CES 2020 Highlights: GaN Charging Technology Was the Real Thing (Amidst Many Unreal Concepts)

The top CES 2020 highlights showcased a concept-heavy consumer tech show.

There were tissue-paper-delivering robots, foldable tablet-laptops, and a new T7 Touch Portable SSD by Samsung. It seemed as if this year’s exhibitors conspired to make it hard for techies to grab many of the products within the next 12 months.

But there were a handful of exemplary offerings you can enjoy right now—like GaN charging technology. Offering super-fast charging speeds, improved charging safety, and compact portable wall chargers, it was one of the practical innovations on display. 

Wall charger on desk next to tech

Here are some of the best CES 2020 highlights. We’ll also be looking at some CES GaN chargers.

So, which technologies stood out?

1.      Sony’s Tech-Stuffed Concept Car

The first of the CES 2020 highlights, Sony stole the show with its Vision-S electric concept car. The Tesla-like vehicle showcases Sony’s new sensor and in-car entertainment technologies.

Its dashboard features a set of rectangular displays that stretch from end to end. Two of the displays have touchscreens and allow the driver and passenger to access all of the media controls.

However, you won’t be able to buy the car anytime soon as it’s something between a concept and a prototype. Sony has no plans of mass-producing the car.

2.      Ballie: An All-Round Life Companion

Samsung’s Ballie is a ball-like robot you could actually care about. It’s a personalized companion that understands you. The robotic ball can move with you around the house, be a workout buddy, take crisp photos, and help you to automatically change your smart home’s settings.

The best part is that unlike your drowsy cat, Ballie will update you about what’s going on at home while you are away.

3.      OnePlus’s Disappearing Phone Cameras

At first glance, the OnePlus Concept One doesn’t look different from any other smartphone. But take a closer look at its back and you’ll spot the glass section that’s devoid of camera lenses. The cameras are there, they are just cleverly hidden using the most high-tech fashion you can imagine.

Electrochromic glass is used to hide the cameras and they only appear when needed. The light-transmission properties of the glass are changed when light, voltage, or heat is applied to it.

4.      Samsung’s T7 Touch External SSD

When it comes to external SSDs, only two things matter: faster drives and more storage. Samsung’s new offering, the T7 Touch External SSD, goes one step further. It incorporates a fingerprint reader to keep your files safe—besides the normal improvements to transfer feed.

The portable SSD makes use of biometric security to protect your files—even when you use a laptop without a fingerprint reader. You can easily share the drive with your family and friends as it allows you to register up to 4 different fingerprints.

5.      CES GaN Chargers

RAVPower charger inside brown leather bag

Instead of keeping you waiting for the best PD Pioneer GaN chargers—like everyone else—RAVPower launched new chargers that are tiny, lightweight, and ideal for charging on the go.

Our 30W PD Pioneer USB-C wall charger is the world’s smallest GaN wall charger. It has foldable prongs, universal compatibility, and can charge an iPhone XS Max to 50% in 30 minutes.  

Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology is a new technology that offers fast charging speeds and protection against overheating, overcharging, and short-circuiting—while charging your favorite devices up to 3X faster.

The 61W GaN Tech USB-C Wall Charger can fully charge your MacBook Pro in just 2 hours. A standard charger would take 4 hours.

If 61W is a tad too much for your device, get the compact 45W PD Pioneer GaN Wall Charger. It charges all your gadgets at a high speed with PD 3.0.

Be sure to get a charger with multiple PD USB-C ports so you can charge several devices simultaneously—at their optimal charging voltage and temperature. They will also charge safely, thanks to RAVPower’s iSmart Technology.

Which Are the 2 New RAVPower PD Pioneer GaN Chargers in 2020?

RAVPower plugged into outlet

This year, we are launching two new PD Pioneer GaN chargers: RP-PC128 and RP-PC133. They will empower you to take full advantage of even faster charging and iSmart Technology. Learn why you need a PD charger here!

In 2020, you can expect to see better PD GaN wireless chargers, smaller (high-capacity) universal portable chargers, and chargers that will help you to save up to 93% energy every time you charge your favorite mobile devices.           

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