RAVPower’s Best Black Friday Deals 2021—Up to 60% Off!

Get your shopping carts ready, the countdown to Black Friday has begun. If you’re looking for great deals on gadgets this year, we’ve got all you need, so you can nab yourself a bargain. And while this year has been full of surprises, one thing we can guarantee is the best Black Friday deals of 2021.

RAVPower has great deals on everything, from chargers to hard drives. Simply use the code BL30 and get 30% off on any order over $40. If you spend over $150, you’ll get $48 off with code BL48. Some products have a 60% discount!

Don’t procrastinate! Start shopping now while stocks last. To get the ball rolling, we’ve rounded up our popular products that are at buy-now sale prices.

RAVPower’s Best Black Friday Deals 2021

You can’t live without your phone, why not get devices that enhance its functionality? To ensure your phone or laptop doesn’t die when you need it most, get our must-have devices. In this era of information, we need our gadgets to stay connected—to connect with family and friends, to know the latest news, to do business, shop online, or even listen to our favorite music on YouTube.

One of the main complaints many people have about their smartphones is unsatisfactory battery life. Smartphones have gotten better, but the batteries haven’t. Most smartphones today can’t accomplish many tasks without running out of power, which is awfully infuriating.

If you’re constantly gaming, live streaming, or listening to music on YouTube, you need a powerful power bank or charger to juice up your phone and computer. RAVPower has the best Black Friday Deals 2021, so head over to our sales page and pick out the products you need. Here are six products we think everyone should get.

Power Banks


The best portable charger keeps your phone running and also powers your Nintendo Switch, tablet, and even your laptop occasionally. If you don’t want to deal with a dying phone every now and then, get a RAVPower portable power bank. 

The 15000mAh 30W portable power bank can charge two devices simultaneously because it has 2 ports, a 12W QC USB A port and an 18W PD 3. 0 USB C port. It can fully charge an iPhone 11 three times and an iPad Pro 1 time.


All portable gadgets have one problem—limited battery life. If you use your phone or laptop often, you need a good power bank to keep your device juiced when you’re away from a fixed power source. This RAVPower portable power bank is a great choice.

With a 20000mAh battery, it can charge an iPad Pro Air 2.1 times, an iPhone 12 Pro 4.3 times, and Galaxy S21 3 times. Its advanced charging features allow it to quickly charge most phones. The 20W PD USB-C port charges an iPhone 12 Pro to half full in just 30 minutes. The power bank can charge up to 3 devices at once.

Wall Chargers


Manufacturers are ditching wall chargers these days, and the old chargers lying around your house may not be powerful enough to fast charge your new devices. A wall charger can help.

The RAVPower PD Pioneer 65W GaN Tech Charger has been designed to charge devices super fast and will fully charge your MacBook Pro 15.4” in just 2 hours. You just need to get a USB-C to USB-C cable with an E-Mark chipset. The charger is 30% smaller than other 60W chargers.

Charging Station

RP-PC029 Pro

A charging station puts all your devices in one, easy-to-access spot for charging. It is a powerful and convenient tool that works well in any office space. If you don’t want to keep getting up to connect a different device to your wall charger, get the RAVPower Desktop USB charging station.

It pushes out 30 watts of power, fully charging an iPhone 12 in 1.8hrs and an iPad Pro in 2.8hrs. Use the 18W QC Fast Charging port to juice up all your power-hungry devices. The charging station is compatible with almost all USB-powered devices and has superior safety features.

Other Must-Have Gadgets


A good USB flash drive makes it easy to store, transfer, and even back up your files. You can move large files from one device to another, and depending on how large it is, you can use it for full or partial system backups. RAVPower’s HooToo 3-in-1 Flash Drive has an MFi-Certified Lightning Port, a USB-A Port, and a USB-C Port. It is compatible with many devices and seamlessly transfers files across devices.

The flash drive has lots of space (128GB) and adds plenty of external storage to your device. It boasts fast data streaming and transfers files quickly with its USB 3.1 port (with Read/Write speeds of 80 MB/s and 30 MB/s).



If speed and reliability are what you want from an SSD, get the VAVA 11-in-1 USB-C Hub. It will handle your storage needs and give you access to your files quickly, even large files. The portable docking station has 11 ports, including 4 USB ports and 2 4K HDMI ports. Its 4K HDMI ports stream 4K videos at 60Hz.

The SSD’s super-fast USB C 3.0 port syncs data at speeds of up to 5Gbps. You can transfer 1G movies, songs, and files in just 4 seconds. You can also connect two external HDMI-enabled monitors to the 2 HDMI ports to extend or reflect your screen.

Take Advantage of RAVPower’s Black Friday Deals 2021

Black Friday is a thrilling day for gadget-loving shoppers. If you’ve been waiting all year for great deals, now is the time to shop. Make the most of RAVPower’s Black Friday Deals 2021 and get the devices you’ve always wanted. You’ll only have yourself to blame if you don’t.

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