Bring Christmas Cheer with Unique Gifts: RAVPower’s Gift Guide

Choosing Christmas presents for people who love gadgets is no simple affair, especially if you’re unaware of the latest tech trends. Wireless earbuds or drones don’t cut it anymore. To really wow your loved ones, you have to go a step further. Get them gifts that will blow their minds—like a portable RAVPower charger or jump starter.

Even if technology and gadgets aren’t your thing, RAVPower makes shopping for the tech lovers in your life easy. Don’t rush to the nearest tech shop and panic purchase the first things you see, read our handy guide to discover the best tech gifts that are guaranteed to impress your giftees.

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RAVPower’s Christmas Gift Guide: 4 Gifts We Highly Recommend

30000mAh 100W 2-Port Portable Laptop Charger

Not too long ago, 100W portable chargers were bulky bricks with a barrel plug. But now, they are compact, slim, and portable. They feature the Power Delivery (PD) standard and quickly deliver USB-C charging to power-hungry devices. They can charge laptops, tablets, and even lower-powered devices like Chromebooks and phones. Most use Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductors and are compact and more efficient. High-capacity portable chargers no longer take up much space in backpacks.

This 100W 2-port RAVPower portable laptop charger makes a great Christmas gift. It has an internal battery capacity of 30000mAh and can charge a MacBook Pro 15.4” once and the latest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones at least four times. It also recharges super fast, thanks to its PD 60W input. It can fully charge in just 2.5 hours.

The power bank can charge laptops that support the PD standard at exceptional speeds via its USB-C port. It offers simultaneous charging through its PD 3.0 port and QC 3.0 port. The USB-C output delivers 65W to devices, while the USB-A powers devices at 18W. When only the USB-C is used, it delivers up to 100W to quickly charge power-hungry devices like laptops.

During the Christmas Sale, get this power bank at $69.99 (30% off).

10000mAh PD 20W MagSafe Power Bank

MagSafe power banks apply Apple’s MagSafe technology and magnetically attach to the rears of iPhones to deliver power. They provide hassle-free wireless charging on the go, keeping devices powered without the need for cables or connectors.

While battery packs are nothing new, a wireless and lightweight power bank that holds itself in place while charging offers a lot of convenience and makes a practical yet fun gift this holiday season. Get this RAVPower portable charger for the iPhone lovers in your life.

Most wireless chargers can only provide a little battery boost, but not this one. It delivers up to 15W fast wireless charging and has a decent 10000mAh capacity. It has more than enough power to get you through a day of hard work. Rounded edges and a soft plastic finish make it comfortable to hold.

The 10000mAh RAVPower MagSafe power bank offers reliable and portable power and is perfect for charging devices on the go. It has a strong magnetic absorption feature and securely attaches to devices, providing a stable connection during charging. It works with Apple’s magnetic phone case, so you don’t have to remove the case when charging it.

Buy this wireless charger for only $31.50 during the Christmas Sale and SAVE 55%.

12000mAh Jump Starter with Air Compressor

We’ve all been there: experienced the frustration of dealing with a dead car battery. A portable battery jump starter can be a lifesaver. If your car dies and there’s nobody around to help, you can restart the battery without a second car. This unit by RAVPower makes a perfect Christmas gift. It quickly jumpstarts a vehicle and is ideal for jumping multiple vehicles (up to 3L diesel cars and 6L gas cars).

Your giftee will be impressed by its easy-to-read control panel, nice clamps, and adjustable light. The jump starter offers super-fast inflation and is small enough to fit in your glove compartment. It also doubles as a charger and has a 12000mAh capacity. It can charge an iPhone 14 at least twice and doesn’t get hot (operates between -4-140°F).

This is the most portable and affordable jump starter and power bank on the market. It has enough power to jumpstart a car, truck, or SUV in a matter of seconds. The good news is it’s selling for less this Christmas.

Buy it at $94.99 and save 24% during the RAVPower Christmas Sale

30000mAh 100W AC Power Bank

It’s a great day when your laptop’s battery lasts through the day. You can watch videos, take conference calls, play games, and even work remotely. Phone and laptop batteries drain every hour and require a boost by the end of the day.

RAVPower’s 30000mAh AC power bank can power a variety of devices, from powerful laptops to CPAP machines. It can juice up MacBook Pros, drones, gaming consoles, camera batteries, camping refrigerators, small fans, and other appliances with a power rating under 100W. It comes in a compact size and shape and has a powerful battery.

The portable AC charger is made with high-quality materials, so RAVPower provides an industry-leading 30-month warranty. It efficiently dissipates heat thanks to air vents at the bottom. They provide advanced temperature control for long-lasting use.

SAVE 33% on this power bank during the Christmas Sale and only pay $94.49.

Get Your Loved Ones Christmas Gifts They Will Actually Use

Instead of getting your loved ones new fragrances or clothes they’ll put in the back of their wardrobes, get them one of these powerful portable chargers. It will go a long way toward improving their life—adding convenience and ensuring they are always connected.

As other people think about getting them tech gifts, get them power banks that will juice up those devices. We’ve rounded up the best RAVPower Christmas gifts you can give anyone on your list. And the good news is that the products are priced to go, at least for a limited time. So be sure to do your shopping before the deals expire or inventory sells out.

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