Introducing RAVPower’s Smallest 100W GaN Charger: RP-PC151

The importance of portable devices in our world cannot be overstated. Everything happens online–from shopping to meetings–and only a portable device with a good internet connection can give you access to everything you need. But without a portable charger, you can’t enjoy your device for long.

That’s why we decided to create RP-PC151, a tiny charger that optimizes RAVPower’s Fast Charge technology. It features advanced GaN II tech and has dual USB-C charging ports. The compact and sleek charger pushes an enormous 100W of power to your devices to reduce the charging time. It can fast-charge two devices simultaneously using Power Delivery (PD), and Programmable Power Supply (PPS) advanced charging technologies.

A Little About GaN II Technology

Gallium Nitride technology became popular after CES 2019 but is not a very new technology. This revolutionary compound combines elements 31 (Gallium) and 7 (Nitrogen) and is hard and mechanically stable. It has a wide bandgap and high breakdown strength. Its switching performance is impressively fast, it has higher thermal conductivity and lower resistance than silicon-based equivalents.

All these technical terms simply mean that GaN semiconductors are smaller, more efficient, and produce less heat than silicon-based semiconductors. They allow for the creation of smaller USB chargers without sacrificing power output.

The RC-PC151 charger contains an advanced version of GaN Tech known as GaN II, which is more power-efficient and has lower heat production. And thanks to PD and PPS technologies, the RAVPower 100W GaN charger pushes lots of power through two charging ports and intelligently shares it between devices according to their power needs. 

If you want a fast charger that will give your smartphone and laptop a quick battery boost, the RAVPower 100W GaN charger RC-PC151 is all you need. Let’s have a closer look at what this petite powerhouse has to offer.

Features of the RAVPower 100W GaN Charger RP-PC151

1.   100W USB-C Output

The RAVPower 100W GaN charger is among the most potent fast chargers on the market today. It can fully juice a 16″ MacBook Pro in 1.7 hours, an iPad Air 4 in 2.2 hours, and an iPad Pro 11 in 2 hours–just to put its enormous power output into perspective. When you only connect your iPhone 12 Pro, it will go from 0%-50% in just 25 minutes! It pushes this power through an included USB-C to USB-C cable with an E-Mark chipset. 

2.   Advanced GaN II Power Tech

A silicon tech charger with such enormous power output would be huge and overheat quickly. But RAVPower GaN II Power Tech eliminates all those problems. The technology improves the power efficiency of gallium nitride (GaN) and heat dissipation. The result is a smaller and lighter charger with increased charging efficiency and less heat production for the ultimate charging experience.

3.   High-Frequency Planar Transformers

To shrink the charger’s size even further, our design team swapped legacy wire-wound transformers with low-profile planar transformers. These advanced high-frequency planar transformers are smaller and have a high working frequency for fast charging. They make the RC-PC151 more compact and sleek without sacrificing power.

4.   Simultaneous USB-C Charging

The RP-PC151 charger features 2 USB-C to USB-C charging ports. It effortlessly charges two devices simultaneously while intelligently distributing the 100W, depending on the devices’ individual needs. The charger supports USB PD 3.0 and PPS and is compatible with all USB-C-enabled devices. You can use the USB-C to USB-C cable we provide to quickly power your portable devices, smartphones, laptops, and even security cameras.

5.   Ultra-Portable Design

The smallest RAVPower 100W GaN charger is not only highly efficient but also ultra-compact and will take up very little space in your travel bag. In fact, the RP-PC151 is 35% smaller and 45% lighter than Apple’s 96W charger. However, it has 2 USB ports and more power output. To enhance its portability even further, we’ve equipped the USB power brick with a foldable plug.

Other Great Options We Recommend

Nothing feels as good as owning a super-fast RAVPower GaN charger, but if your devices can’t handle the 100W of power the RP-PC151 pushes, you may need to get something else. You don’t have to look very far, as we’ve already picked some great options from our line of RAVPower GaN chargers. Get one of the options below.

1.   RP-PC112: 61W PD GaN Tech Wall Charger

RP-PC112 is among the smallest RAVPower GaN chargers but supplies 61W of power to safely and quickly charge your laptop or smartphone. It is compact and has foldable prongs for portability. It features a single PD port that works with a USB-C to USB-C power cable for fast charging. This small but powerful charger fully charges an iPhone 11 in a record 2 hours and a 13-inch Macbook Pro in 1.8 hours. Also, RP-PC112 is compatible with most USB charging devices and has an LED indicator for connection and charging statuses.

2.    RP-PC145: 65W PD 3.0 GaN Tech Charger

The super fast RP-PC145 will juice up your MacBook Air and iPhone 12 simultaneously through its two charging ports. It delivers 65W of power and smartly distributes it between the connected devices. For instance, when you connect the above devices, it will send 45W to the MacBook Air and 20W to the iPhone 12.

The RP-PC145 features advanced GaN technology that enables it to generate more power with less heat. It is compact and compatible with many smartphones and laptops that have USB-C ports.

3.   RP-PC128: 90W PD Pioneer GaN Tech Wall Charger

If you want a charger with a power output similar to that of the RP-PC151, it’s the RP-PC128 90W. It shares 90W intelligently through two USB-C to C ports in 45W/45W and 60W/30W combinations. 

This charger lowers the charging time of laptops and smartphones impressively. It fully charges a MacBook Pro in just 2 hours and is compatible with many USB devices. It automatically detects and supplies the optimal charging power to each device. You’ll love its compact design and its foldable prongs that make it highly portable. It also comes with a 5-foot USB-C cable.

So, if you’ve been searching for a powerful GaN charger, your search ends here. Get a RAVPower GaN charger today and charge your devices faster.

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