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Apple is releasing a new phone in fall 2020 (September or October) and this is what we’ve heard.

It’s said that the phone will be named iPhone 12 and will have a Pro version. This might be true if apple continues with its trend of naming iPhones.

The phone may also have a brand new physical design. This is good news for iPhone lovers as up until present Apple hasn’t introduced any design changes to its iPhones since 2017. Apart from this, the last iPhone to feature a new design was the iPhone X.

Rumor has it that the iPhone will be different from previous models by donning squared edges instead of the classic rounded ones we’re used to. It’s also said that the two phones will come in four different display sizes: 5.4″, 6.7″, and 6.1″ (x2).

It’s speculated that the 6.1″ and the 6.7″ models will be high-end devices with triple-lens cameras, while the other two will be low-end iPhones with dual-lens cameras. All the phones are expected to have OLED display technology and for the first time will utilize 5G connectivity.

It’s also said that the iPhone won’t come with a power adapter and may have a magnet ring that supports NFC or wireless charging.

If you’ve been waiting for the new iPhone 12 with anticipation, it’s important to have the right accessories–like a RAVPower charger for the new iPhone. Let’s take a look at some of the RAVPower wall chargers that are compatible with iOS devices.

3 RAVPower Prime Chargers Compatible with All iOS Models

The RP-PC026 40W 8A 4-Port Wall Charger

RAVPower blog for iphone 12 
40W 4 port  wall charger RP-PC026
Model: RP-PC026

Let’s start with our favorite wall charger for the new iPhone – This RAVPower wall charger has iSmart technology and automatically detects the best charging voltage for each device. As a result, it sends the optimum charging current to all connected devices, minimizing charging times. Whats more, it is compatible with all IPhone 11 models, iPhone XS models, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, and all the older iPhones. You can also use it to charge your iPad mini 4, iPad air 2, and iPad Pro 9.7”.

The RP-PC006 Turbo 36W Wall Charger

Alternatively, if you have an iPhone 7 or a newer model, get the Turbo 36W wall charger. It is one of the smallest wall charger for the new iPhone, it is a power brick that is available to charge your iPhone at the fastest speeds. Its QC 3.0 ports can charge at up to 36 watts. The charger automatically adjusts the output current for non-QC devices to maximize the charging speed. And in addition to charging smartphones, it can power small laptops and tablets.

The RP-PC121 17W 2-Port Wall Charger

If you want to charge two modern devices at once in the fastest time possible, this charger is a great option. It is compatible with iPhones and can fully charge an iPhone XS Max in 2.1 hours. It safely charges your devices and protects them against overheating, overvoltage, overcurrent, and short-circuiting. Its two fast-charging iSmart USB ports are able to power most USB devices.

RAVPower GaN Chargers and PD Chargers Provide Fast Charging to iPhones

The RP-PC105 61W 2-Port USB PD Pioneer Charger

Comparatively, get this wall charger for the new iPhone if you want to make the most of ultra-fast PD 3.0 technology. As a result of the technology, when only the PD port is in use, it can fully charge a MacBook Pro 13” in just 2.1 hours. When two devices are connected, the charger intelligently distributes the charging current. For example, it is ideal for both new and old iPhones and different iPads and Macbooks, including MacBook Pro 15″. It also charges most PD and non-PD devices at full speed.

The RP-PC132 30W USB-C Wall Charger

Almost the same size as the iPad charger, our 30W USB-C wall charger gives you two full-speed ports at a lower price. Its USB-C PD 3.0 port supports 18-watt charging while the USB-A port supports 12-watt charging. The power bank is compatible with all the new iPhone models, including iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

The RP-PC128 PD Pioneer 90W GaN Tech Wall Charger

RAVPower blog for iphone 12 
PD Pioneer 90W GaN Tech Wall Charger RP-PC128
Model: RP-PC128

A power bank that supports both GaN tech and PD tech is not something you see every day, but the RP-PC128 offers the best execution of it. Pick up this wall charger for the new iPhone as it uses GaN tech and a Pi chip to lower power consumption and to maximize charging efficiency. It is powerful enough to fully charge a MacBook Pro 15” in 2 hours. It also charges iPhones and devices with a 90W power rating or less at impressive speeds.

RAVPower Desktop Chargers and Portable Power Banks Are Fully Compatible with iOS Devices

The RP-PC136 PD Pioneer 4-Port GaN Tech Desktop Charger

RAVPower blog for iphone 12 
RP-PC136 PD Pioneer 4-Port GaN Tech Desktop Charger
Model: RP-PC136

This RAVPower GaN charger packs plenty of battery juice into a small size. It has four ports—2 USB-PD ports and 2 iSmart ports—that output a combined 65W. When you only connect one device to the USB-C PD port, you can optimize the 65W output. For instance, your MacBook Pro 15.4” will go from 0% to 100% in just 2 hours. This charger for the new iPhone can power all the latest iPhone models: iPhone XS, iPhone 11, and iPhone 8.

The RP-PB201 PD Pioneer 20000mAh Portable Power Bank

RAVPower blog for iphone 12 
RP-PB201 PD Pioneer 20000mAh Portable Power Bank
Model: RP-PB201

The 5-watt chargers Apple ships with its old iPhones are usually slow, and you’ll get frustrated trying to charge your new iPhone using your old charger. The RP-PB201 is clearly one of the best RAVPower charger for the new iPhone and is worth buying. Its 20000mAh battery can fully charge an iPhone 11 Pro Max almost 3 times and the iPad Pro 2018 1.6 times.

The RP-PB186 PD Pioneer 10000mAh 29W Portable Charger

RAVPower blog for iphone 12 
RP-PB186 PD Pioneer 10000mAh 29W Portable Charger
Model: RP-PB186

Next up is a charger for the new iPhone with a USB-C PD port that can charge devices quicker than a charger with USB-A ports. The RP-PB186 has a USB-C PD port that supports 18-watt charging. Therefore, the port powers smartphones, tablets, small laptops, and even Nintendo Switches. The power bank can fully charge an iPhone 11 two times and only takes 25 minutes to charge it halfway, comparatively when both ports are in use, the output goes down to 11 watts for USB-A and 18 watts for USB-C.

The RP-PB187 252.7Wh Portable Power House

RAVPower blog for iphone 12 
RP-PB187 252.7Wh 72000mAh Portable Power House AC outlets
Model: RP-PB187

If you want a power bank that can do a lot more than charge your new iPhone, this is it. The RAVPower Power House can be very useful during a sudden power outage or natural disasters. It has two 110V AC outlets that deliver an impressive 250 watts. Another key feature is the 60W USB-C PD port. The 110V AC outlets can power small household appliances with a power rating of 250W and below, like compact refrigerators, TVs, or CPAP machines. The PD port can quickly charge all new iPhones and most newer laptops, too.

Grab a RAVPower Wall Charger for the New iPhone!

If the rumors are true and the iPhone 12 won’t have a power adapter, therefore it’s best to be prepared. The RAVPower wall chargers we’ve reviewed in this post charge any iPhone extremely fast. And since all new iPhones support fast charging, you can also use your RAVPower charger to charge your older iPhone.

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