Does Your New iPhone 12 Mini Have the Same Issue?

New iPhone 12 Mini Issue

The iPhone 12 mini is one of the best phones Apple has ever created. Not only does it has advanced features like an A14 Bionic chip, but also has powerful cameras. It also comes in a compact size, so you can put it in your pocket when you’re out and about. If you happen to have one, grab a RAVPower charger for your iPhone 12 here.

But as awesome as it is, it has a few issues.

To begin, users have been complaining online (on Apple’s community forum, Reddit, and the MacRumors forum) that their handsets experience lock screen sensitivity issues when they power them on. The lock screen fails to detect presses on the flashlight, camera, or other features—unless it’s pressed very gently. Interestingly, this only happens to phones with cases and screen protectors. And if you touch the camera lens frame or the phone’s frame, the lock screen works.

However, some users claim that the screen lock issue for iPhone 12 mini quickly resolves itself if you touch the frame without a case or plug your phone into a wall charger. So, this may be a conductivity or grounding issue.

So, what’s next?

Apple hasn’t released an official statement yet, but we’re hoping the company will release a software update to resolve the issue. But if the problem lies in the phone’s design or the manufacturing process, Apple may have to issue a mass recall.

But if you’re happy with your new phone and you’re simply looking for a powerful charger, get a RAVPower charger for iPhone 12. First, lets take a look at our RAVPower GaN chargers for iPhone 12.

The Best RAVPower GaN Chargers for iPhone 12 Mini

RAVPower GaN chargers for iPhone 12 RP-PC133

65W GaN Tech USB-C Wall Charger (PC133)

Our RP-PC133 65W charger has USB-A and USB-C PD ports and is certified to work with PD (power delivery) 3.0 and QC (quick charge) for the safest and fastest charging protocols. When 2 devices are connected, it intelligently distributes the 65 watts of power. The USB-A port produces 5-18 watts while the USB-C PD port produces 45-60 watts.

The charger has foldable prongs and is 30% smaller than most 60W chargers. It can simultaneously charge an iPhone and a MacBook and only takes 2 hours to charge the 15.4” MacBook Pro. And the best part is your devices will not overheat as they charge.

30W GaN Tech USB-C Wall Charger (PC120)

Another of the RAVPower GAN chargers for iPhone 12 is this 30W GaN charger. With a compact size, foldable prongs, and lighter weight, it delivers high-speed charging and is 2.5 times faster than standard 30W chargers. As a result, it can charge newer iPhone models from 0% to 50% in half an hour.

GaN (gallium nitride) allows it to be energy-efficient and to emit less heat than other 65W chargers. The charger can power PD and non-PD devices at maximum speed and is ideal for iPhone 12, MacBook Air, and Nintendo Switch.

We also recommend these two RAVPower GaN chargers for the iPhone 12 mini: the RP-PC128 and the RP-PC144.

The Best RAVPower Power Banks for Travel

18W PD Pioneer Portable Charger (PB203)

If you travel often, you need a charger that does double duty. For instance, it should be compact and powerful to earn a spot in your suitcase. This RAVPower GaN charger is designed to charge devices super fast and has a power output of 30W. Consequently, it can charge 2 devices at once.

When your iPhone 12 mini is running out of charge, use a USB-C to Lightning cable to connect it to this charger’s 18W PD Pioneer port. It will go from 0% to 50% in just 30 minutes. If you have other devices that support USB-C charging, you can use the same port to charge them. The USB-C port delivers 18 watts while the QC port delivers 12 watts.


16750mAh Upgraded Portable Charger (PB19)

This powerful charger is a new addition to the RAVPower family. It has some outstanding features like an amazing design, fast charging speeds, and fantastic portability. It is capable of charging your iPhone 4 times over. You can expect it to charge your iPad about 2 times. Of course, it’s a great travel charger because it has enough power to last a few days.

The power bank has two charging ports: one has an output of 5V/2.4A while the other offers  5V/2.1A charging speed. The 2.4A port can charge an iPhone 12 mini and an iPad at maximum speed. Moreover, you’ll always be able to tell how much charge is left, thanks to the LED indicators.

Other RAVPower travel chargers we recommend are the 10,000mAh 2-Port Portable Charger and the 10000mAh Type-C Port Power Bank.

The Best RAVPower Charger for Camping


The 252.7Wh Portable Power Station (PB187)

Love camping and can’t get enough of it? Get RAVPower’s portable power station and indulge in your passion. Its portability and massive battery capacity make it ideal for camping trips, get-togethers, tailgate parties, and more. If you need a lot of portable power, the Power Station is worth buying. It features two 110V AC outlets that produce 300 watts. It can charge PD devices at high speed–from MacBooks to iPhones.

If you ever experience a power outage in your area, you can use the Power House to charge small appliances and electronic devices (with a power rating of 250W and below). It can also be a lifesaver during emergencies, thanks to its 3 lighting modes.

The Best RAVPower Wireless Charger

10W Turbo HyperAir Wireless Charger (PC058) 

If you want a charger that can power your AirPods, this is it. It is Qi-Certified, which means it has passed rigorous, independent laboratory tests for safety, energy-efficiency, and interoperability. In addition, it features fail-safe circuitry to ensure your iPhone doesn’t overcharge. It also protects your phone from overvoltage and overcurrent.

Moreover, for added convenience, you don’t have to remove your phone’s case when charging it because the charger transmits power directly through protective cases up to 8mm thick. It works with a variety of iPhones and its double-sided silicone design adds to its stability.

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