Charge Multiple Devices at High Speed with the RP-PC136 65W 4-Port GaN Desktop Charger

RAVPower desktop charger RP-PC136

These days, almost every device has a rechargeable battery. Most of us have at least four important devices: a phone, a laptop, a tablet, and wireless headphones. It’s not uncommon for these devices to run out of charge at the same time.

But we have some good news: you don’t need a separate wall charger for each of your devices.

A powerful charger like the RAVPower desktop charger RP-PC136 can power up to 4 devices through two advanced charging technologies: USB-C and USB-A.

If you have the right charging cable and your device was released in the last couple of years, the RAVPower GaN desktop charger RP-PC136 will charge it quickly and safely.

A Little About GaN Technology

Charge your laptop and mobile with the RAVPOWER 65W powerful desktop charger RP-PC136
Charge your laptop and mobile with the 65W powerful desktop charger RP-PC136

GaN means Gallium Nitride. It is a great alternative to the silicon that was used in many electronics for many decades, indeed the material has many advantages over silicon. For starters, its wider band gap allows energy to easily pass through it. GaN has a 3.4 eV band gap while silicon has a 1.12 eV band gap.

GaN also has the ability to handle higher temperatures and power levels, a feature that makes it ideal for higher-capacity devices like Power Delivery chargers. In fact, GaN chargers can deliver a high amount of power to connected devices in a shorter time period compared to silicon-based chargers.

The material also keeps batteries safe by preventing overcharging. GaN wall chargers are smaller than silicon chargers (about 15% smaller). This is because they have fewer components—filters, circuit parts, and heat sinks—which makes for greater efficiency.

Our powerful RAVPower GaN chargers can quickly charge smartphones and power-hungry devices like laptops. They are very efficient at transferring current and lose less energy to heat. This means more power is sent to the devices being charged. Additionally, GaN chargers also run cooler than silicon-based chargers.

Features of the RAVPower GaN Desktop Charger RP-PC136

Less space-occupying RAVPOWER desktop charger RP-PC136
Less space-occupying desktop charger RP-PC136

2 USB-C PD Ports and 2 USB-A Ports

USB-C ports can handle higher current/voltage, resulting in faster charging times. Power Delivery (PD) technology allows the two ports to handle higher power and to charge different devices quickly over a USB connection. As a result, PD facilitates a conversation between two devices so they can determine the amount of power to pull from the charger. The USB-A ports charge devices with USB-A ports, like laptops and desktop computers.

65W Power Delivery

This RAVPower 4-port desktop charger has a power output of 65 watts, which is sufficient for most laptops and tablets, meaning it can charge a laptop and a phone at the same time at full speed. The power bank can power your iPad Pro at 18W and MacBook Air at 45W simultaneously. When only a MacBook Pro 15.4” is connected to a USB-C port, it will get fully charged in just 2 hours.

Charges 4 Devices Simultaneously

The RAVPower GaN desktop charger RP-PC136 is ideal for multitaskers who use multiple devices simultaneously. Its USB-C ports support fast charging and are ideal for powering supported laptops or dead phones in a hurry. For example, the charger eliminates the hassle of looking for power outlets or carrying multiple cables. And once it runs out of power, you can quickly charge it.

Intelligent Power Allocation

The RAVPower 4-port desktop charger offers 65 watts of charging power when you connect one device to a USB-C port. When 4 devices are connected, it automatically distributes the power. This enables more devices to charge at full speed at the same time.

Advanced GaN Tech

GaN technology allows this RAVPower USB charging station to be smaller than other chargers in its category. It is not only more efficient at transferring current, it also loses less energy to heat. As a result, it directs more energy to the devices being charged.

Wide Compatibility

This RAVPower 65W desktop charger may be compact, but it has enough power to charge your gadgets several times over. It delivers quick charge to virtually all USB-C and USB-A devices. It can charge your iPhone, Android Phone, MacBook, laptop, and tablet.

Certified Safe

The RAVPower multiport desktop charger meets and exceeds international regulatory standards. It is an incredibly fast and safe charger that does not overheat or overcharge.  Even when it’s charging 4 devices at once, it will therefore charge them safely.

Work from Home with the RAVPower Desktop Charger RP-PC136

Work from with the RAVPOWER desktop charger RP-PC136
Work from with the desktop charger RP-PC136

Working from home comes with its own set of challenges. For instance, if you have a big family, the power outlets in your home can seem very few. Consequently, parents and kids will be fighting over outlets in order to complete their personal projects. There’s no doubt we all want to prevent this chaos from ever happening to maintain a happy and healthy home.

Here’s what you can do.

When you all need to charge your devices, put this RAVPower compact charger in the middle of the dining table. In this situation it will function as a central charging station so everyone can stay plugged in and happy. Alternatively, you can also use it in your home office to charge multiple devices simultaneously. And even when there’s a sudden power outage, you can work from home without any interruptions.

We have a variety of power banks and charging accessories you can use in your home office and on the go. They have powerful batteries and will keep your devices charged and ready for use. But if you simply want to get multiport chargers for your loved ones so you don’t fight over one charger, choose from these RAVPower multiport chargers.

The RAVPower GaN Desktop Charger RP-PC136 Offers the Best User Experience

Saves your desk space while charging your devices with RAVPOWER RP-PC136
Saves your desk space while charging your devices with RP-PC136

Our new GaN tech charger has many charger outputs, a high charging speed, and a constant charging voltage. It is made with quality components that ensure safe and reliable high-speed charging, not to mention it is brilliantly designed for an excellent user experience and features a long-lasting outer casing.

To summarize, the RAVPower GaN desktop charger RP-PC136 will not disappoint you, whether there’s a power outage or you have to attend a long online meeting.

Do yourself a favor and get two units: one for home and one for your go-bag.

10 Replies to “Charge Multiple Devices at High Speed with the RP-PC136 65W 4-Port GaN Desktop Charger

  1. Please clarify.

    My 15 inch MacBook Pro came with an 87W USB-C power adapter.

    My iPhone 11 Pro Max requires an 18W charger.

    So I need 105 Watts.

    I’d like to travel as light as possible once we’re over the Pandemic.

    So the RP-PC136 65W 4-Port GaN Desktop would not be adequate to optimally charge the 15MBP and my iPhone, Correct? I should still carry my device chargers, right?

    Years ago we needed specific chargers but there is leeway with USB-C? Its just a great deal slower?

    1. Hi there,
      You can use the RP-PC136 desktop charger to power the 15MBP and iPhone, though in a lower speed (it takes an extra 20mins than the original charger if only 15MBP connected; 40min or so if both 15MBP and iPhone connected). Considering the size of the charger and multiple ports, it’s still a good option for charging two USB-C devices or even 4 USB ones at the same time.

  2. I have an issue with my RP-PC136 RAVPower charger.

    I have two devices that I want to charge: A Huawei Mate 10 Pro phone and a Sonos Move speaker. Both devices use USB C to charge.

    Either device charges OK if they are the only device plugged into either of the UCB C ports of the RP-PC136 charger. According to my watt meter the Sonos Move speaker draws about 22 watts of power, and the Huawei Mate 10 Pro phone Draws about 8 watts of power.

    I can successfully charge both devices at the same time if I plug the Sonos Move speaker in first followed by the Huawei Mate 10 Pro phone. The two devices together draw about 30 watts of power

    The problem occurs when I first plug the Huawei Mate 10 Pro phone into the charger, followed by plugging in the Sonos Move speaker. In this scenario the Huawei Mate 10 Pro phone will charge but the Sonos Move speaker will not.

    Can you suggest a solution for this problem?

    1. Hi Carl, we replied to your email but in case you missed it, have you tried unplugging the charging cable when this issue occurs? Also, have you tested the charger with different devices? If possible, could you please send us a short video of the issue and include your order ID to

    1. Hi there, as long as the MacBook you own is not powered by a MagSafe connection, it will work. This charger is compatible with all MacBooks that are powered by a USB-C port directly.

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