How to Choose the Best Power Banks for Travel

International travel can be tiring and frustrating. Flight delays, security checks, and long queues are the norm, and transit flights can make traveling difficult and draining. The last thing you want is to have your devices die on you when you need them most. That’s why you need a travel charger.

Power banks are modern-day tech heroes that power your important gadgets to enhance your travel experience. They offer portable charging in any location. If you’re traveling abroad and need to charge your important devices, get a power bank designed for international travel.

The Importance of Having a Reliable Portable Charger During Travel

According to the Washington Post, flight attendants say portable chargers are among the top travel essentials passengers frequently forget when they fly. A portable power bank can fuel your smartphone, laptop, tablet, and other devices during a flight or when you’re on the go. It’s very useful when you can’t find a power outlet to plug in your regular charger. If your electronic devices aren’t fully charged, they could be taken off you by airport security. 

Why Are Power Banks Essential Travel Accessories?

  • You Never Miss a Shot: A portable power bank can keep your camera charged, ensuring you never miss the perfect shot. For travel bloggers and professional photographers, a 10,000 or 20,000mAh is ideal.
  • Keep Your Gadgets Charged: Your phone, smartwatch, fitness tracker, laptop, tablet, headphones, and other devices must be charged regularly to stay useful. A travel power bank can power them all.
  • Work from Anywhere: With a portable power bank, you can finish that presentation, video chat with colleagues, and catch up on emails while in transit.
  • Make International Travel Less Stressful: There’s nothing worse than trying to change a flight or rebook with a dying phone. A power bank can keep your phone charged, making flight delays and international travel manageable.
  • Easy Navigation: Google Maps has been a lifesaver for people stranded in new locations. A portable power bank can make exploring and returning to your accommodation easy.

How to Choose a Travel-Friendly Power Bank

Size and Weight

A travel-friendly power bank must be portable, and portability depends on the battery capacity. A unit with a higher capacity will be bulkier, so find a balance between capacity and portability.

Airline Regulations

Airlines allow passengers to put power banks in carry-on luggage, not in checked baggage. This is because lithium-ion batteries pose a fire risk. Additionally, the power bank’s capacity is limited to 20,000mAh or 100 watt-hours.

Ports and Compatibility

Choose a power bank with at least one USB-C power output of 18 watts or more. It will power iPads and even small laptops. 15 watts is the lowest wattage needed for full USB-C charging and recharging speeds. 


Don’t get a power bank just because it looks good. Look at how it’s built, as this will greatly influence durability. Consider the materials used and the manufacturer’s reputation. A flimsy power bank may stop working when you need it most.

Finding Power Bank Options with Fast-Charging Capabilities

To determine if a power bank has fast charging support, read the specifications (on the packaging or the power bank). Multiple outputs are usually a telltale sign that a power bank has fast charging capabilities: 9V/2A, 5.1V/2.4A, 5V/2.1A, 5V/1A, and more. To maximize the fast-charging feature, use a USB-C to USB-C cable (for Android) and a Lightning to USB-C cable (for Apple).

If you want a portable power bank you can easily travel with, get one with at least 10,000mAh power. You can even find a 20,000mAh power bank that’s affordable. The more mAh, the better. But powerful chargers are bulkier, so find a balance between capacity and size.

Tips for Maximizing Power Bank Efficiency During International Travel

  • Avoid Metallic Objects: Power banks are sensitive to metallic objects, so don’t keep yours in a case or pocket containing small metallic pieces. You may short its output and lower its efficiency.
  • Use a High-Quality USB Cable: An inferior cable can affect your power bank’s efficiency. Low-quality cables are more prone to heat damage and can shorten your battery’s lifespan and cause other problems. Get a high-quality USB cable.
  • Limit Your Usage of the Quick Charge Feature: While fast charging isn’t bad for your devices, it generates heat. Heat can significantly affect your power bank’s performance.
  • Keep It Cool: Avoid very hot and cold temperatures, as they can damage the battery and reduce its lifespan. Temperatures between 20-30 degrees Celsius are ideal as they enhance your device’s efficiency.
  • Never Use It When It’s Charging: Using your power bank when it’s charging is a bad idea. During charging, a power bank produces a lot of heat, and using it can shorten its lifespan.

The Best RAVPower Power Banks for Travel

Alfox 10000mAh 20W USB-C Mini Power Bank

RAVPower is one of the best-known power bank brands, and when you get this charger, you’ll understand why. It’s small in size but offers massive capacity with 10,000mAh power. It will take your iPhone 13 from 0% to 55% in just 30 minutes, thanks to its fast-charging technology. You can quickly connect your dying phone or laptop to its USB-C port for high-speed charging.

The power bank boasts sleek and solid construction and fits easily into any pocket. Its rugged exterior withstands plenty of dropping and wear and tear. Once it runs out of power, connect it to a PD charger with the included Type-C data cable. It will fully charge in about 3.5 hours.

RAVPower 10000mAh MagSafe Power Bank

This wireless travel charger proves that good things do come in small packages. It holds 10000mAh but is virtually weightless, you’ll barely remember you’re carrying it around. It has a strong magnetic absorption feature and securely attaches to compatible devices to offer a stable connection during charging.

The wireless charger supports 15W fast wireless charging and has a long built-in cable. Charge compatible devices on the go, and forget about clumsy cables. The charger is compatible with Apple’s magnetic phone cases and provides hassle-free and convenient charging. Slip it into a travel bag and grab it when you need it most.

RAVPower 15000mAh 30W Portable Power Bank

One of the best chargers for international travel, this power bank offers a massive 15000mAh to utilize. It can charge two devices at once via its USB-C port (18W) and USB-A (12W) port. Weighing only 9 ounces, you’ll practically forget you’ve got it on you–until you need it.

The best aspect of RAVPower’s 15000mAh power bank is it can charge an iPhone 14 and a Samsung S23 a couple of times. And it can fully charge the iPad Pro once. You can charge your devices via USB-A or USB-C, and a digital display on the side lets you know how much power is left. This is a great little power bank. It’s small and light enough to fit in your pocket but packs enough power to get you through a weekend away.

Get the Best Travel Charger and Enhance Your Experiences

Traveling with a portable power bank is a good idea because a dead device is useless. You can’t use it to find a hotel, make a phone call, get an Uber, or get directions. Get a RAVPower portable travel charger and make international travel more enjoyable.

Meta Description: International travel can be frustrating if your devices run out of power. Get a power bank to recharge them and enjoy every moment.

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