The RAVPower Christmas Gift Guide 2022: the Best Gift Ideas for you!

The gift-giving season has officially started, and RAVPower has the perfect holiday gift ideas for every person on your list. This is the most wonderful time of the year—when you get to buy Christmas presents for your loved ones. Thanks to online shopping, ordering Christmas gifts is now easier than ever.

Whether you’re shopping for your kids, mom and Dad, best friend, or better half, RAVPower Christmas gifts are guaranteed to make anyone’s holiday special. We’ve combed through our products to pick the best—the products our customers love and buy time and again. We’ve written about some of the products before, while some are new introductions. Get up to 70% off at the RAVPower Super Christmas Sale! Buy the best products for less.

Whether you’re looking for something for your child’s kindergarten teacher, your world-traveling best friend, your new co-worker, or your never-satisfied friend, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the RAVPower Christmas Gift Guide.

RAVPower’s Christmas Gift Guide 2022: Our Top 5 Picks

1. 60W 2-Port PD Pioneer Power Bank: RP-PB201

We use our phones all day, and on a particularly busy day, you may find yourself with a dwindling battery. While modern smartphones have great battery life, they need a power boost now and then. If you rely on a power bank to juice up your phone whenever you’re far from home, you’re not alone. Nothing beats a dedicated power bank you can store easily and only take out when necessary. And when it comes to PD power banks, they don’t get better than RAVPower’s 60W 2-port power bank. Get it for your loved one and make their holiday.

This power bank has enough power for phones and laptops and can charge a MacBook Pro just as fast as the original charger. When fully charged, it can fully power a new iPhone two times and an Android phone three times. It can charge a laptop and phone simultaneously thanks to the PD port and QC port. Built-in safety features make it dependable. It protects your devices against the damage caused by overcurrent and overheating.

2. 15000mAh 18W 4-Port PD Power Bank: RP-PB231

Avid travelers often carry multiple devices whenever they travel—a smartphone, a laptop, a camera, and even a tablet. But they don’t always have access to wall outlets to charge dying devices. That’s why having a battery pack is important. But finding the best backup power bank is no easy task. The sheer number of options available can make buying one feel overwhelming.

RP-PB231 is a must-have item from our Christmas Gift Guide and features advanced charging technology to fast-charge your devices. It has three ports that make charging multiple devices easy: a USB-C port and two USB-A ports. It delivers a combined output of 30W. The power bank is a lot smaller than other 15000mAh power banks on the market and has enough power to charge your devices for days.

3. 65W GaN Tech Wall Charger: RP-PC133

GaN chargers are currently some of the best chargers on the market. Gallium nitride semiconductors are smaller than traditional silicon semiconductors. GaN devices have faster switching speed, higher thermal conductivity, higher breakdown strength, and lower on-resistance and outperform silicon-based devices. GaN semiconductors make smaller, lighter, and more powerful chargers.

This GaN tech wall charger has been built for the busy professional and delivers 65W of power, fully charging a MacBook Pro 15.4” in only two hours. It is smaller than other 60W chargers and consumes very little space in a pocket, bag, or purse. It intelligently distributes power between two devices and sends 65W to a single device. Get this charger for that busy professional in your life.

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4. 65W 4-Port Desktop Charger: RP-PC136

About two years ago, Samsung, Apple, and Google stopped giving free wall chargers with new smartphones. If you know someone who recently bought a new phone but is struggling to find the perfect charger, get them this one. The 65W 4-port desktop charger is compact, powerful, energy-efficient, and works with almost any USB-C device.

Gallium nitride (GaN) was used to make LEDs back in the 1990s but was expensive back then. As it became less expensive, GaN chargers took the place of the once-popular silicon chargers. Many RAVPower USB-C chargers use this new standard. The technology makes chargers smaller and optimizes charging efficiency without generating excess heat.

RP-PC136 is an excellent choice for MacBook lovers and offers fast USB-C charging to two devices simultaneously. It can fully power a MacBook Pro 15.4” in just 2 hours. The charger delivers super-fast charge to virtually all USB-C and USB-A powered devices, so get it for the person who always has the latest gadgets.

5. Turbo 36W 2-Port Car Charger: RP-VC018

Charging mobile devices on the road has become common, and a car without a charger lacks a vital feature. Most new cars have USB ports built into their dashboards for convenience. If you know someone with an older car model, get them this charger. It will convert their vehicle’s 12-volt outlet to USB power. It’s super easy to use; simply plug it in to draw power directly from a vehicle’s auxiliary power system.

The car charger offers dual device charging, so there’ll be no more fighting over who gets to charge their phone. It has a 36W output and each of its ports delivers 18W. It is compatible with almost all USB devices and is designed to protect devices against overvoltage, overheating, overcurrent, and short-circuit. Compact and built for everyday use, it is suitable for road trips as well as daily commutes.

Give the Best RAVPower Christmas Gifts This Year

No matter who you’re shopping for, finding the perfect present is never easy. And if you shop for the same people year after year, it gets harder and harder to come by unique gift ideas.

This year, we’ve done all the hard work for you and listed our best products in the RAVPower Super Christmas Sale. All you have to do is click on the items and buy them. These bestsellers will impress everyone on your list. So, forget about shopping and start buying.

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