Announcing the RAVPower PD 90W GaN Wall Charger: Here’s why it’s a Big Deal

90W GaN PC128

You’ve probably heard about the RAVPower 61W GaN wall charger that can charge your MacBook Pro in two hours instead of four. Or you might own the 45W GaN wall charger that comes with Power Delivery 3.0 to fast-charge your smartphone or tablet. This month, a more powerful charger has been added to the RAVPower Gan charger family.

It’s the RAVPower PD Pioneer 90W 2-port GaN wall charger

RAVPower 90W GaN charger RP-PC128
Model: RP-PC128

If you’ve always wanted a heavy-duty GaN charger to fast-charge your MacBook Pro, Surface Pro, 20,000mAh power bank, or other high-capacity device, this is it.

So, why is the PD 90W GaN wall charger such a big deal? Let’s have a look at some of its amazing features.

The Best Features of the RAVPower RP-PC128 90W GaN Charger

1.     Advanced GaN Tech

Gallium nitride chargers are the future. Their pronounced presence and interest during CES 2020 foretells what’s to come in the high-capacity battery charger space. GaN’s advanced power-conversion ability makes it superior to silicon.

GaN technology makes it possible to pack more power in a small package—about the size of a deck of cards. This GaN charger is the perfect device to power your power-hungry laptops, power banks, and smartphones.

Like all RAVPower GaN chargers, this one features advanced circuitry that prevents it from losing power by keeping it cool. This is a major flaw in portable silicone chargers.

GaN tech and a PI Chip in the RAVPower 90W PD GaN wall charger work together to decrease power consumption, to maximize charging efficiency (to over 93%), and to provide up to 90W of power. They also ensure the charger is tiny and solidly built.

2.     Powerful PD3.0 90W Output

Like the PD Pioneer 45W GaN wall charger before it, this new kid on the block offers USB Power Delivery 3.0 right out of the box.

Take a look at this diagram.


USB PD charging supports configurable nominal voltage and fast 5A maximum current.

If your current high-wattage charger doesn’t offer USB PD charging, you’ll have to contend with painstakingly slow charge times—time you likely don’t have.

The new RP-PC128 combines PD 3.0 and USB Type-C profile with 90W output to give your devices the most power and sustained fast-charging speed at all times. It can charge any USB device.

Expect 7.5X faster charging speed compared to what you get from the standard 30W charger that came with your device.

You can use the 90W charger to fully charge your 15” MacBook Pro in just 1.8 hours. It’s perfect for charging devices on the go.      

3.     Dual Device Fast Charging

RAVPower 90W GaN charger RP-PC128
Model: RP-PC128

The RAVPower 90W GaN charger is capable of quickly charging two devices through its two USB-C ports which support USB PD 3.0.

We’ve also configured the multi-port GaN charger to automatically detect plugged-in devices. It intelligently determines the optimal voltage to allocate each device for the fastest, safest charging times.

Here are its standout features:

  • Input: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz 2.5A
  • Output: 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/4.5V (90W)         
  • PD Port 2 Output: PD18W to 90W
  • Dimensions: 64 x 64 x 32mm / 2.5 x 2.5 x 1.3inch

If you have a friend or family member over, you can plug in both your laptops and the charger will power each at maximum speed while you browse the web or play a PC game.

If you are on a family vacation or a business trip, you can charge your laptop and smartphone—or tablet and power bank— at the same time.

Often, many multiport fast chargers support disproportional voltage, limiting one port to just 18W. But the new RAVPower RP-PC128 90W GaN charger offers 45W output in each port for added power.

4.     Universal Compatibility

RAVPower 90W GaN charger RP-PC128
Model: RP-PC128

Nothing is as frustrating as having to purchase a new charger every time you travel abroad. It means spending money and time you don’t have.

The RAVPower 90W PD GaN wall charger supports both Power Delivery and Quick Charge standards. Its very small size makes it the perfect travel charger. You can ditch most of your USB cables and keep just one or two for charging all your USB devices.

What’s more, you can also use the new GaN charger to quickly power your USB-A devices.

If you’re worried about your USB-C cable not working when you need it most, don’t be. We’ve included one USB-C to USB-C cable in the box.

You can also grab an extra RAVPower Premium Portable USB-C cable, a high-quality cable that’s been designed to handle everything you throw at it. It’s compatible with the latest MacBook Pro, Type-C smartphones, and Type-C enabled Windows laptops.

5.     Top-Notch Protection

We’ve incorporated the best of RAVPower iSmart Technology in this charger.

With old chargers, when you used the same charger to charge a laptop and a smartphone, the difference in power delivery would gradually affect the charger, eventually making it inefficient.

iSmart Technology gives owners of smart devices peace of mind and corrects that problem by ensuring there’s no difference in power delivery. Your devices are protected against the perils of low-quality fast chargers: overheating and short-circuiting.

The RAVPower RP-PC128 90W GaN charger is intelligent and adaptable and will protect your valuable devices against overvoltage and overcurrent. That means your devices’ batteries will have a longer lifespan.

Should You Get the RAVPower 90W GaN Charger?

RAVPower 90W GaN charger RP-PC128
Model: RP-PC128

Yes, if you want an ultra-fast and safe charger that can power two laptops, two power banks, or two tablets at the same time.

This charger is also lightweight, slim, and offers universal compatibility. You can take it anywhere your devices go.

You’ll also find it indispensable at home. It allows you to organize your space well by eliminating cord clutter. Make the most of the USB-C cable that’s included in the box and read the user guide. From there, start powering your devices in minutes instead of hours.

The RAVPower PD Pioneer 90W 2-port GaN wall charger charges all the latest devices, including 2019 Apple products as well as Android devices.   

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