Simplify Your Travel Wi-Fi Connections with RAVPower’s FileHub Travel Router!

Hi there. I’m Robert Novak, a tech and travel blogger at and The folks at RAVpower asked me to try out their latest FileHub travel router. Having used several of their products in the past, including the older WD02 travel router, I agreed. I’ll share the highlights here!

My Travel Router Review

If you travel with multiple mobile devices – laptops, tablets, phones, media players, and the like – you probably find hotel WiFi to be a pain. Some hotels limit the number of devices you can connect, or even charge per device. You may have to enter a secure (read: hard-to-type) password on each device. And if you change hotels or venues, you have to do it again for each new place.

Enter the travel router. A simple device the size of a large wallet, a travel router lets you connect multiple mobile devices to it, and use a single upstream connection to your site’s Internet connection, whether WiFi or even wired Ethernet. Many travel routers include file and media sharing functionality, and most have a built-in battery so you don’t have to be near wall power to use them. 

File Hub
Make sure you take your FileHub with you on every trip.

Why do I need a travel router?

The most convenient use of a travel router is to keep all of your devices (and your family’s devices) ready to connect to hotel or venue WiFi. You can log in at home, make sure it works as expected, and then when you get to your destination, just log in once to the host network and all your devices will work. 

These devices usually offer a basic firewall, so other people on the venue network can’t see your individual devices. You should not take this as a replacement for security software and the latest OS updates from your vendor, but it adds another layer of safety. 

Other common features include media sharing with USB or SD storage, media streaming with DLNA and other protocols, and mobile device charging.

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What makes the RAVpower FileHub particularly interesting?

The latest Filehub, model RP-WD009, builds on the previous WD03 with the same 6700mAh battery powering the router and optionally charging an external mobile device. You can still connect upstream to WiFi or an Ethernet wired connection, and you can still use USB or SDXC media in the device.

WD009 adds support for the 802.11ac WiFi standard, increasing wireless throughput to up to 433mbit/sec and helping you avoid the crowded 2.4GHz wireless frequency by supporting 5GHz as well.  It also offers a one-touch backup from SD card to USB storage, which will let you quickly back up your drone, digital camera, GoPro, or other media creation devices without waiting for cloud uploads or carrying a laptop. 

If you’re mainly looking for the battery pack functionality, I’d suggest looking at RAVpower’s battery pack offerings instead. They have a wide range of battery packs, from the 3350mAh lipstick-size chargers to three different 26800mAh chargers. 

RAVPower FileHub
RAVPower’s FileHub keeps you connected to Wi-Fi wherever you are!

How can I find out more about the WD009 travel router?

I’ve written in more detail about the functionality of a travel router as well as an in-depth look at the RAVpower RP-WD009 travel router.

How can I buy a WD009 travel router for myself?

The RP-WD009 FileHub travel router is available on Amazon for $59.99. There are often coupon codes to save you a couple of dollars, but it’s a good deal even at full price.

You can watch the recording of my livestream review on the Facebook group, and look at my more detailed blog posts with an overview of the travel router concept and an in-depth look at the RAVpower RP-WD009 travel router.

11 Replies to “Simplify Your Travel Wi-Fi Connections with RAVPower’s FileHub Travel Router!

  1. The Internet has become such an important thing of this time which has become a necessity. So with that in case, internet service is not provided. it is better to carry a portable router device.

  2. Ravpower always provides you the best services of routers. I can say for traveling when you trying to use your wireless router then I can say you might face some network issues. But overall this is a really great thing provided by Ravpower.

  3. We all very much familiar with the mesh router. This type of information is really very useful for me. This will be definitely useful for other users also. Hope we will get useful ideas from you in the future also.

  4. Here I get to know some useful ideas about Wi-Fi technology. This type of technology is really very beneficial. Hope we will get more useful ideas in the future.

  5. My Visible phone service will only let you use one device at a time on its hotspot. I am trying to work around this through the powerhub. I am trying to connect this device to use it in the following way :
    Visible phone hotspot to powerport so that laptop and tablet both simultaneously can access the visible hotspot and connect to the internet.
    The Rav -FileHub-B4CE shows up as available wifi but when I try to connect my devices after entering the password it says:  Connected ,No Internet. OR it says No Internet Secured
    What am I doing wrong?

  6. My RAV File Hub does not see the hotel network when I have it scan and I’m unable therefore to connect the File Hub to the internet, though I can connect to the File Hub’s own network. This is the case whether I’ve put the File Hub into 2G or 5G mode Suggestions?

    1. Hi David,
      Please go to webpage connection, then you can add the customized SSID:
      1. Access
      Open a web browser, then type in in the address bar (click “Allow access” if a window pops up).
      2. Connect to file hub’s Wi-Fi
      3. Go to network setting> other networks> add the hotel’s Wi-Fi SSID manually

      For more information, please contact our customer service department here:

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