Find Your Freedom With A Wireless Portable Power Bank

In China, 2019 is the year of the pig. But Xiaomi’s recent announcement about launching its first ever wireless portable power bank has confirmed that 2019 is also the year of the wireless portable charger.

Wireless charging has become mainstream since 2017 when Apple integrated the tech into the iPhone. Of all the new cellphones announced at the Mobile World Conference 2019, it looks like only the One Plus 7 won’t be using the tech. It’s important, then, to future-proof your portable chargers, and to know which charger is best for you.

Time to Throw Away Your Old Charger

Things move fast in the tech world. If your portable charger is over 18 months old, has a Micro-USB or a maximum output of 5V 2A, it’s already out of date.

Nowadays, standard portable charger features should include a small current continuous output function to keep your Bluetooth devices charging at any time. If the current is too large, Bluetooth devices like sports bracelets and wireless headphones will only charge in the first few seconds.

Your charger should also support two way fast charge (whereby you can re-charge your portable charger as fast as you can charge the device) and Qi charging.

Wireless Qi Charging

What is Qi Charging?

Qi (pronounced ‘Chee’) charging is a form of wireless charging supported supported by all major phone manufacturers. Phones that use Qi include iPhone X / 8 Plus / 8, and Galaxy Note S9 / S9 Plus / S8 / S8 Plus.

There are inductor coils in both the charger and your mobile. These coils have the ability to act as a transformer, albeit temporarily. The charger generates an electromagnetic current in the device’s coil, which is transferred to the battery. This amazing tech ensures that you can charge your phone – when it’s within range of the charger, that is.

Phones that Support Qi Charging

Which Wireless Portable Power Bank Is For You?

Because you have to be in range of the wireless charger, you need to be in proximity to a wall outlet and electricity supply. Still a pain, right?

We have a solution.

A wireless portable power bank will help you cut the cord. You can carry them in your bag and charge on the move, or put them next to you on the one table left in Starbucks that isn’t near any outlets. You can even lend them to a friend whose stuck in a meeting and needs to keep their phone charged whilst having it next to them on the table. Perfect!

RAVPower Wireless Portable Power Bank

As you can see from this list, there are a lot of options available for the wireless portable power bank connoisseur. There’s one problem; it’s missing the latest Xiaomi release. So let’s compare.

Xiaomi’s latest offering is a black wireless portable power bank that offers 10w wireless charging. It has two outlets and is 10,000mAh. Compare this to RAVPower’s Wireless Portable Power Bank. It also offers 10w charging and two outlets, but it holds 10,400mAh. Even a little extra charging power goes a long way.

Finally, as this blogger notes, RAVPower is the brand they trust for their power bank needs. If you’re here, we’re guessing you’re also a fan of RAVPower. So our best advice when you’re looking for a wireless portable power bank? Trust your gut.

RAVPower’s Wireless Portable Power Bank is available here.

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  1. My last experience with powerbanks was bad and I don’t know on which brand I can trust.
    My last experience: I have bought a wireless powerbank in a shop. And I have never used it even I left it in its original packaging during 1 year.
    Few days ago when I wanted to use it ,one plastic piece from the top was unstuck and the battery behind look very bulged. So I have never used it by security, yet it was cleraly indicated on the packaging FCC, CE, RoHS certified. On which point can we really trust to make our choice ? I need a new one.

    1. Hi there, we suggest contacting the brand that you purchased the power bank from. If you own a power bank from RAVPower and are experiencing a problem, please email our support team:

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