The Perfect Charger for Commuters: Introducing our PD Pioneer 61W GaN Wall Charger At An Incredible Early-Bird Price!

Every commuter understands the charging struggle. Whether you listen to music, watch Netflix on the subway, or just own an iPhone whose battery drains energy quicker than the speed of light, you’re going to need a charger for using at the office.

But having one charger at home and one at the office isn’t exactly practical. What if you go out after work and need some power? Or need to charge your laptop and your phone in one day, requiring multiple chargers?

Our RAVPower designers have thought long and hard about this, and have come up with the perfect solution: the world’s smallest 61W GaN PD charger. Yep, that’s right – the world’s smallest!

Introducing Our PD Pioneer 61W GaN Wall Charger (RP-PC112)!

Look at it – isn’t it a beauty?!

Here’s a behind the scenes shot to feast your eyes on:

RAVPower’s Smallest PD GaN Charger!

This palm sized, incredibly powerful charger is perfect to carry with you at all times because it is compatible with almost all devices. From your phone to a MacBook to any USB C device, RP-PC112 can power it!

What’s more, it’s light. We mean, really light. At only 2.45oz you’ll barely notice that you’re commuting with it. Plus, at 1.9*1.9*1.1 inches it’s nearly 50% smaller than Apple’s 61W charging equivalent! You won’t need any other charger.

Superfast GaN PD Charging

Key to what makes this charger so incredibly light and compact is the GaN PD charging technology inside. In fact, it’s smaller than all the other 61W chargers on the market (told you it’s the world’s smallest!)

GaN chargers can be so small because they have a high charging efficiency; they have been shown to be able to conduct electrons with 1000 times the efficiency of silicon. Being smaller, GaN chargers can also be made more inexpensively in the same facilities currently producing silicon chargers. This cost saving is passed on to our consumers.

Invest in a GaN PD charger to future proof your tech; these chargers will soon turn their silicon forefathers into fossils.

Incredibly Early Bird Price!

We know that a second charger can seem like a luxury. But we’re certain it’s a necessity for many people. Try it once and you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner!

That’s why we have an AMAZING offer if you buy RP-PC112 as an early bird.

Pay only $43.99 (down from the regular price of $59.99) when you buy before the second week of June. Choose from a sleek black or modern white finish and revolutionize how you charge.

Click here to learn more about RP-PC112! Please note: only the black colourway is available for pre-order.

20 Replies to “The Perfect Charger for Commuters: Introducing our PD Pioneer 61W GaN Wall Charger At An Incredible Early-Bird Price!

  1. I’m very interested in this item, but I wonder if this will replace somehow fast charging (quick charge 2.0) for my tablet and supercharge (for my huawei p20).


  2. The order page isn’t currently offering a white version of the charger for sale, only black. Will this be updated before the early bird price ends?

    1. Hi Russell

      The black charger is the only one available through pre-order. The white charger will become available later in the month! We have updated this blog accordingly, thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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