Why is My iPhone’s Battery Draining So Fast? Tips for Maximizing Battery Life

After Apple launched the iPhone 13 Pro and ‌iPhone 13 Pro‌ Max, which feature a variable 120Hz refresh rate, Samsung mocked it for being late in adopting higher refresh displays. As the Apple event was underway on September 14, 2021, Samsung tweeted “We’ve been refreshing at 120Hz for a while now…” The Galaxy S20, which was released in March of 2020, was the first Samsung smartphone to have a 120Hz refresh rate.

Apple lovers have also complained that the new iPhone is similar to older versions and isn’t very impressive, but it’s hard to deny the fact that it has many optimal functions. It has an incredible camera system, a great battery life, and a high refresh rate display. But the phone’s ProMotion display does affect battery performance.

Apple did equip the iPhone 13 with larger batteries to make them last longer, but if you use your iPhone to study, work, or for gaming, the battery will deplete quickly. If there’s nothing you can do about your phone usage habits, you can get a RAVPower power bank for iPhone series and charge your phone so it never runs out of power. You can also maximize battery life in these ways:

Tips for Maximizing Your iPhone’s Battery Life

Most of us spend almost the entire day on our phones scrolling through social media, checking WhatsApp and emails, making video calls, and clicking pictures. These activities utilize internet connection, processing power, the display panel, and a lot more. These resources consume the battery, draining it quickly. Also, as phone batteries age, they gradually lose their capacity to hold charge. But there are some ways you can maximize your iPhone’s battery life. Here are 4:

Prevent Background App Refresh

If saving battery life is a top priority for you, turn off Background App Refresh. When the feature is turned on, suspended apps can check for updates as they run in the background and update automatically. And if you have many apps running and updating themselves in the background, your iPhone’s battery will drain fast. To turn off Background App Refresh, go to Settings>General>Background App Refresh. Click on “Background App Refresh” and select “Off.”

Reduce Screen Brightness

A smartphone’s screen consumes a lot of energy, more than any other component. So, one of the easiest ways to reduce battery drain is to reduce screen brightness. An iPhone can use 50% less battery power when the screen brightness is at minimum.

You can also turn on auto brightness to save the battery. When this feature is turned on, the phone’s proximity sensor keeps looking for light changes, adjusting the brightness of the screen based on the light around it. This saves power and makes it easier for you to use your phone.

Use Your Phone for Longer

This may not make sense, but we’ll explain why it works. When you charge your iPhone frequently, it will hold less energy over time. Every time you charge your phone, you put stress on the electrodes, and this results in degradation. When you don’t let the battery run totally dry and charge it to full capacity less frequently, you extend its life. To ensure your battery doesn’t lose its capacity fast, use the phone as long as possible before charging it. Wait until the battery is down to 20% or thereabouts before charging.

Buy an Extended Life Battery

The number one complaint of smartphone users is poor battery life. Phone manufacturers love adding new features to their phones but always seem to overlook battery life improvements. Another way to increase the battery life of your iPhone is by getting an extended life battery. It adds more battery life to your smartphone, allowing you to browse social media, watch videos, and play games without worrying about having to charge your phone frequently.

Get a Powerful Third Party Charger

There will always be situations where you need to charge your phone. Apple doesn’t provide a charging block for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 (although you get a lightning cable), so you need a powerful charger to juice up your phone.

Every iPhone released since 2017 can charge three times faster than it would with the 5-watt charger Apple once included in the box. All you need is the right charger and cable. Modern iPhones charge fast using USB Power Delivery. To fast-charge an iPhone, you need a USB-C PD charger that outputs at least 18 watts. 

The Best RavPower Power Bank for iPhone Series


This 10,000mAh RAVPower power bank for iPhone series packs a lot of battery juice into a small size. Its built-in battery cells offer more power, allowing it to charge an iPhone 13 Pro (with a 3,095mAh battery) up to 2 times. It comes with a USB-C to C cable that supports fast charging. Its 2 output ports can charge two devices without sacrificing charging speed.


This RAVPower PD pioneer power bank delivers blazing fast charge to iPhones. With a total output of 18W, it delivers the fastest possible charge to USB-C devices. It can fully charge older iPhones (like the iPhone 11) in less than one hour. It has a total output of 30W and can charge 3 devices at once via its three ports. The 3-port portable power bank also recharges fast (in less than five hours).


Sleek and stylish, this RAVPower power bank for iPhone series is unlike any other in its price range. It can fully charge your new iPhone for almost one week without running out of power. The power bank is perfect for everyday use and features three iSmart 2.0 USB ports, allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. 


A dead battery can quickly become a major emergency, which is why you need a powerful power brick like this RAVPower 3-port portable power bank. Carry it with you when you’re spending a long day without access to power and quickly juice up your devices. This RAVPower power bank for iPhone series can fully charge the iPhone 13 about 4 times and an iPad several times. It is compatible with most USB-powered devices and has been designed for portability.

Get the Best Charger for your iPhone 13

If you need a fast charger for your iPhone 13, get a RAVPower power bank for iPhone series and top your battery off in a flash. Our iPhone chargers are designed for fast charging, you can also check out some of our wall chargers for iPhone 13 here.

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