe 10 times total. I really liked it too. It was so handy. I have had it to long to return it though.

  12. hi, i’ve purschased a 4X battery charger for cr123a and i’m wondering why the 4 lights are blinking red. they’ve been on charge for few hours now and still blinking. In the owner manual there is no information about ”red blinking ”.

  13. My RAVpower Xtreme Series Model: RP-PB14 displays 100% when plugged in but as soon as I take the plug out, it’s dead. And I charged it overnight. What’s wrong?

  14. Hi I purchased ravpower RP-WD03 I accidentally dropped it once but when i used it to connect my external hard drive it can’t read and it only does flashing light

  15. I charged my power bank overnight and it was full but I didn’t plug it out and the next morning it won’t on

  16. I’ve purchased a couple of items from Wish that are supposed to have power bank functions. One was a solar power bank I keep on my RV, the other is a flashlight I use on the job. Both these devices charged my iPhone perfectly, once. Now they both connect and charge for a moment, stop, and repeat this continually. I’m still able to plug in my Anker power bank to them and charge it, just not the phones.

  17. Hi,
    My power bank suddenly stopped being recognised by my phone. The power bank itself seems to get up to full charge, but when i plug my phone in it doesn’t charge and doesn’t recognised being plugged in, in either of the two USB sockets. Any suggestions?


    1. Hi Dale

      There are a couple of things to do here. Firstly, can you try switching the USB cable you’re using try to and eliminate the issue being with your cable? If it isn’t the cable, you can try using the power bank with another phone to check that it’s definitely a power bank issue.

  18. My RAVPower 22000mAh External Battery used to start charging a device upon connection. I have had this product for almost a year. The past week or so, I can hook up a device (iPhone, Key2, Blutooth earpiece) and the only way charging will start is if I push the button on the side, now as if to “turn on” the Battery. How can I reset this back to “auto charge?”

    1. If the Apple data cable is inserted on the power bank for a long time, you must press the button to activate or re-plug the Apple data cable; the other two devices key2, blutopia can be activated without keys. Unfortunately, we have no power bank that is capable of these three products at the same time. Hope this was helpful!

  19. just one month ago I purchased ravpower powerbank of 5000mAh currently its not in working state please provide assistance as m from india my power bank is not in chargeable condition since last 8 days. please help out. please exchange or return my product or provide any servicing / customer service details in india. as we believe in ravpower quality so I paid much to buy this but not at all worth.

    1. Hi! I accidentally dropped my powerbank and now, it’s not working. Is it really for goners? Can I not do something about it?

  20. I’ve been using my RP-PB052, 22000mAh power bank for 2 years now. After a trip away 2 weeks ago, I tried to charge it as it was down to one blue light and after a couple of days of trying, I figured out the pack was not charging at all. All the indications were that it was charging as the slow flash of the blue lights looked normal but did not progress at all.
    The pack still charged my iPhone but I cannot re-charge the pack.
    Is there anything I can do?
    There was no sign of battery deterioration before but this looks like a charging circuit fault?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    1. Hi Gavin, thanks for getting in touch!

      We suggest that you do the following exclusion to get to the bottom of what is causing this issue:

      Replace the charger and the charging data cable simultaneously, or re-plug and unplug the data cable. If you don’t see any change, then something is probably damaged. You can message support@ravpower.com and a member of our customer services team will be able to talk to you in more depth about this!

      1. Thanks for the swift reply! I’ve plugged the pack in to a new cable and plug and it’s charging! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it charges fully but so far, so good!
        Thanks to your excellent service, I have my charger back, I think…
        Kind regards

      2. Hey,
        My portable charger doesn’t work. I dropped it from like a feet high. Now it won’t turn on by itself. When I charge it though, it turns on and stays at 93%, and doesn’t change, and I can also turn on the lights. Any reasons why it’s not working and doing this?

  21. My ravpower 26800mah has stoppet working in less than 5 months after buying it.
    The lights keep flashing with any cable i connect to it, like if it is charging. And it doesn’t charge any device that i connect to it. Is there any what to fix this or reset de powerbank?

  22. Ravpower will not charge with cord but does charge another device correctly
    Any suggstions?
    xtreme series
    DC5v/5.5a max total
    model RP–p841


  23. My power bank does not charged when plugged to the extension or even sockets for charging but the four LEDs comes up like its fully charged and it isn’t charged at all….why pls

  24. My RAVPower powerbank with 26800ma/h has stopped working from one day to another. I bought it in July this year and I dropped it one time a week ago from like 30cm height. Is there any way I can send you mine for a repair or a new one? Is there still warranty on it?

  25. My charger lights don’t go past the second one. When I connect it they all {all 4} blink once and then the first ones starts blinking I let it charge all night and the second one is blinking in the morning but that’s it. The 3rd and 4th never light up again

  26. I have Ravpower RP-PB097
    I purchased it from dubai, i did not check when i bought, Now i am in Pakistan
    It is not charging neither giving any supply.
    When i put it on charge, All lights used to blink continouosly but not charging.

  27. When I plug the power bank it start blinking all the lights. when I un plugged and check its shows only one bulb. Is my power bank came to EOL?? Now its around 2years

  28. Hi,

    I have oncom 20000 mah power bank, it has suddenly stopped getting charged.
    But, I can connect my phone with the powerbank and it is charging them.

    I am afraid what to do when all 100 percent of power bank charge will get exhausted?


  29. I have a db power q100 and it says it’s charging but when I take it out it won’t turn on is not that new but not that old either what should I do or look out for its something that I really need for were I live the light goes off a lot and that helps me

  30. I have an issue I’m hoping you can resolve. I am noticing a very long charge time to recharge the battery. I have had the battery plugged in for over 12 hours and the battery only shows 2 lit LEDs on the power meter when I unplug from the charger. I’ve seen it take 48+ hrs to fully charge the battery. It was like this from the moment I purchased it. I am using the provided micro USB cable and plugging it into a 110v wall outlet. For reference ths is a RAVPOWER RP-PB043 20100mAh unit.

    1. Hi Josh,

      Which wall charger are you using?

      For RP-PB043, we suggest using a QC3.0 wall charger to get a full charge within 4-5 hours.
      If you don’t have a QC wall charger, for a 20100mah capacity power bank, it usually takes at least 22 hours to be fully charged with normal 1A output charger. And it takes 11-12 hours to be fully charged with 2A output charger.

      I hope this helps!

  31. I have a RP-PB052. Not even a year old, but it does not want to recharge. I tried 3 different cables that work with other devices. Is this fixable or no?

  32. My RAVPOWER 20100 powerbank works fine on the 2.4A socket but when charging devices via the Quick Charge socket the power cycles on and off constantly – ive tried multiple devices and cables with the same outcome

    Any ideas?

  33. Hello, I just bought a new ravpower and when I received it the charger light up 3 blue lights, when I used the cables that it came with to connect the charger itself, it went down from 3 blue lights to 1 blue light. It seems to be draining my battery in the ravpower.
    Any tips or suggestions. I emailed support but have not received an email back.

  34. This power bank charges, holds a charge and charges via usb, flashlight works . But when used ( fully charged) to start a car (with low battery) it instantly discharges.
    One can’t check that function right of the box , but when first used , it worked once
    or twice , as needed on a car with electrical issues.
    Bought on line from big box store , no receipt, no manufacturer info , now store
    claims no responsibility, no help with purchase or mfg. info.

  35. I have an RP-PB043. THe blue lights keep blinking, as if it were charging, but there is no cable connected to it. Is there a way to set the battery using the button or ny other troubleshooting I can perform?

  36. Hello, could you please explain this comment:
    “When you’re not charging a device from your power bank, we suggest unplugging the cable from the USB socket. Leaving it plugged in risks damaging the inside of the port.”

    What kind of damage?
    After I have finished charging my phone from the power bank, I unplug the phone (the microUSB end), but I leave the other end of the cable (the USB end) plugged in to the power bank’s charging-FROM port. I do this because I don’t want to add extra wear and tear on the port. So what kind of damage could be being done by leaving it plugged in to the power bank? Increased fire risk????

    1. Hi there are two aspects:

      1. The cable is connected to the power bank. When it is dropped, it will have a greater impact on the USB interface and increase the risk of product failure after falling.

      2. Apple’s C TO LIGHTNING line, because of circuit reasons, most of the mobile power supply will not shut down even if it is not connected to the mobile phone when this line is connected, and will always consume power.

  37. Hello,

    I have my Ravpower RP-PB41 26800 mah, i have this problem when i charge my powerbank it starts blinking but it doesn’t get it to full charge even if i charge it 24 hours and more. I use my macbook pro wall charger 61W and buy the belkin USB-C type to micro USB to charge my powerbank. Need help. Thanks

    1. Hi there, please try the following:

      1 If the power bank can charge your phone, fully discharge the power bank and recharge it.
      2 Try a different cable and wall charger.
      3 Unplug and re-plug the charging port a few more times.

      If the problem persists, please email our support team: support@ravpower.com

  38. Hello, I have a Powerbank I bought last year. I use it all the time and it’s BN great.
    The “light” went ON and I when I double tap the tab on side (as usual) , it won’t shut off? It’s on real low, the lights and the charge is 3/4 full!?
    Here is my Amazon order:
    Sep 3, 2019

    Solar Charger 25000mAh Power Bank Portable Charger Battery Pack with… $33.99
    Qty: 1

    Is there a Warranty for this still?
    Thanks for having this Blog!!
    Mark Lancaster

    1. Hi Mark, unfortunately RAVPower is unable to help you as your charger is from RLERONPOWER. Please get in contact with RLERONPOWER as they will be able to help you.

  39. I bought a RavPower RP-PB172 a few days ago. When it arrived, I put it on to charge and after an hour or so it showed 100%. I have been using it all week and last night I put it on to charge when it showed 25%. This morning it is at 96% and does not reach 100% despite having been on for over 12 hours. I have changed cables and USB charging sockets. It stays stuck at 96%. Is this normal behaviour?

    Best wishes
    Roddy Macdonald

    1. Hi there,
      There can be a bug of the program for the power bank. Though it appears 96%, it’s 100% charged actually. Despite that, normally it should charge your devices without errors. If you feel any inconvenience in using with the 96% digital display, please contact our Support team for a solution like return. Thanks.

  40. Thanks for getting back to me. The power bank has been charging things without any problem. The next time I charged the power bank, it went to 100%. I’ll stick with it, it’s a nice bit of kit.

  41. HI ravs power,

    I bought a ravpower rp-pb054 power bank from a friend a few months ago.
    But the AC plug has stopped working. (The usb & type C are still working though)

    Everytime i try to power a device with the AC plug, the green light turns on for a few seconds. Turns off.
    And then all of the blue lights start to flash on and off. like im trying to power something too powerful.

    i have tryed my phone charger, a fan, a light led lights. non work… any ideas? thanks!

  42. My ravpower dont work anymore. I just put my power bank in a place a month and now i start to charge again but it doesnt charge anymore. When i plug it you can see the light on and a few seconds it will goes off. Naturally light will flash when its charging. Any ideas how to fix it?

  43. i have ravpower ace series 12000 mah power brick. When i try charging the power brick or press the activation button, the brick flashes two led lights, dims and all four led lights starts blinking. It does the same when i try to charge my mobile and doesnot charge the phone. What might be the problem?

    1. Hi there, please keeping press the button or charge the power bank to see if the LED light can return to normal. If this is still unsuccessful, please contact the retailer.

  44. Hi, my power bank has stopped working. Whenever I want to charge, it displays red and green lights then it goes off in less than a minute. It does that anytime I start it or when I want to charge it, it still displays the re and green lights. Please help

  45. Hi,

    Great pointers listed here.

    Unfortunately none of these cover the story with my power bank and I suspect it might be something with its circuitry.

    I once connected it in the car to a 2A charger to get some juice back in it, and it was connected for about 20 minutes when I realized it does not recharge, nor does it charge any device connected to it.
    Worked flawlessly until then.

    How/What should I check on the circuitry to get this thing up and running again?
    It is a relatively new piece and it would be a shame to let it go to the dump because of a flawed transistor or whatever 🙂

    any advice?

  46. Hey guys I’ve purchased two rp-pb043, both of them worked like a charm and I usually charged them through usb c and charged other devices through the same port. Now I have an issue where I can still charge the powerbanks through usbc but none of them will charge any of my other devices via that port, I have to charge them using the quickcharge port. Its like both devices are locked into charge input only. Any guess on how to solve this issue?

  47. I have an RP-WD03 that has served me well for many years. Recently it has become impossible to use it as anything other than a charger.

    – Power-up appears normal, except that after the 4 white lights power up, the radial wifi light turns green (not flashing blue) and stays that way. No wifi signal is broadcast, so it is impossible to connect to the device to access any of the NAS, bridge, etc… functions.
    – Pressing the recessed reset button produces no effect
    – Inserting an SD card turns on the blue ring, but produces no other effect

    On the other hand, it charges normally when plugged into a power source and is also able to supply power via USB-A.

    Is there anything you could suggest to try to get it working again ?

  48. Dropped my new RP201 (60W usbC+A), but it never hit the ground. About half a meter swung on cable an banged counterside.
    Dead, treat these gently… (Cells still at 11.6V, an the other one I dropped 2months before [1m on carpet but not first time] is same situation but 12.3V [lifepo4 cells = lower voltage])
    Advised after first one to hold button for over 30seconds to reset PCB. No lights or response from unit, wont visibly give or take power n not tried anything test-wise yet.

  49. Only used three times, my ravpower is stuck on a blue slow blinking light? Nothing works. What can I do?

    1. Hi, our support team will be happy to help if you send them an email (support@ravpower.com) and let them know which model you are having an issue with.

  50. Hi Everyone,

    I have a very unusual issue with my power bank. It shuts off output as soon as i connect my usb speakers. Its not a permanent issue sometimes I have to keep trying plugging in and out and it works occasionally.

    Where as this power bank turns ON for all other USB devices and works well. On the other hand all other power banks turn ON when I connect my USB speakers and they work well.

    I would really appreciate if any one can give me the solution and reason why its happening.

    Thanks in advance.

  51. Hi, recently my ravpower power bank has been displaying 180% as the percentage and isnt charging things properly. I’ve only had it for a couple months and its a shame that its acting weird

  52. I used my New Age 15,000mah power bank to test a soundbox after repairs. Soon as I plugging the cord the power bank shutdown totally. Although having leftover charge.
    Now, pressing power button, it offs immediately without charging anything.
    Also, at the process of charging the power bank, the charger and cord overheat.

    Why could be the problem please?

  53. My 3month old fully charged power bank just stopped working for no reason.It won’t charge my phone Nd when I tried charging it it’s not charging wat do I do

  54. Hi
    I have a Rv-pb 203. I have been using my powerbank very frequently and recently it has stopped giving a charge to my camcorder. The display says that it has 100 percent battery life but no charge is being given. I have tried multiple cords and multiple different devices and still no charge. The ports also seem to be in relatively good condition. Any help would be appreciated.

  55. I have a ravpower bank rp-pb187. I used it twice and an now I try and charge it and it won’t charge. 5 blue lights blink and that is it. when I turn it on 1 led blinks please help.

  56. Hi
    My power is nee only been 2-3 months…
    I think it fell once like less than 1 meter.
    Now my power bank is charging but it doesn’t charge my phone or anything… no visible socket damage and I used different cable and devices. The light are blinking correctly when it is charging but after that the light doesn’t respond to switch on side.
    Is it because the fall should I change my power bank or can I fix this one?

  57. My oraimo 27000mah power bank is 1% and it has been charging my phone for more than 1 hour which has never happened before, is it safe to allow it keep charging until it gets to zero or should I unplug my phone from it?

  58. Hello. I have a rp-pb054 and after a few months without using it I can no longer recharge it. When connecting, a sequence of 4 LEDs lights up and then they remain off. If I press the power button while plugged in, the first led blinks for 30 seconds and then goes off. What can I do?

  59. my battery charged purchased on Jul 23 which had not overcharged. had tried to charge on different devices but not working. Battery can charge in but cannot charge out the power to the devices

    1. Hi, there! Sorry to hear the issues you are experiencing, and please email [RAVPower] Customer Services team at[ support@ravpower.com ]with your product issues and order info, and our customer services team should get back to you soon!

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