RAVPower’s Christmas Gift Guide 2021: Get the Best for Your Loved Ones

The gift-giving season is upon us, and we know it can be hard to choose thoughtful gifts for your loved ones—gifts they will love, appreciate, and use throughout the year. It can be particularly hard to please tech junkies because they know what’s hot and what’s not.

At RAVPower, we’re celebrating the season of cheer with everyone who supported us throughout the year. The RAVPower Christmas sale in 2021 is all about you. We’re giving a 25% discount on all our products, simply use the code JOY25 to enjoy it.

Even if the people you’re buying presents for are not tech-savvy, they will love their RAVPower gift. RAVPower Christmas gifts will impress the socks off a loved one and show them you really care. Our Christmas sale in 2021 gives you an opportunity to score a discount in case you missed out on our Black Friday weekend sale.

RAVPower’s Christmas Gift Guide 2021

1.      The RAVPower PD Pioneer GaN Tech USB-C Wall Charger (RP-PC133): Perfect for Busy Professionals

Model: RP-PC133

Smartphones have gotten bigger and more powerful, and bigger devices need more power. Some smartphone batteries now have a capacity of over 5,000mAh. While most of us use our phones for a day before they need recharging, with frequent use, devices need to be recharged more regularly.

If you have a loved one with a busy schedule, get them the RAVPower PD Pioneer GaN Tech USB C Wall Charger. It will allow them to charge devices fast. Busy professionals have hectic lifestyles; they have to keep up with the tight schedules demanded by their careers. This PD wall charger will allow the busy multitasker in your life to recharge devices in a hurry.

While it’s specifically designed for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, it works with both Apple and Android products and is able to charge two devices simultaneously. Thanks to GaN technology, it is 30% smaller than other 60W chargers and doesn’t take up a lot of space in a pocket or a bag.

USB-C PD charging technology, which it uses, charges devices up to 70% faster than standard 5W charging. Your loved one’s phone will charge in less time, so they won’t have to wait around for hours. Whenever they want an urgent battery boost, they can plug in their phone for 10 minutes. If you want to buy equally powerful USB-C chargers to give as gifts, we also recommend RP-PC105 and RP-PC112. For phones with smaller batteries, RP-PC144 is perfect and comes with an MFi Certified Cable.

2.      RAVPower 6-Port Desktop Charger RP-PC028: Ideal for Those Who Work from Home

Model: RP-PC028

More people now use tablets and phones on a daily basis, and this means having less free sockets—especially in a home with many devices. If one of the people you’re buying a gift for works from home or has a home office, get them the RAVPower 6-Port Desktop Charger.

The charging station frees up sockets and only requires one power outlet to charge all USB devices. It can output up to 60 watts of power and has a maximum capacity of 12 amps. Each of its ports is capable of handling up to 2.4 amps. The desktop charger meets global requirements and is CE/FCC/RoHS certified. When devices are connected, RAVPower’s iSmart charging technology identifies their unique charging requirements and charges them accordingly.

RP-PC133 and PC028 both use GaN technology and iSmart technology. GaN tech is used in the manufacture of ultra-fast charging devices because of its advanced power and thermal efficiency. It shrinks the size of chargers and ensures safer, cooler charging. iSmart technology adjusts a device’s current and charging speed based on the battery specifications. This helps extend the battery life of the device. The technology automatically delivers the best power output based on a device’s specifications.

If your loved one travels a lot, they can carry the charger whenever they travel as it can be used all over the world and accepts up to 240 volts (when used with the right adapter). If you’d like to buy more than one desktop charger, we also recommend RP-PC136, RP-UC07, and RP-PC146. RP-PC146, a 4-port desktop USB charging station, outputs up to 120 watts via its 4 ports and can charge a MacBook Pro in less than 2 hours. Remember to use the code JOY25 when checking out your purchases to get a 25% discount on every charger during this Christmas Sale in 2021.

3.      The RAVPower 3-Port Power Bank Charger for iPhone 13 (RP-PB41): The Gift for the Outdoor Lover in Your Life

Model: RP-PB41

Even people who love trekking through nature with only the essentials in their backpacks don’t want to be entirely unplugged. A good power bank ensures that their phone stays powered up in case of emergencies. Most campers and backpackers look for three things in power banks: battery capacity, portability, and ease of use.

The RAVPower 3-Port Power Bank Charger for iPhone 13 is portable, has a high capacity, and is easy to use. It is ideal for those who just can’t stay away from the great outdoors. It can charge devices for a few days without needing recharging. With a massive battery capacity (26800mAh) it can charge most smartphones over 6 times and a tablet over 2 times. It juices up 3 devices simultaneously via its 3 iSmart ports. It’s relatively lightweight and perfect for those who love to pack light. 

Gone are the days when hikers would carry plastic bags full of loose AAA batteries. Instead, they now carry a single power bank that’s perfect for their specific electronic needs. This compact, high-capacity external battery pack will keep your loved one’s devices powered for days.

Hurry! Don’t Miss RAVPower’s Christmas Sale in 2021

Anyone who uses an Apple or Android device will appreciate a RAVPower charger or power bank. They are perfect for people with busy lifestyles, outdoor lovers, frequent travelers, and those who use multiple devices every day. This year, buy something different for your loved ones. Take advantage of RAVPower’s Christmas Sale in 2021 and buy great chargers at discounted prices. Use the code JOY25 to get a 25% discount on every charger.

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