The RAVPower Black Friday Sale: Enjoy Great Discounts on Top Tech

Did you get everything you needed during last year’s Black Friday Sale? Probably not. Thankfully, it’s that time of year again. Get the best deals on top tech at the RAVPower Black Friday Sale and add convenience to your life. Use the RAVPower Black Friday Sale as an opportunity to save some money on stuff you were looking to buy.

If you’ve landed on this page, you’ve likely come with the purpose of upgrading some gadgets. You need new ones after years-on-end usage, or the ones you have aren’t compatible with your new devices.

This year, our Black Friday Sale is bigger than ever and will help you save more than you expected. Here’s how to save big during the RAVPower Black Friday Sale.

  • Buy one gadget and get 25% off with the code BUYONE
  • Buy one gadget and get 35% off with the code BUYTWO
  • Get a $29.99 gift if you spend over $99
  • Get a $39.99 gift if you spend over $159

Our Black Friday Sale runs up to November 27, so hurry up and buy the gadgets you need before they get grabbed.

Without further ado, here are the deals to take advantage of at the RAVPower Black Friday Sale. It’s worth mentioning that this list is not exhaustive, we’ve just decided to highlight some deals on the gadgets we’d recommend even at full price. Here are our top picks.

20000mAh 60W PD Pioneer 2-Port Power Bank: RP-PB201

Looking for a basic, portable, and affordable power bank? The RAVPower 60W 2-Port PD Power Bank will suffice. A 20000mAh adapter, it features a USB-C PD port and a QC 3.0 USB-A port.

The PD port and QC port allow you to charge your laptop and phone at high speeds simultaneously. This charger distributes power intelligently for the best charging experience every time. It will save you lots of time because you won’t have to wait around for one device to fully charge before charging another. The two ports also make everything less messy.

One of its best features is the 60W PD port that’s powerful enough to substitute a laptop adapter. And thanks to its 30W PD input, you can fully recharge it in 3.5 hours. It’s a highly reliable power bank packed with advanced charging protections. As it charges your devices, it protects them against the damage caused by overcurrent and overheating.

120W 4-Port Desktop USB Charging Station: RP-PC146

A charging station provides a great way to refuel your countless devices: laptop, phone, tablet, gaming console, smartwatch, and much more. Almost every gadget charges via USB nowadays, and a charging station won’t just top off the battery on your devices but everyone else’s. Nothing says, “I care for you,” more than a spare USB-C cord. And if there’s a charging station we highly recommend, it’s this RAVPower 120W 4-Port Charging Station.

When only one device is connected, the charger delivers 100W of power. When two are connected to the USB-C PD ports, they enjoy 60W each. This is enough power to charge two small laptops at a go. The charging station allocates power intelligently and can power four devices at high speed.

GaN technology makes this charger compact but more powerful than its counterparts. It’s compatible with most USB-A and USB-C devices. You’ll also love that it comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable. Invest in this charging station and organize your space. Charge all of your devices without making a mess.

65W GaN Tech 2-Port USB-C Charger: RP-PC145

If you’ve ever run out the door with a phone that’s almost dying, you know that power is precious. The faster you can recharge your phone, the better. RAVPower’s 65W GaN Tech 2-Port USB-C Charger is the best choice for charging any phone fast.

It’s small and affordable and it can fully charge a MacBook Pro 15.4” in just 2 hours. It’s compatible with both iPhones and Android devices and comes with a USB-C to C cable that lets you take advantage of the faster charging USB-C offers.

The USB Charger has a maximum output of 65W that’s shared by both ports, so you can charge a laptop and a phone simultaneously. Folding prongs make it more portable, and it is a lot smaller than Apple’s 61W PD charger.

PD 30W USB-C Wall Charger: RP-PC132

If you want a small power brick that will charge your phone super fast, get the RAVPower PD 30W USB-C Wall Charger. It’s smaller than Apple’s 5-watt charger and supplies up to 18 watts via USB-C. This is more than enough power for most phones. Your new iPhone will go from 0% to 50% in just 30 minutes.

The USB-C port can deliver up to 18 watts, while the classic USB-A port outputs 12 watts. The USB-C port will charge your phone to 85% in one hour, while the USB-A port will charge it to 70% in the same duration. The charger is compatible with most USB-C devices, including the latest iPhones and Samsung Phones. It has advanced safety features to protect your devices.

Get this charger if you want to take advantage of fast USB-C charging with multiple devices. It can charge two phones at top speed and is small enough to carry everywhere. Its compact size and fast-charging capability make it one of the most powerful dual USB-C chargers on the market.

Get the Best Deals at the RAVPower Black Friday Sale

RAVPower is offering impressive discounts on top-selling products during Black Friday. Get the latest chargers and power banks for up to 35% off.  We’re also giving monetary gifts to our esteemed customers.

Black Friday is a great time to stock up on new tech at a discount. The good news is that this year’s RAVPower Black Friday Sale has been crafted with you in mind. The big discounts have started earlier than ever, so find a comfortable spot and go through our product line. Our Black Friday deals are totally worth getting, and the products will last for years.

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