Thanksgiving Day Gift Guide: 4 Gifts That Will Make Anyone Feel Grateful

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Choosing the perfect Thanksgiving Day gift can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to tech products. Everyone has different preferences, and the last thing you want is to get someone a gift they already have.

A power bank or wall charger makes a good gift for an avid gamer, that friend who can’t seem to own enough gadgets, or the loved one who panics at the thought of their phone going off.

To help you make great choices, we’ve compiled a list of cool RAVPower gifts for your tech-obsessed friends and family. Get them powerful RAVPower chargers to ensure they never run out of juice. Portable power banks also make perfect Christmas gifts. Whether you’re shopping on a budget or splurging, we’ve got something for everyone on our list.

The Best Thanksgiving Day Gifts by RAVPower

RAVPower 30000mAh 90W 2-Port Portable Power Bank

Whether you’re looking for a chunky brick with a high capacity or a compact one your loved one can carry in their bag for emergencies, this one fits the bill. It’s one of our bestselling units and is slimmer and lighter than most power banks in its category.

The 90W RAVPower portable power bank delivers exceptional speeds via its two USB ports. It has a USB-A port for added flexibility. Its capacity is high enough to charge a MacBook Pro 14’’ in 36 minutes (from 0% to 50%). A smartphone will charge almost four times.

When both outputs are in use, the USB-C delivers 65W, while the USB-A delivers 18W.  The charger is compatible with almost all USB-powered devices and offers optimal charging speeds.

Four LED indicators on the side display the battery percentage, signaling when it’s time to recharge. The power bank has an additional feature your giftee will love: it fits within the requirements for taking on flights. Only power banks with a capacity of more than 160Wh are prohibited by airlines internationally. But it must be carried in cabin luggage.

RAVPower 30000mAh 100W AC Power Bank

One of the most prized possessions of frequent travelers is a good power bank. They never want to be in a situation where their phone, headphones, iPad, or earbuds run out of juice.

Get that frequent traveler in your life this portable battery pack to keep their devices fully charged when they are on the go. And it’s not just ideal for travelers, it’s great at recharging devices when you’re not near a plug.

This 100W RAVPower charger can juice up small devices like smartphones and larger ones like laptops. Small devices like phones need about 5W to 20W, while larger ones like laptops can draw up to 100W.

The battery pack has enough power to juice up a MacBook Pro 15.6” once.  Your giftee can use the 100W AC outlet to supply energy to high-power devices such as mini TVs, tablets, laptops, mini refrigerators, and CPAP machines. And the best part? The power bank also recharges fast, just use a powerful USB-C wall charger.

RAVPower 10000mAh 20W MagSafe Power Bank

Have you ever connected your iPhone to a wireless charger only to find out later it never charged because it wasn’t lined up properly? A MagSafe wireless charger is the perfect solution. RAVPower’s 20W model features a strong magnetic array to ensure an iPhone is always in the perfect position for charging.

The 10000mAh mini power bank is ideal for charging devices on the go and has strong magnetic absorption. It securely attaches to compatible devices, providing a stable connection during charging. It works well with Apple’s magnetic phone case, your giftee won’t have to remove their phone case during charging.

Designed with iPhone owners in mind, the charger is ultra-small and lightweight. It can fully power up an iPhone before it needs charging. If you’re getting it for a fashion-conscious loved one, you can get the white model instead of the black one.

With this MagSafe charger, an iPhone can charge at up to 15W. Most wireless chargers only deliver 7.5 watts, so it’s a notch above the rest. Its fast charging speeds, futuristic design, and great price make it the best all-purpose magnetic charging brick.

RAVPower 100W GaN II USB-C PD Wall Charger

When releasing the iPhone 12 a few years ago, Apple announced it was excluding the power adapter and EarPods to cut the packaging by 70% and reduce shipping-related emissions—by shipping more devices simultaneously. This is part of Apple’s commitment to make its supply chain and products 100% carbon neutral by 2030.

If your loved one owns an iPhone, they need a powerful charger. Carrying multiple chargers for different devices is annoying, one powerful charger is all they need. The RAVPower 100W GaN2 Wall Charger is perfect for power-hungry devices.

GaN2 chargers are more powerful than Gan chargers because the technology has a higher electron mobility than GaN. GaN2 Technology gives this USB-C charging brick faster charging speeds and a low-temperature. Added circuity boosts efficiency, reduces heat, and makes the charger very compact.

The wall charger is compatible with both small and large devices and powers them at their highest-rated charging speeds. Your loved one will enjoy charging their iPhones, smartwatches, and even MacBook Pros. They won’t have to invest in separate fast chargers for their power-hungry devices.

Get Your Loved Ones the Best Thanksgiving Day Gifts: A RAVPower Charger or Power Bank

We’ve all been there. You’re about to open an important email, make an important call, or get driving directions when your phone runs out of charge. Nothing is more frustrating.

We offload parts of our lives to our phones, from family photos to important meeting times. A dead battery can make you feel like you’re cut off from the world.

This Thanksgiving, get your loved ones power banks and wall chargers that provide an instant power boost. Buy them gifts they will actually use. RAVPower portable power banks and wall chargers will save the day when their batteries are almost empty. They won’t forget your kind gesture.

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